Tuesday, October 31, 2006


THE WAY IT'S MEANT TO BE! 4:42am I am no longer prepared for nights, as a nurse it was ok because I slept in the day so I was prepared for it........but now a joyful, bouncing 6 year old awake so early in the morning and demanding attention is a physical shock to the body. She is now re-energised with juice and talking to the fairies( or ghosts or whoever!). Be prepared girls for the early morning wake-up calls when you have children!
Perhaps she should have been called NEW YORK-you know the city that never sleeps!
She was up at 4am and we were in Tesco at 6am, I think the staff found her noise a little too much at that early hour, I think they wanted to come to life slowly.
My day was spent entertaining Beauty as I couldn't get the video/DVD player to work, some idiot(probably me) had pulled the scart plug out. It took until 10pm to figure this out so when we figured it out she calmed down and watched the Ice age 2 DVD-we were all so pleased.
At 7pm we all went over to Burger king to party and we all had a brilliant time. Beauty kept saying, 'Trick or Treat' and she was so much more aware than last year.Beauty wore her skeleton outfit and insisted on wearing the mask and so did SnoWhite and Ariel and Fiona.




Ice creams-yum!

chocolate milkshake -yuk!

strawberry milkshake-yum!

Fanta orange-yuk!

Halloween shrine in the dining room

Fiona carved the pumpkin

Can you see the vase Anastasia?

Feeding the rat in Burger King.

Monday, October 30, 2006


What can I say? It's half term for Beauty but not for SnoWhite so here I am aching all over waiting for my pain-killers to work their magic and make me into a 21st century Buffy with all the kick-ass moves(make your own jokes up!) and I am cannot get the 20 year old to shake her butt off my sofa where she seems to have slept. Why is she asleep on my sofa when there is a perfectly good double bed upstairs I don't know! But then to question the 20 year old on such mundane items is to have a death wish(sleep deprivation and all that!).........I am sure Ariel is not in my bed upstairs as when she enters my house I KNOW IT, she is a LOUD BLURTER and I am sure I would have noticed her arrival(she lives at her Dads but she prefers my computers- a true sign of affection).

Yesterday the dining room was finished and later I will post a picture as Blogger is now letting me do that. I have moved the day bed in there under the window, the white IKEA bench is against the far wall with the dining table in front of it and the white box shelves to the left when you go in the door. The room is to be a dining room, my study, the art studio and where I will sleep to watch Beauty as she sleeps next-door. A room with many purposes but it will be great to have everything sorted at last.THEN onto the main bedroom-don't worry Anastasia my bedroom is fit for visitors so we look forward to your imminent visit. The middle room downstairs will have a divan in it made up as a couch in the day but Beauty will sleep there at night. The lounge also has a lot more room since the day bed went to the dining room, the old church type bench is in there and the room is looking good again. I can't believe that the bench was so heavy to move as it only holds Beauty's soft toys- a lot of them there maybe but they can't weigh that much. When they are emptied out they remind me of the old toy pit at the Disney Shop in town- wow I haven't been in there for years and when Fiona was in the University Nursery we went there every day mostly just to look.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


The sprite has been ripping my neck to pieces all night but I think it would be unfair to call the shoulder and neck pain the sprite as I love the little sprite on the TV advert and so do the girls.I think it would be more appropriate to call it after Gollum from Lord of the Rings, a similar size creature but with more evil intentions than the sprite. I have read Lord of the Rings a number of times but even when I was a lot younger I had difficulty with the book as it was so long. The problem was my memory and I couldn't remember who was who in the sense of battles and locations so I would have to take notes and even then I was lost and as the years have passed it has got worse. Now an ordinary length novel and who is who with the characters confuses me and I am always looking back to the introduction of the characters. I have a degree in Welsh Studies and Welsh History and in the Welsh Studies part I read and analysed a lot of literature (like you did in your English degree Belle) but it would be a lot more difficult for me to study it today but then there is the possibility that exercising my brain would actually increase my memory power. But surely my two years of a masters degree should have done that? Oh well who knows how a brain really works, perhaps I should get one of those Brain Gym type books and see if I can increase my memory and brain capabilities........just don't ask me to do Sudoku as I just don't have the patience.


