Monday, July 31, 2006


Did you read the one about the spa opening date that came and went and the cost escalated to three times it's original estimate and finally cost £45 million? Well Anastasia it is finally finished and open, at last! Love the Frank Lloyd Wright inspiration. Bath Spa was opened today.

I tried very hard to get onto the computer to day to finish my blog but Fiona and SnoWhite spent the day fighting over who should use it and what for? Well SnoWhite was on youtube constantly and Fiona was on Avatar-I must be getting old as I understand the point of YouTube but not Avatar(definitely an age thing).
I think today deserves a weather report especially for the family on the continent, Fiona says it's cold but I only have to do the smallest thing and I am sweating like a Pig(yes I know Fiona that pigs don't sweat-you have told me many times!). I think that 23 degrees is quite warm but it is significantly cooler at night so even though I sleep on the ground floor and cannot have the window open because of the 'Burglar Boys' night time is a lot better.

Ariel left for 'cub camp'. it was really scarey....even though Fiona is 15 and 6 foot, Ariel at almost 17 & 5 ft 8 in's looks like an adult and looked like she was packed up and off to Iraq. What I find funny is the makeup , hair straightners, mobile phone, ipod, stereo and bank has so moved on since I was 17. When I was 17 Abba released their song 'Dancing Queen....Young and sweet only 17', Superman was in the cinema and it was the first time I had tasted a nectarine. I did not have enough money for food let alone surplus to spend on clothes, stereos and makeup, now it is all taken for granted.
No wonder so many people try to go back to basics.
Mother of Many x

Sunday, July 30, 2006


So how do you get an autistic 5 year old to eat
the less expensive, less fat Asda own brand crisps when she loves salt and vinegar crisps and knows that they should come in a Green bag(well according to Walkers anyway). WhenI was growing up cheese and onion came in a green bag and salt and vinegar in a blue bag so I know how she feels. EASY- put them in a dish and she will always taste one to find out- VOILA. I know that Beauty has a limited diet but the girls have an older cousin called Gavin(not really his name but I like to change all names to protect the innocent and the naughty) who is now about 30ish and growing up he ate very little and only wanted to eat the little pots of chocolate with little cracker dippers.


From this nice and tidy garden to....................................


My house is overflowing with washing
Dried clothes


More drying in the garden

And where did it all come from you might ask......................or not but I shall tell you anyway!
Ariel is going to 'cub camp' for 2 weeks, Fiona is going to church camp for 3 days and Belle has her young man visiting and I am trying to get my house fit to sell.


Yesterday I said ,'Look Mel, I think your cute, always have always will'. After your little racist performance at your arrest for drink driving I have changed my mind. I thought you were cute now I think you are a mean and nasty bigot who is dangerous(you' re also a mean and nasty drunk) and I hope never to waste another word on you again!


Saturday, July 29, 2006


A burnt out car with a body in it was found in the lanes behind where we live(up Newport road from llanrumney and up the lane behind the pub in Old St Mellons then DON'T turn left to Llanedeyrn church but follows those lanes and you come to Began road). I realise that that usually this type of thing is usually people who know each other(I won't say friends!) but it is way too close to home to be nice. I know violence is not the answer but please..... I'm sure who ever was in the car would have have rathered wake up in hospital after a good slapping than dead in a car. But then being a product of a tv age(I know too much for my own good from watching CSI,Without a Trace, Law and Order etc) it could just be something like kids taking drugs, one dies......hide the evidence. Or husband kills wife(why is it always the wife gets killed?) hide the evudence.Kill Jimmy Hoffa, hide the evidence. Naaaa, Jimmy Hoffa is in my dishwasher, that is why my kids won't go in there. Did you ever see the film Backdraft and the hero rescuing a dummy from a dress making factory? It is probably just a dummy in the car(I hope and pray).
When I think of what we have learned from tv I always think back to Beslan. As we watched the horror unfold it became the whole family shouting at the tv screen, from watching tv we seemed to have a basic idea of policy in a siege situation that those at Beslan did not have.
For a start the local police should have secured the perimeter and taken the crowds back away from the situation. The relatives should have been placed in somewhere like a village hall and the guns taken away from the locals. And where the hell was the camera? Even Fireman Sam has his video camera. For that matter where were the fire service and ambulance? Not there until later. Who was in charge? We have always said that with her knowledge of tv Fiona could have done a better job. The news reports said that foriegn special services were to go in and teach a Russian elite squad to deal with similar situations, I know that this is good but teach the locals as well because by the time the elite squad get there the situation, should it happen again could all be over but the funerals.

