Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It is 9:08am and already I have been head -butted in the cheek( a Glaswegian handshake) by a 6 year old who was upset because I did not take the turn off to the dual-carriage way to go to ASDA(WALMART). We both ended up with a bleeding lip and she refused to get in her buggy.I Love Children.Beauty has her 6 monthly medical with her consultant at her school at 10:30
so no chance of a nap this morning.
The weather is 0.5* and the thickest fog I have seen in a long time, as I came out of the estate onto Bryn Celyn Road the traffic was still doing 50 miles per hour, in a 30 miles per hour zone in front of a primary school! What they achieve is beyond me as at the end of the road is the roundabout to the dual carriageway and the traffic on there was nose to tail. Did they gain anything? I don't think so............oh apart from the fathead award.

Did you read this on the BBC news website?
Well I am absolutely appalled at the behaviour of this teaching assistant.
What was she thinking?
My neighbours boy has Special Needs and he is in his thirties and a relationship with him would be wrong as he wouldn't understand but to be like this with a child you have known since they were 12 is WRONG.
My other neighbours grandson is 12 and has severe learning difficulties and I can only imagine how his family would feel if a 43 year old was found not guilty of abusing him, the letter alone proves there was emotional abuse. At least this women should be put on the sex offenders register and NEVER be allowed to work with children or venerable adults again. What would have happened if she hadn't been found out, would the relationship have become sexual? A women in this situation can cause as much damage as a man, emotional damage can be worse than physical damage.
Woman cleared of sex with pupil
A teaching assistant has been acquitted of having sex with one of her pupils.Karen Nash, 43, had always denied charges of engaging in sexual activity with a boy from the special needs school where she worked.The married mother-of-two, from Basingstoke, Hants, wept as a jury at Winchester Crown Court returned not guilty verdicts on five charges.The judge had already ordered not guilty verdicts to be returned on two further charges.
'Fantasy' letters
The prosecution alleged that she had become obsessed with the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and had sex with him on several occasions between February and August last year.Christopher Parker QC alleged that when the boy was sent to a young offenders' institution, Mrs Nash would buy him gifts, gave him cash and sent him "steamy" letters.
But in police interviews, Mrs Nash adamantly denied having had a sexual relationship with the boy, for who she had been a learning support assistant since he was 12.
Mrs Nash said the letters were a fantasy designed to cheer the boy up,In the words of Jim Royle from The Royle FAmily, 'cheer the boy up' 'MY ARSE'.


Wanted man may have fled in veil
Mustaf Jamma is thought to have returned to Somalia
Police seeking a man over the murder of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky are considering the theory he may have fled the UK dressed as a veiled Muslim woman.It is understood West Yorkshire Police - who have not commented on reports about the veil theory - regard it only as one of a number of possibilities.The wanted man, Mustaf Jamma, is the brother of Yusuf Jamma who was found guilty of the Pc's murder this week.Mustaf Jamma is believed to be in his native Somalia.The 26-year-old was released from jail six months before Pc Beshenivsky was killed.
airport between Christmas Day last year and New Year's Day. A BAA spokesman told The Times immigration control staff always did visual checks on people coming into the country but added only random checks were made on outgoing passengers.On Tuesday the jury in the trial of four men over Shadow home secretary David Davies said the fact that anyone could be allowed through passport control wearing a veil was "barely credible"."Doing so when an All Persons Bulletin for murder has been issued demonstrates that our borders are not just porous but non-existent," he added.Some newspaper reports have suggested Mr Jamma stole his sister's passport and wore a full niqab (a veil that totally obscures the face) to evade checks at HeathrowHeathrowPcBeshenivsky's death was discharged after failing to reach a verdict on a final count of robbery.Three men have been found guilty of killing the officer, who was shot after an armed raid in Bradford in 2005. Another man had earlier admitted murder.The jury could not decide if Raza Ul-Haq Aslam, 25 - who was cleared of murder, manslaughter and firearms offences - was guilty of robbery, and a re-trial was ordered.As well as Mustaf Jamma another man called PiranDitta Khan, whom the prosecution alleged was the "architect of the robbery", remains on the run from police.Pc Beshenivsky, 38, was shot and killed on 18 November 2005 as she arrived at the Universal Express travel agents in Bradford city centre on the day of her youngest daughter's fourth birthday.Her colleague Pc Teresa Milburn was also shot in the street as the robbers escaped with about £5,000.

I do not believe that anyone would get through airport security without a visual check and secondly, he would make one FUGLY woman! Fugly enough to raise the suspicions of anyone, airport security have my total respect. On my visit to the US they were totally efficient, they were as efficient as the 'Dragon at Gates' receptionist at my Doctors Surgery and NOTHING gets past her. AND the airport security have plastic gloves in their pockets which they have the authority to use, would you mess with that? NOT ME!
This man needs to be caught to stand trial for murder so if he is guilty he cannot hurt anyone again and to bring closure for Pc Sharon Beshenivsky's family.

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Maddy said...

I would never have believed that small people could inflict quite as many injuries upon their respective parents - mind you I am a little more vulnerable in braces, but then it's my own fault - if I must insist in having a lot of ironmongery inside my face, a quick slap has nasty consequences. Pity we can't more accurately identify the triggers, still a big random for us. Cheers




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