Well the reason Gollum is chowing down on my neck is because I artex painted all the walls and ceiling and painted all the walls, today I shall paint the ceiling and buy and fitted a carpet and then we will be done. I am so happy it is almost done. YIPPEE!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Long before Blunkett's Glorious Fall I did not like him, this was when it would have been seen as sacrilege to have a go at a blind guy . I read an article about how he had said in an interview that he wore his wedding ring after his divorce so that women didn't come on to him and I thought at the time ,'you arrogant little man'(actually I thought a lot worse but this is a family show remember!). What?....from what has happened over the past few years I'd say that the wedding ring was all for show.
I loved this 'Urban Legend' story on the BBC website- it is one of those stories that makes me laugh and makes my day. What a nit wit!
According to the BBC this is the type of threat that was passed on to Blunkett who dutifully was worried enough to pass it on the Tony Blair.
"My friend's Aunt Sally was in a queue and this Middle Eastern-looking bloke in front of her dropped his wallet. When she gave it back to him, he told her to avoid central London on Saturday because something big might happen. Tell as many people as you can."
The 11 was Armistice Day and so he told Tony Blair about his worries and the 'obvious' threat to security but they decided that all that could be done had been done and Mr Blunkett was relieved when the day passed peacefully.
What a wally!
Can the press stop releasing this kind of story please, it makes me like Blunkett because he comes across as such a wally and we can't have that.
Urban legend as the article goes on to show is not new, I remember as a child hearing the one about the young couple in the car that breaks down and the man goes to get petrol and the women waits. She hears a noise on the roof of the car and it turns out to be the head of her boyfriend, her boyfriend had been attacked and his head cut off by an escaped 'nutter'(I am repeating the story, I know he was a person with mental health problems) from (sorry but it was in the story) Hensol Castle.
In the middle 80's an American officers wife from Greenham Common told me that the women in the petrol station who was told to get out of her car by the forecourt attendant to pay because there was some knife wielding maniac hiding in the back of her car was her aunt and the story was true and not a legend.
I am going through another generation of teenagers and again having to explain that the story of people being 'stuck' with a needle carrying AIDS in nightclubs is not true but an Urban Legend. We have also had a variation on the 'Aunt Sally' story and it is so hard to convince teenagers that they are just a story. At that age they are just coming to the realisation that the world can be a mad place and an Urban Legend story doesn't help AND because I am old person I couldn't possibly KNOW it was only an Urban Legend.
Hey I'm not too old to be TERRIFIED by a teenager saying CANDY MAN 5 times in a BHS lift , teenage girls can be pretty cruel! Names not included to protect the guilty but I know who you are and revenge is best served up cold!
I feel that I have a little grey sprite from the Sprite advert on my right shoulder, the terrible ripping pain in my neck seems to be being held at bay BUT it also feels that there is something heavy on my shoulder just waiting to grab and twist and rip and bring back the pain. So I am walking as if I have a hunched back and it is not the most attractive of looks.
At 7am Runningman started his painting, at 12md I couldn't take it anymore so Beauty and I went out. We went to Mothercare to look at cookers but they didn't have any but Beauty spent 15 minutes looking at the toys and she had a very enjoyable time. Then we went to Cafe Junior in Cathays and Beauty played there for an hour , she liked the wooden Noah's ark with the wooden animals and people but she wasn't too keen on sharing! Now that is a good idea for a Christmas present, doesn't IKEA sell a wooden set? The place was filled with the yummy-mummy set and some of the children were thoroughly obnoxious but we will be going back as Beauty had so much fun.
Then we went to Fairoak Park( the bowling green park between Penylan Park and Roath Park) we walked all the way around with out the pixie buggy(fantastic news), Beauty threw lots of leaves into the stream from the bridge . I took loads of photographs and will post them when blogger stops messing with me. Then we came home to find a mountain of mess, WHY I don't know because nothing needed to be put into the kitchen as the middle room is empty. So I lost it and told him to go home , he had done about a metre square of painting between 7am and 2:30pm and completely covered the floor tiles with paint, something I told him NOT TO DO. He said it didn't matter as it would only take 5 minutes to clean , he has been in there an hour cleaning! I moved everything into the middle room and moved the furniture in the dining room to make things easier to paint.Enough is enough, Fiona and I are going to finish the room.