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT... Look Mel I think your cute, always have always will but do you think it was clever to get caught and arrested for drink driving? You want to be taken seriously as a voice on religious truth then don't be such a nit wit. Do not drink and drive, ever, it is not healthy for you or the other poor people you could run over and kill. You want to drink then get a chauffer service, let me see you have enough money get your own chauffer! If you really feel the need to drive under the influence of alcohol(though why anybody would is beyond me) then buy a big piece of land and with no people on it, drive to your hearts content but don't blame any one else when you end up dead.
Just think about what you will do to your poor family who love you. Ooooops now that was a rant!

Friday, July 28, 2006





Thursday, July 27, 2006


This morning I awoke to find a 5 foot blow up alligator staring at me from across the room, whilst most people would sit up in bed in shock and wonder what alternate universe they had entered, I merely closed my eyes and rolled over knowing that the information regarding the origin of the alligator would eventually come to me. And it did, and as you would expect in a house with 3 children on the autistic spectrum it made perfect sense. Fiona had entered the room (uninvited and without knocking) at 1.30am and when asked,' what the h_ll was she doing' she matter of factly told me that she thought that,'Beauty would like to see the alligator first thing in the morning'. My reaction was OK, in this house it is easier to go with the flow.
Opinion has it that most people exist somewhere along the spectrum as far as autism is concerned and I can see that in people that I meet everyday and I think that is not a bad thing. Beauty's behaviours though are obvious and I sometimes feel that because of this she is easier to deal with than Fiona and SnoWhite whose behaviour at times just needs a good slap around the back of the head! Don't worry, even if I did slap Fiona or SnoWhite around the back of the head it wouldn't be child abuse because Fiona is bigger than me and she would punch me right back and as for SnoWhite, I think she would have such a psychotic episode and it would take me at least 3 weeks to waken from my coma(and of course at 20 she is no longer a child so it would be assault not child abuse!!!!)
I also think that unreality is not confined to my home, at half past midnight I heard lots of voices going past my front window and so I looked out and was shocked to see approximately 25 boys from about the age of 7 through to teenagers happily walking along. The majority were without their t shirts. Why? I don't know, perhaps just because they could, IT'S A MYSTERY!
Odd behaviour is not confined however to SnoWhite , Fiona and Beauty, the others have had their moments, for instance Ariel drop kicking the baby Jesus across the stage at a church nativity play and Anastasia and Belle eating their way through a pot of Tums. I have a whole host of other stories but I shall keep them to sell to the highest bidder when they are famous.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


After searching the web I found the above essay that was written in 1994 and even though it is dated I still think what it says is applicable.
Parents hate Barney because of the over exposure and commercialisation of Bartney as a product.
Teenagers hate Barney because of the forced, standard, behavioural ideals that he promotes and because they are the ideals of the establishment. Obviously there is a lot more in the essay than that but it is way too deep for me. It is written with regard to the social history of the US so it doesn't really apply to the UK, but I feel that the points the writer makes are valid. However, my older kids dislike Barney because they think he is an annoying, insipid , pain in the butt. And that is without the social/cultural heritage of the children of the US. The writer of the essay however feels that little children love Barney so much that they would fall on a grenade for him.......hmmmm! I think Beauty is getting there. At the moment she is squealing with delight whilst watching her Barney video.....on rewind. It's the bit where the egg falls...over.....and....over.....again.

He is definitely not at any trial, that is a double! Just driving home from town I dropped Runningman off in Llanedeyrn and I saw Saddam with a women at the bus stop opposite the catholic church. I wonder if George W. Bush or Tony Blair know? Should I tell them?

Let me see..............nnnaaaaaa what's one more mistake!!!

