Monday, August 07, 2006


Yesterday was such a fun packed day thet I never got to the computer. I always feel guilty if I do not blog but Dooce never blogs on the weekend so I shouldn't feel too bad. In the morning we went out to Barry Island with Belle and Beau, Barry has changed significantly since we visited last. Barry Island was clean and lovely, whilst we were there they were having a volleyball competition on the beach. One scarey thing did happen though whilst we were eating a bag of doughnuts, a huge seagull swooped down and tried to steal a doughnut out of Beauty's hand. She was fine but hey I grew up watching the film The Birds so it scared me. The seagull dropped the doughnut and though I was frightened I was so angry that I picked the doughnut up and binned it. There was no way that seagull was getting that doughnut! Beau must have thought I was a nut job.
The rest of the morning was enjoyable but thank goodness it was uneventful. We went on the penny machines and we won Beauty lots of little toys, I understand why Victoria Beckham doesn't like touching money as those 2p's were pretty slimy and grotty. We then went to the fair and Belle, Beau and Fiona went on a swing-arm type ride. The fair has also changed significantly, all the workers were young eastern europeans and the park was spotlessly clean. They all seemed to be moving around and working constantly unlike the young locals who have worked there in the past. They probaly need a lot less workers now that they have a workforce that is prepared to work.
We finished off with a tray of chips and they were probably the best chips we have had in a long while.

It seems that Mississippi is not known for it's abundance of Curry houses so we took Beau and Belle to Mujibs on North road to celebrate their engagement. The food was lovely and I really liked the interior decoration, the food must have been good as the table next to us was a group of asian/indian lads and they seemed to be enjoying the food. Plenty enough to keep the vegetarians happy. Afterwards we took Beau for a walk around the bay and showed him the sights, the most important being an icecream at Cadwaladers ofcourse!

Mother of Many x

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Woman of Wales said...

We live in Barry and my daughter recently visited"The Island" with her nan They sat down to eat only to have a big seagull land on the outdoor table and deliberately knock over her recently purchased chips. She's quite a tall child at age 11 but was quite shaken up by the whole event (not to say hungry)so seems you are not alone!




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