Wednesday, December 27, 2006

THE DAY AFTER BOXING DAY is 2:36am and I cannot sleep.
I may not be religious but I believe in evil, it is called chocolate. It is everywhere around my house waiting to tempt me and I have a whole tub in the fridge which I received as Christmas presents(plus a box of chocolates). Gaviscon is now my drink of choice(and for once I am drinking it and NOT pregnant). I am so glad that I am exercising again. AND WORST OF ALL SNOWHITE IS AWAKE GIVING ME AN EAR BASHING ON CONSPIRACY THEORIES. We have done Diana, JFK, 911 and us God.
I blame me, I encouraged her to have an opinion on everything. Sorry family!
We also briefly discussed Alexander Litvinenko and the possible involvement of the Russian government. I am glad that my children are aware of what is going on in the world because when I was their age I KNEW NOTHING. I am ashamed that I knew nothing, I was so blond that I didn't even have a desire to know. I was going out with David(the clever one) in the late 70's(Winter of Discontent and all that)and I remember him being shocked at my lack of interest and knowledge in the news, sorry! I never cease to be surprised that I managed to get a degree, getting to be a qualified nurse and teacher was a bigger surprise.
However, my knowledge is still so limited. How could I have lived through the recent European Wars and really not know what happened? I blame having lots of children and the internet not being available to me. So what's my excuse now?
Now we are doing the Moon Landing................!
Go to sleep girl.
She is now in the living room taking photos of herself and watching a program about spys. And this is the 21 year old!
Any suggestions on how to make her sleep?
Yes you have guessed correctly, definitely on the spectrum.
The two with aspergers can definitely be more tiring than Beauty. Fiona thinks I am the Encyclopedia Britannica whilst SnoWhite believes I am the fount of all knowledge when it comes to politics, and Fiona just thinks that I should know everything about everything(the phrase Google It upsets her).
For all you Dr Who fans out there, in the Christmas day episode of Dr Who ,Catherine Tates's house was my house. Not my present house but the house we lived in in Birchfield Crescent. We saw it and started going.'ooh, ooh, ooh' and pointing. In the words of Muriel's Wedding,'What a coincidence'.
And the wedding was at the New House hotel where I had also worked.
Also, Catherine Tate's boyfriend in the Dr Who episode was gorgeous Nicky from 55 Degrees North and he accused Catherine Tate of being shallow and getting excited over' a new flavour in Pringles'. On BBC that was brilliant free advertising for the makers of Pringles!
There are a lot of babies in church so I am busy knitting blankets, it is the sort of knitting you don't have to think about thank goodness but they are nice to give as presents.
I am knitting on size 6 needles, never again, the next blanket will be on size 10s.I once knitted a baby blanket on size 4s and said never again, it also took so long that I have kept the blanket for one of the girls. I couldn't bear to part with that much work.

9:30am UPDATE
Beauty and I are going to have a serious falling out, she has been awake since5:30am and she is bouncing around like Tigger, hopefully she will nap today as a result of this early wake up.
She has returned to playing with the medieval archers and her wagon. And making up stories involving the soldiers,'once upon a time.............'.I love that kid!
Tonight I will try and take Beauty to the Winter Wonderland. There is a carousel, a big wheel and a helter skelter plus of course the ice skating and lots of food.

Today is so back to normal, the post returns and I receive a letter from the Liberal Democrats(they of the Cheeky Girls variety) and a letter and a DVD inviting me to the Vauxhall sale, and my car with them is not up for renewal for another 3 they not read their own records? So my boring normality continues.GOOD......we like boring and quiet. I am looking forward to cleaning and decorating my front bedroom, de-cluttering after Christmas and of course the offspring returning to school(oh happy day).
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21:30 UPDATE
After a nap I felt lots better after the early morning wake-up call. I took SnoWhite back to her flat , complete with her many Christmas presents but she also needed to go to IKEA to get some shelves. we took Beauty but she fell asleep under the table in the restaurant.

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