Beauty was awake at 4.30am so today has been a little bit confused, so much to do but so little energy to do it and the warm weather didn't help. Unusually for me I have been drinking lots of water but as usual I have been lying down a lot with leg problems. It has been a long hot summer and it is only July, perhaps it seems long because the weather has been so hot.
Sleep beckons me but Beauty is ready to rock and roll as she had a nap.

Mother of Many x

Tuesday, July 25, 2006





When is the best time to blog? Approximately 6am-why? because the offspring are asleep and trying to get them out of bed before lunchtime would be seen as an insane act of aggression, too dangerous for a stronger, better trained individual than I.
And.....they use the computer constantly from about 12md until 2am(or even later!).
Beauty's favourites are 5 little ducks(the twins version) and Numa Numa(the classic lipsyncing guy), and when it comes to Youtube she can be pretty persistent. I love the way Beauty terrorises her sisters though, if she sees them on the computer then she wants in on the action and she wants Youtube on.The other night when Beauty refused to sleep she and I spent hours on Youtube and I found her a Barney song, or so I thought!!!!!! I left her to watch Barney and as I walked to the sink I heard a string of swear words, Barney was lipsyncing Tupac! And not just that, there are Barney autopsies online and even one murder of Barney by fire. If I disliked Barney then I think I woild be justified due to the way Beauty watches Barney on rewind but it's not as if other people HAVE to watch him. Perhaps we should have a BE NICE TO BARNEY campaign and Sno white could be our leader.
Hey Anastasia have you seen the Sandi Thom video 'I wish I were a punk rocker with flowers in my hair'? Great choreography(if that's what you call it when their walking) look in the background and there is a rock singer with a guitar over his shoulder, well I think he looks just like Sawyer off Lost! Did you get the Jack and Sawyer video, I thought it was brilliant .Can you send it back as I forgot to save it and I can't seem to find it again. Why don't you email me and tell me about your job or email me about anything else you don't want online.
Beauty is so cute. Yesterday evening I had planned on going to Tesco as they are the only shop locally to sell Biodegradable black bags(what a fun life I lead!) so I cooked food for everybody and we were ready to go when Runningman showed up. Beauty and I were sat in the garden and thought that Beauty would stay with Runningman, as if, she saw me get my handbag and she was the first to the the garden gate. In lots of ways she is a normally developing 5 year old though her behaviour around comics is getting a bit difficult. She doesn't go to the shop that often( well she didn't) and when we are there she wants a comic(that's ok too) BUT she wants the same comic that she already has and she goes nuts trying to get it. I swear children are an alien lifeforce that I do not even pretend to understand.
Fiona's friend is a mosher(well I think that is how she describes herself at the moment) but I have reassured her mother, talking from experience of having a child who dressed all in black, dyed her hair black and wore Doc Martens all the time, that there is a good chance that 'mosher' friend will come through this and Doc Martens and black clothes will be replaced by Gucci shoes and Zara clothes(still often black but a

lot more stylish).

Mother of Many x

Monday, July 24, 2006


As can be seen from the last few entries of my blog I have discovered Youtube and it has greatly increased my appreciation of film and music as well as the individual creativity of other Youtube users. I am surprised at how many people like Alan Rickman(why I don't know because he is amazing and I personally think he is stunning) and how many fantastic tribute videos have been made for him.
The tributes that have impressed me most though are the ones to Brokeback Mountain, I have not seen the film but the clips of the film on the tribute videos have blown me away. The acting is outstanding and it made me weep, it truly made me believe that it is possible that out there there could be such a thing as love.
I was once accused of thinking only of myself when I divorced my first husband and looked for someone else. The one thing I can say is that seeing the portrayal of the way others love each other convinces me that I have never been loved. I spent a good part of my life looking for love
( isn't that what most people do?) but my belief is now that If I'm meant to find it then it will come and find me.
Mother of Many x

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Breathing by Lifehouse- I've never heard them before but this is amazing.