Friday, October 27, 2006


'Now the Kazakhstan government has struck upon a crazy new plan: they want to invite Borates creator Sacha Baron Cohen to Kazakhstan to( load up on ideas to the sequel !)see what a forward-thinking nation it is.' Stuart Heritage HECKLER SPRAY
Don't do it Borat-you will return home in a vat of fermented urine and they will say they mistook you for something to be pickled. The world needs you.Send them a gift of 5 camels and profess your loyalty to Kazakhstan-do it now!
Long live Kazakhstan !
Long live Kazakhstan !
Long live kazakhstan !
The rise in tax is to prevent young people buying alcohol and binge drinking.
Get a grip on reality people - when the prices increase they just buy the cheaper supermarket alcohol and if they want the good stuff then they get the money the same way as people who who want drugs get the money. I don't need to spell it out. It is about education and a change of lifestyle not the Nanny State making you pay more to dissuade you from buying it, like that has worked with cigarettes. People smoke and drink for a reason and the reason is what has to be dealt with.
Early release for minor crimes and compulsory education and work experience and volunteer work on release and a change in the benefits system in line with much of the world which only allows benefit for a limited time. This to encourage a strong work ethic, self-esteem and self-sufficiency.
Well I haven't done this for a while, I now have 1 st 13lbs to lose and I think that I should go for the final push coming up to Christmas. That will mean that at Christmas I can still eat and enjoy myself, though last Christmas I had a huge plate of different vegetables for lunch with a little bit of Chicken and it was fantastic.This year I shall have some kind of vegetarian dish instead.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


At the moment I say that my pain is a complete nightmare, I have actually gone back to my weaker, different type of medication and I have found more relief. I am going to have to look out my neck-brace it is so bad and as for ergonomics, my computer screen, chair and keyboard are a nightmare,the best relief is sitting up completely straight and trying not to move my neck, I look like some 1980's Dr Who Monster in his 'control' chair. It is 6:41am and I am waiting for my painkillers to kick in.Was there ever life before pain?
Revelation 21:4 "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away."
That is definitely something to look forward to.
So this is the purpose of my pain..............
'Man broke the moral law and rebelled against the moral order. To punish man, God permits pain and physical evil. However, He has another reason. God, who is good, gives pain a purpose.
The purpose of pain is the healing of the soul. God permits pain, not only to punish the transgressor and the rebel, but also to heal him--primarily to heal him , to save him, to do him good
The Purpose of Pain
by the Very Rev. Archimandrite + Seraphim Papakostas
I think I should just go back to bed so I can sin no more.
Sorry Britney I didn't know the boys name before and now.......hey I will have forgotten it in a day, I know I should care more but I'm too busy thinking about poverty, world peace and how much it costs to feed my children and heat my house(hey call me Shallow Al).
See the news doesn't have to be all misery-there is one camera that is always flashing me at the Llandaf-western Avenue junction but they never send me a fine, why.....? because it always happens when I am pulling away from having stopped at the lights-DUH now how could I exceed 40mph there?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I would love a pair of these in my size!

It's raining, it's pouring the old man is snoring.
It has rained on and off all day so Beauty's boots are really good for this weather. Beauty loves the rain so any excuse to go out in the rain.

A Beauty birthday present that I forgot to show you all. Beauty loves it but SnoWhite hates it!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Our old computer was not too happy,it worked but it definitely had issues.....so... now we have a new computer that Runningman bought.
We also have a wireless box but I haven't quite figured that one yet.
My neck is still in absolute agony and the new strong pain killers are not hitting the spot. I blame Snowhite and Fiona equally, everything Snowhite says or does winds Fiona up and so Fiona then tries very hard to wind SnoWhite up and it works every time. On Sunday evening they both went too far, Fiona wound SnoWhite up to breaking point so she slapped Fiona and then all hell broke loose. SnoWhite ran because Fiona was intent on killing her and yes she physically could so I grabbed Fiona by the arm to stop her killing SnoWhite BUT Fiona kept trying to get SnoWhite and she dragged so hard that something snapped in my neck. Next time I shall let them kill each other.
So what do you buy the Captain of Industry who has everything?
The answer.........yoga clothes-so he can go to yoga classes, de-stress(if he is stressed) and become relaxed and focussed to become twice as productive in half the time! Now that sounds good.
So son-in-law to- be, now I know what to buy you for christmas!

