Sunday, December 03, 2006


Oh yes , she is awake in there, and how do I know? Because she is singing JINGLE BELLS!
Beauty has a talent for hearing songs and remembering them and being able to sing them word for word, she can't talk properly but she can sure as heck sing. And is this a trait that has come out of her autism? Well, it was also something that I did as a child and I have a WORD game whereby I can sing a song that contains most words, For example HONEY can be found in Sugar,Sugar by the Archies- please do not test me with words like MORASS or ANAL. This game is a constant delight to my children(well sometimes). I believe we are all on the Autistic Spectrum somewhere and I believe that I am higher than the average and so Beauty gets some of her tendencies from me.
The other night I watched SOME(remember, not all) of Midsommer Murders-'Dead' centre of the universe village with more murders per square mile than any soap opera can conjure up, Prunella Scales was on it and she was a cape wearing, tricycle riding psychic. She said in the show that madness was an unword(don't quote me) but a better way to describe things was to say that we are all have varying degrees of sanity and I think it is so true. I realise there are the psychotic types of mental illness but for the rest of us I think we all get depressed or obsessed at sometimes in their life and it is not an illness but varying degrees of sanity and it is the way we cope with the day to day rigours of living.
For those who suffer with the psychotic types of illnesses I do not believe that the Health Care System adequately deals with their needs.
'Community care killings' exposed
25 mentally ill people a week take their own lives, the study reveals
More than 400 people have been killed by psychiatric patients released into the community over the last eight years, a report is expected to reveal.It will say almost a third of the killings were carried out by people who were judged to have been of "low risk".
Now there is the evidence of a serious problem we will have to wait and see if anything is actually done because if the money isn't out there to pay for the professionals to work with the people with problems in the community then nothing will change. More people will die unnecessarily.

Union calls for more funds to NHS
Treatment will be available despite the cuts, the government claims.The country's biggest union is calling on the government to give more money to the NHS, amid fresh protests across the UK against plans to cut services.Unison says the chancellor should use next week's pre-Budget report to help NHS trusts tackle financial deficits.Royal College of Nursing (RCN) head Beverley Malone said she hoped changes to the service would be made for clinical, not just financial, reasons.Protests are taking place against cuts in various UK locations.These include demonstrations in Chertsey, Surrey, and Hatfield and Stevenage in Hertfordshire.

NHS deficit doubles to over £500m
The NHS deficit tops £500m.The NHS deficit in England has reached £512m - more than double the amount last year.Nearly a third of the 566 NHS organisations failed to break even with a hardcore group of 63 responsible for 70% of the deficits.The unaudited figure for the 2005-6 financial year is £100m less than mid-year forecasts.Over 12,000 jobs have been cut, wards closed and operations delayed as NHS trusts have struggled with finances.

How many jobs will be lost in the NHS?By Caroline ParkinsonBBC News health reporter
Tony Blair is under pressure to say how many NHS staff will go.Campaigners have reacted angrily to Tony Blair's assertion that there will only be a "few hundred" redundancies in the NHS.They, along with the Conservatives, say the total number of jobs losses linked to the current financial crisis in the health service will be nearer to 20,000.So how many people will actually be out of work because of the current NHS reorganisation?Since consultations on proposals are ongoing in NHS trusts up and down England, it is not actually clear what the final tally will be.But it looks as though both sides might be right.Redundancies are the tip of the iceberg.As Tony Blair and NHS managers say, the total number of compulsory redundancies is likely to be in the hundreds.However, many more people will be affected.
Posts are likely to close, staff will not be replaced when they leave and remaining staff may be moved to different departments and responsibilities.And adding up all the posts affected by redundancy, post closure, failure to recruit or staff movement could be near 20,000.

Does anyone else find the situation really worrying?

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Maddy said...

We watch "midsomer murders ' too via BBC American - but they're old ones. And don't talk about Christmas we still have another birthday to get through before as I so much as buy a christmas card! You're too efficient by half, make the rest of us look bad. Cheers




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