How is it I can remember the snows of'63/64?
( and believe me I do), Churchill's funeral in '65(all the rest of the tv programs were stopped), student campus demonstrations in the USA(I can remember thinking that I never wanted to be a student...well I messed that one up!),England beating Germany in the 1966 world cup final, and finally I remember the investiture of Prince Charles in 1969 as 'Prince of Wales' but yet I remember nothing about the first landing on the moon. My mother's memory was bad but mine is off the scale, however no amount of prompting would help my mothers memory but usually if you work with me I can remember after a while. I find conversations difficult because my retention is bad, I can lose the word for an object in a sentence. For example I could tell you that next doors house was on fire but within that sentence I would forget the word for fire and not be able to finish my description of the fire.Ooops! next door might burn down before I remember the word!
However I have no problem with my memory concerning Jensen Ackles and every episode of Supernatural. All I need is a focus and a need to remember and I'm fine. But does focus explain why my memory is shot at certain things but I can remember 90% of the words of any song I have ever heard, I am particularly good at school and church hymns and children's songs and nursery that wierd or what? At the moment the songs on constant replay in my head are,'I can sing a rainbow'(thanks to Beauty) and,' Good Riddance' by Greenday....strange mix!
Pain is never permanent(see blog entry-18-06-06) is what I said but due to the fact that I can't take all my painkillers if somebody said that to me today I seriously might headbutt them. My pain is like the tooth ache you experience as a child, it is almost like you can't imagine life before the pain. I am scared that I'm getting to the point that I might just give in(and take the tablets!). Breath......... let's have a Pollyanna moment........................I know, I should be glad that all I want to do is head butt any smart-arse that may try and make it all better with their platitudes instead of wanting to do something far worse to them(well it works for me).

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006


So what do you feed pigs when it is hot?
Piggy Lollies.
Don't even go there with what I hear they have been feeding tigers, just accept that the lollies were red! eeeeeewwwww.....

Final update on the Zdaine incident
Zidane banned foe 3 matches(remember he has retired so he will do voluntary work for Fifa) and fined £3,620 whilst Materazzi was banned for two games and fined £2,170. the French say that the response is 'intelligent, measured and reasonable' whilst the Italians are bitching like a bunch of girls. I'm sorry now that we ever supported them.Thankfully there is some kind of resolution.

Is it just me or is there anyone else in the mother of many house that is finding sand everywhere? The worst thing is I keep finding sand in between my teeth! Yuk...having a sand pit by the back door doen't help. Beauty plays in the sand pit daily and the sand is now everywhere. She seems to eat more and more of the sand....and how do I know? Well I am the poop checker. Yesterday I sat with Beauty whilst she played in the sand and the mama of all bees would not go away and insisted on buzzing around a plastic scorpion(very lifelike the scorpion) so I drained a handful of sand over the bee and he was off like a shot. As a child I would have been too scared to do that as I would have been afraid that the bee and his bee friends would come back and get me! And don't say they wouldn't because Beauty and I have sat and watched Winnie the Pooh many times and I've heard that bee is way scarey

Health update
The Doctor says that I must stop taking Diclofenac as he feels that that this is causing my major stomach upset. He has now prescribed me Omeprazole to help with the acid production. This should please Ariel as MY belching at times has been seriously amazing and at her Trailer Park party in August for her birthday I would have been serious competition for the belching competition. My belching at times has been seriously amazing and Ariel who is the BEST BELCHER in the famil;y could see serious competition.
Hwyl for now
Mother of Many x