Monday, October 23, 2006


This is St Madron's well in Cornwall, St Madron is a Saint associated with healing pain. If I thought that going Madron's well in Cornwall would work at releiving my pain then I would be driving there now. My neck is in agony.

Saturday, October 21, 2006



It is Beauty's Birthday today and she is six and she really is a little sweetheart. She seems to have grown over night.

For her birthday she had lots of presents-a shark called Lenny which she called, 'fish' when she opened it(Jack Black's character in Shark Tale) from SnoWhite.

An octopus from Fiona called Ziggy Which Beauty called, 'Spider'(after Ziggy Marley)
and a nightie with Belle, Beauty and Cinderella on it, a guitar from Ariel which Beauty loved, Buzz Lightyear and Woody from PianoMan and some money, and Anastasia and Belle phoned with lots of love and kisses. Money from the family in Reading, money from John and Esme in Heritage Park

and from me a Halloween T shirt and a camel called Corky who is from IKEA and is very odd looking and Beauty called a 'duck'-well I can see that! We are going to get her a cooker from Toys r us but due to the regeneration work in town Toys r us has been pulled down and will not re-open in the bay until next week so I will buy her a cooker when it re-opens. I find shopping in the bay a lot easy as I can park more easily, they are also building a new Argos on Newport Road near Dunhelms which is almost opposite Quik Fit. Talking about Quik Fit on Friday night my 2 outside tires were flat and Quik Fit callout came on Saturday morning, after he finished the work he informed me that my spare was flat(even though Quik Fit had 'fixed' it before, they missed a nail) and the rear tire had been put on wrongly( what that means I do not know!). So yes 'you can't fix quicker that a quiz Fit fitter' but are they safe?
We picked Ariel up from work and on the way back we bought fish and chips etc for tea (Beauty's best tea), Beauty had her own fish and chips............She loved it.
Beauty was fascinated with the Diwali shrine, next to the Diwali shrine we put photo's of Nan
( who Beauty calls,'Nan'). A picture of Anastasia and and a picture of Belle and Beau so everyone could be at the party. Whilst Beauty ate her cake she insisted that her' family in the photo frames' sit with her on the table. She is a star!
Beauty's cake was decorated with Belle, Cinderella and Beauty and she insisted on having the candles lit and blown out twice and then she had to blow out the Diwali candles AND THEN she singed her fringe on the candles! Thankfully it doesn't notice and she doesn't have any burns!
Her best toy was the guitar from Ariel, it has lots of pre-recorded rifts(is that tight?). That reminds me, I have to get Fiona a Guitar teacher.
When she was eating her cake at the table asked Beauty if he cake was good and she replied, 'delicious' and 'lovely' I was stunned. She also was able to tell me three quarters of her alphabet and she could say the rest when prompted. Beauty's best birthday so far, she was aware and appreciated everything. Beauty went to bed at 9:30pm playing with Woody and Buzz. My camera is still lost so SnoWhite and Ariel took photo's with their camera's so I will put hem on the blog ASAP.

Friday, October 20, 2006


If there is a God please do something so I do not KILL A CHEALSIE TRAVEL BUS DRIVER!
In Beauty's school the bus transport is meant to park as close to the school as possible so everyone can find room to park so what to they do?Park as far forward as possible so they can be the first to get out.This morning when I dropped Beauty off I parked as far back as possible to drop off the Diwali Basket that I had made for Beauty's class. On leaving at 5 past night 3 buses were coming in, I had moved to the front to leave and they BLOCKED ME IN! There were 5 spaces behind me closer to the door-so I confronted the driver and asked if she was moving and she said,'no, I have to get the kids out and any way there are buses in front of me', and I told her that there were buses in front of her because she had blocked their reverse and there were 5 spaces behind me to no avail she just stomped off and I mean STOMPED. I seriously feel like head butting a wall. I have NEVER blocked in another driver and I would never consider it-it is a pity that not all the other drivers have common courtesy.


