Thursday, December 14, 2006


Today I did an online quiz on TEEN SLANG
I managed 6 out of 10 and I thought that was really good but the quiz said I was still confused.Listening to Ariel and Fiona is an education in itself, now they talk a foreign language!
Anastasia and Belle were born only 18 moths apart but they grew up like twins, Fiona and Ariel are also 18 months apart so they have also grown up like twins and SnoWhite was in the middle and a typical middle child and of course Beauty was born 9 years after Fiona so she will always be the baby. Anastasia and Belle and Ariel and Fiona have had totally different childhoods. Anastasia and Belle were brought up in the 80's and Ariel and Fiona were brought up in the 90's. The younger two also have had the advantage that their upbringing was influenced by the fact that when they were little I was in University and they went to the university daycare and we had more money. The older 2 would say they had been spoiled. though I am sure the younger 2 would disagree! The older 2 liked Take That, Brit Pop and Ant & DEC(big time!) whilst the younger 2 have liked Busted, McFly and CHAV music.

Vicky Pollards twin sister.
Kate Moss.

I have a daughter who is campaigning the cause of the chav single handedly, she loves the clothes, the slang and the music and her philosophy is 'Well CHAV's are always clean whilst EMO's don't always look clean'(I kid you not).

Whilst the other younger daughter wears dark clothes and loves Hello Kitty and insists she is not an EMO and I admit that she washes all her clothes(well I do!) everyday and showers everyday, so what does that make her? I don't know what it makes her but it helps to make us a very INDIVIDUAL family!
For example..................
last night after picking up Ariel and SnoWhite from IKEA where they work we were discussing the IKEA Christmas Breakfast and the presents that IKEA give to their employees each year. They have previously given cameras , MP3 players and portable DVDs and they were talking about how long you had to work with the company to get the present.

To try and help them understand the situation I told them the Parable of the Vineyard where The Vineyard owner gives them all the same reward even though they started at different times, it is a parable about Jesus, people who come to him and their reward in heaven. Well if I did, it turned into a frank and vigorous in ASDA car park about the rights and wrongs of Jesus giving everyone the same no matter how long they have been his followers. now how many families have that kind of discussion at 9:15pm at night in ASDA car park in the BAY?
My children need to take a chill pill!
I can see how religious wars start And my children are basically on the same side (well I'm sure that SnoWhite would protest that one!).
Just don't get them started on contraception, the death penalty, any church, war, Human Rights, Bush & Blair, poverty............ oh the list is endless. I know how Kofi Annan must feel.
ARIEL AND FIONA demand that the world know that they have NEVER liked Busted , Ariel says she is a ChavEmo(whatever that is) and Fiona wants it made clear that she is not an Emo! all clear on that?

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Maddy said...

I'm thinking of taking a crash course in 'text messaging' but it's less common out here [thank goodness] than it is back in old Blighty. Alternatively, I'll just fast forward to my 'bath chair' and fain ignorance. cheers




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
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