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Bad news 'Textiles', I've replaced Jensen Ackles with another little hottie, is she cute or what?
I've decided to change the background daily, don't worry it will be your choice tomorrow.
Today is a lot cooler and that is good because I am not feeling so good, Remember Brilliant Brenda the lecturer from British Rail? I saw her on monday , first time for ages and she is still one of the most lovely people I know. Brenda is generous to a fault and I think she may have given me a nasty sore throat. She has been off work for ages with a throat probem but I might just as easily have picked it up from one of the boys in school. I am having difficulty swallowing but that is not it!! I also have a serious stomach upset, Gaviscon is my drink of choice and I'm not even pregnant. Whatever I eat gives me heartburn but I really have an almost non-existent appetite., I also feel sick when I eat, everything goes through me faster than the speed of light, I belch all the time and my stomach is always churning(such an attractive lot of symptoms). This has gone on for about two weeks and I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. What little I eat is now followed with copious amounts of cold water and it is really helping, no water and I would be seriously uncomfortable. My clothes are getting loose around the waist, one small Pollyanna blessing. Will update after doctors visit.
I am so glad that the Brits are finally getting out of Lebanon, I know that there have been complaints that other nations have got out earlier but they travelled by land. I personally would not have liked to have travelled the road to Damascus, physically or metaphorically. I feel for those who are leaving and their relatives as Ariel would have to study for a year in somewhere like the Lebanon if she did a degree in Arabic, the stress was bad enough when Anastasia was in Russia. At least when Anastasia was in Russia if you stayed together and did not go off piste you could at least had some damage limitation but in the Lebanon when a bomb is dropped on your head there is not a lot you can do about it. I wonder how many Hezbollah the Israeli's have got so far, probably not a lot.
Over the centuries it has been unexcusable to persecute the Jews and the things that happened to them was terribly wrong but what happened to them during the 2nd world war did not justify the stealing of the land of the Palestinian people.
But we cannot go back. Each side should accept that they are religious people and act like religious people. Sit down together, call a truce and accept that the Jews should never have been given a land that was not theirs and move on. Accept that the land has to be fairly split in two and these religious people have to live together in peace.
Yes Israel may have more money, more fire power, more political power but the Palestinians have a weapon that the people of Israel just do not have and could one day rise up against them- a massive birth rate. For a religious people that has been so badly treated throughout history the people of Israel have the opportunity to be the authors of something really good-PEACE.
Religious people shouldn't fight each other like this- surely the doctrine of the Jewish people and the Muslim people is to forgive and live in peace?PLEASE.
Mother of Many x

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


The Upper Room- Cris Ofili
PROMISE-No more 'discussions' on art funding.
Do you remember the demonstration, 'Modern art is bullshit'? Well it was when a wheelbarrow of cow manure was dumped outside The Royal Academy because of an exhibition featuring Chris Ofili's work. In 1998 he won The Turner Prize
with, 'No women no cry', which had elephant dung attached to it and it was stood on elephant dung. A lot of people were not happy with it. He also p-ssed off a lot of people with his Virgin Mary collage which had pictures of genitalia taken from magazines and stuck onto the picture. I think some of Frida Kahlo's work is very cutting edge but I don't hear bitching about that.
Not only do I think his work is brilliant but it is also brilliant because it p-sses off snot nosed artists and critics. Wouldn't the world be a boring place if all artists were Fine Artists, what a waste of ceativity.
I watched a program the other night about the making of cave paintings and part of the program was about spitting the 'paint' onto the wall and causing a stencil effect. Imagine the response today from the purists! Their blood pressure would need monitoring.
As a kind of acid test, years ago I remember somebody sending in a painting their toddler had createsd to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy. It was merely splashes of paint and they had titled it Monkeys in the Trees. It was accepted. You've got to love it.
I definitely do not have the talent of a fine artist but I would say I had creativity. Damien Hirst
is hugely talented as a portrait painter but it is definitely his modern art that has made him famous(and wealthy!).
Anyway, I think Beauty's artwork is better, being unbiased of course!
So to all the purists out there- BITE ME!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


La Geunon et son peti By Picasso
Sold for $6,719,500 in2001

I really think that it would be better if I just went back to bed, hid my head under the bedclothes and never surfed the net again. Today on the internet I read an atricle on the arts section of the BBC website and it discussed how the Catholic church is to make aquisitions in the contemporary art section to display in the Vatican museum.
I feel that the members of the church should be asked how they would like their money spent and if the museum director Francesco Buranelli,'would like very much to have a Picasso' then he should,'very much' go and buy one with his own money.
I am sure there are a lot of people out there who would love to LOAN their art works to be displayed in the Vatican museums. Think of the turn over of work that could be displayed(and the Kudos!) and the art that could be seen by so many more people. Think of the money they could raise for those in need.