Beauty slept all night, she had Weetabix for breakfast and some juice and off to school in a happy mood. I took the Diwali basket in that I had made for Beauty's class and instead of walking out with just my keys in my hand I went to leave pushing Beauty and Beauty's bag - Yes I am losing my mind!
Then home to rant about CHEALSIE TRAVEL!


Putin is on a power trip and just wants to strut his stuff and show he is a player-it's like he is saying,'You can't play with my toys, I'm taking them home so there'.

Should Sacha Baron Cohen accept this invite to got to Kazakhstan? Not unless he has a death wish!The official visit might be brilliant but one aggrieved local with a gun might take matters into his own hands-I think I'd stay at home and talk to them on a conference call.

I was surprised to read of the Top Ten Characters who NEVER lived but influenced the world The Marlboro Man came first and Santa fourth, now I find that plain wierd. Big Brother is second and King Arthur is third(because technically he never lived in the dramatised way and was probably just a tribal leader). Are we superficial to be influenced in such ways. No I don't think so, one life and all that! Sieze the day.Hey we all need dreams, especially if they include the likes of Clive Owen!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Yes I remember Aberfan,
I remember the pictures on tv, the horror, the shock, the disbelief,
Yes I remember Aberfan,
I remember adults crying, the sorrow, the anger, the common grief.
Yes I remember Aberfan

I remember seeing crying miners weeping for the dead,
After carrying little more than babies, broken from the tip,
Unrepentant, 'We are not to blame' THEY said,
Bloodying their hands more by stealing from Aberfan's donations to clear their slip.

40 years on the little ones are not forgotten,
Buried on the mountainside, in the eternal sunshine.

As a five year old I went out with a neighbor to collect money, the National Coal Board and the Treasury stole from THAT money to clear up their SHIT. BASTARD'S.
30 years later they were guilt tripped into giving it back-minus interest. Pretty good interest for a loan over 30 years. THIEVING BASTARDS. I do not apologise for my language as they were and are THIEVING BASTARDS.


Babar is also awake and is on repeat in the video player and fish fingers are cooking in the oven(lunch for Beauty of course!). The washing machine is already going, the dishwashers are emptied and dirty dishes stacked inside and the tumble dryer is going.
Oops update----------Uuuuh Num! Uuuuh Num!-Beauty is doing her version of The Jaws theme music which can mean only one thing-SHARK TALE! Yup it's on.We love Lenny played by Jack Black and Ziggy Marley's jelly fish, we also love Robert De Nero as Lenny's dad and most of all we do not like Lola-I wonder why?
Well back to the early morning housework. I would like to say that I am busy cleaning the house in preparation for Diwali but I am not! At the moment I am still cleaning up after the builders and the PAINTER MAN! For the Hindu New Year homes are cleaned to welcome in the new year and windows are opened so that the Hindu goddess of prosperity Lakshmi can enter, it is also believed that she cannot enter a house that is not lit up.so every household burns special clay lamps called DIYAS to light the way for the goddess, which is why the celebration is known as the Festival of Lights. Today we are going to look for all our twinkle lights and put them up.

Due to the increase of the importance of celebrating Halloween the decorating for Christmas has in recent years been pushed back further and further into November, something I and many people feel strongly about. Many people expressed their dislike for the way that shops like ASDA started putting out their Christmas Cards and Christmas sweets from AUGUST-give us a break! This is something that is not done as much now but they still had Christmas cake out in September! What are they thinking? Or perhaps they are just not thinking!

LET THEM EAT CAKE-just make sure it's not Christmas Cake(and not before December!).

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I have somebody(I know I should be grateful) painting my kitchen with a brush the size of a tooth brush. My children are eager to do the rest of the painting so we can be finished before Christmas........Christmas 2007! I swear the brush is 1 inch wide, it is like water torture. it has taken over 1 month to paint a small kitchen.