With my very small life I am a very lucky person.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Recently I have written about Superman, the unholy state of children's bedrooms and the red paper clip that in 14 trades became a house but nothing about the situation between Isreal and Lebanon. You may or may not ask why! It is complicated but yet it is easy!
It is complicated because the situation is complicated, the situation between Isreal and the Arab world is difficult and nothing I say here would make it better. I read the opinions of the people who have commented on the internet and I agree with some comments made about both sides. So what difference would my adding fuel to the fire make? I write via Amnesty International, and on my own volition, regarding any situation that I feel is wrong and that I feel that writing about might help but most of the time I feel that no one out there is listening.
I always felt that I had strong feelings regarding the situation in the middle east and I felt I was pro one side but when I probed what I really felt I found that in my head were a lot of ,'ah buts....'
Here is an example.
I do not like, support or believe in the priciples of the BNP but yesterday I read a newspaper article about a teacher employed by Derby council who a teaching union say should be fired as a teacher because the said teacher stood as a candidate for the BNP. The argument against this is the fact that the BNP is a registered political party therefore they are legally allowed to stand as a candidate for the BNP without it affecting their job. The council believes however that there are no grounds for action.........well thank goodness for the voice of sanity. The council says that it has a statutory duty to promote race equality and the consequences of breaching this duty would be 'emphasised to Mr Jones'.
Ms Keates from NASUWT states the following in a letter to the council,'I am sure that you will share the view of the NASUWT that those who subscribe to a racist and fascist agenda have no place in the teaching profession'
The BNP made the statement that the NASUWT's stance was, 'outrageous and disgraceful'.
As Forest Gump said(don't quote me on this),'I MAY NOT BE A SMART MAN(well I'm a women actually but I'm refering to the smart bit, see blog entry dated Friday 14 July 2006), so I had to look up on the internet about the definition of what fascism is and the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines fascim as,' A political philosophy movement or regime( as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralised autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition'. I am sure that this is not the only definition of fascism.
But what struck me about this definition was the part which said, 'forcible suppression of opposition', surely to fire somebody from their job because they have stood as a political candidate for a registerd party is an act of fascim by the ,' forcible suppression of the opposition'.I know I am not a clever person and I am sure some clever person could run rings around me in a debate but I just don't know how one can be a 'fascist' and the other not.
I always thought that if you were a Catholic, a Protestant, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Mormon, Muslim, a Conservative, a liberal, a supporter of the labour party, a pagan etc etc then if you were a teacher in a non-religious state school then whatever personal philosophies you held to you were not allowed to teach them in the classroom. Many of the religions and political parties that I have mentioned I know I would not want their philosophies taught to my children in school unless it was part of a politics class or a comparative religion class and then I believe that personal opinion is not allowedby the teacher. So why does NASUWT feel they have the right to discriminate against one political party when there are other political parties out there and religions that I know have policies and tenets that are just as scarey. As an example, the PM who is a member of the labour party went into Iraq WITHOUT UN support and subsequently how many civilians and soldiers have died? Does the NASUWT feel that teachers are suitable to teach if they support the labour party? The NASUWT cannot be selective in 'their judgements', if they are then they are discriminating. Are the labour supporters being advised on the need to follow the law and not promote invading non-aggressive countries without UN backing? If not then why? If Derby council is advising teachers who support the BNP to understand the consequences of breaching their statutory duty to promote race equality why are they not asking fundamentalist mormons if their beliefs regarding black people will affect their ability to promote race equality? Are they even aware of the views of the fundamentalist mormons? Is Derby council aware of the view of the teachers who support other religions who believe that only members of their church will go to heaven? Would this affect their ability to promote race equality?Justice is about justice for all not just about who you think deserves justice. Derby council are being discrimatory by feeling the need to re-emphasise to the BNP supporter about their statutory duty to promote race equality. The NASUWT comments about the BNP are discrimatory. The BNP are a legal party, if the NASUWT have a problem with the ideas that the BNP promotes then they should resort to legal means to deal with the problem and not stoop to discrimination.
So here you have an analogy of how my feelings are regarding the middle east, we do not live in a black and white world and remember it does take two to tango




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.