This is my huge kitchen that took 1 month to paint. The Forth Bridge is quicker to paint!

Monday, October 16, 2006


As Beauty's birthday is on Saturday and that is Diwali, we have decided to celebrate Diwali and decorate the house for Diwali. Beauty will be 6 but is as tall as an 8 year old, I am going to buy her a toy cooker and I know she will love it. Fiona is busy painting a rangoli picture to put on the wall near the kitchen door, it is a Hindu welcome symbol.

I went to my website class today and learned about LINKS and I also searched websites to get ideas for my layout, I wouldn't say my website has achieved much yet but what I have learned has certainly helped with my blog. I am sure you are all going to love this blog, it has given me a lot of inspiration-THE FAMILY HOMESTEAD


George Clooney was presented with an award celebrating his career at the 2006 Cinematheque awards in a Beverly Hills ceremony.I am a long time fan, I remember watching him in Roseanne though his hair wasn't as cute then . He is definitely like a fine wine, better with age. I think it is the eyes that do it for me.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Headline on the BBC website questions whether MINISTER 'RECKLESS' OVER VEIL ROW.
I personally think that the situation has got out of hand and the school has not dealt with the situation professionally. Instead of asking the teachers aide to remove her veil they should have first tried to deal with the situation as it was, the class teacher should have had a private conversation with the teachers aide and explained the problem. Then they should have discussed ways to deal with the situation and then they should have discussed how the teachers aide could speak louder and more clearly-I am sure that the teachers aide would not have had a problem with that. When I was teaching English as a Foreign Language I never had a problem understanding women who were wearing a veil, obviously I didn't teach all the women in the world who wear a veil but of those that I did there was not a problem. I have more problems understanding Fiona who barely moves her lips when she talks and she doesn't wear a veil. It is definitely poor management skills on the part of the school if they think the only answer is for the teachers aide to remove her veil.

Runningman ran the Cardiff half marathon today and raised just over£700 for Beauty's school, I am sure that they will be pleased.
I am impressed with anyone who can run that kind of distance-especially for charity.

Today I have felt 'proper poorly', headache, lethargy, joints and lumps hurting and lack of appetite and Beauty of course has been her usual hyper, happy self. She has been pinging of the ceiling and watching FRAGGLE ROCK over and over again. I couldn't cope with her basket of puzzle pieces and picture cards(there are hundreds of pieces and cards) and she likes to look at each card and piece and then throw them on the floor. So I collected them up and the basket is locked in the video cupboard and she is happily playing with her army of little green soldiers.
The floor is now safer to walk across but when the DVD momentarily gets stuck Beauty shouts very loudly at the DVD player which is not that wonderful when you have a headache,

Due to my feeling 'proper poorly' I have been lying on the sette, either sleeping or reading. I am reading the latest P D James novel The Lighthouse
It is very good, it is set on an imaginary island off Cornwall in the Bristol Channel, however it reminds me so much of Lundy and I have always wanted to stay in one of the houses there.
The story is about an alleged suicide which turns out to be a murder and is being investigated by Adam Dalglish from Scotland Yard. He is investigating because some high powered politicians had planned to stay on the island in a few months and this alleged suicide questions the safety of the island. One of the suspects at the moment is a German doctor(predictable!) whose father disappeared close by in the second world war, or a long term resident in her 80's(yeah whatever!) or the victims daughter because her father did not approve of who she wanted to marry(possible), anyway, we shall see. I love the work of P D James, I think she is a brilliant writer.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


This picture shows North Koreans celebrating the fact that their country claims to have concluded a nuclear weapons test. The celebrations came in defiance of international
condemnation. How could you choose to do this to your country?

The Turner prize never ceases to make me laugh, one of the finalists Rebecca Warren is described as using,'various detritis collected in and around the studio' in the production of her art work. Which means that she collects the rubbish and crap from around her studio and incorporates it into her creation-so why didn't they just say that?

It's actually quite good, it is not half as ponsy as they make it sound.

Have you seen this advert?
I really hope it works because so many accidents happen each year when young people have been out drinking. I know that drinking alcohol makes them feel good and gives them a buzz but I think that young people drink more than is safe.




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.