Tuesday, December 19, 2006


SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED IS AWAKE....................AT 4:15AM!
Beauty is happily watching ICE AGE, on rewind!
She reminds me of the last gerbil, who spent the night awake and made so much noise that he and his cage was relegated to the bathroom window ledge. BE WARNED CHILD!
Just kidding.

Me looking my age and way too fragile at 'stupid o'clock'.
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I dream of going away to a spa for the weekend and just spend the time relaxing and doing NOTHING. And will that happen? I don't think so, my trip to New Orleans left me with a lot of white hair(I kid you not!) . Thankfully my colouring makes me look blond. I have 5 other children and it was like having 2 sets of twins at certain times and it was NEVER as tiring as this. I think this is karma catching up with me.
AND what did I do that was so wrong?
Well I spent 25 years plus going to a church( I mean the individual church that I attended, not the larger church organisation that it belonged to) that encouraged the importance of personal salvation and didn't really see itself as part of the world at large. Only in the last few years have they got involved in charity work of any kind(encouraged by the larger church). When I questioned this I was told by a leader that members had enough problems in their own lives to deal with and did not have enough time to help everyone else out there. My intent now is not to gain any spiritual salvation but I find that I am always doing something to help others, mostly in a very small way. I feel it is ok to talk about things like this as I do not think it is anything really special and it should be part of every ones life. I do not believe there is any such thing as real altruism, where you do something with no hope of reward. As I was growing up I really believed that the only people who could be truly altruistic were religious people but even they do what they do for the hope of a reward in the next life. Hey if that floats your boat, fine at least you are doing something. I know a nun called Sister John and she is brilliant, the most ordinary person I know, not in any way a religious pain in the butt she is also probably the best person I know , really genuine. If I could be like anyone I would like to be like her, surprising with my views on the Catholic Church. Probably because I see her as a good person unconfined by religion. Runningman was brought up in a convent and Sister John used to play football with the kids, whilst doing so she hurt her knee, if she hadn't hurt her knee I could still see her kicking a ball around in her 60's. She espouses the principles of what I feel are important in life caring, loving, helping , sharing and living a balanced life.
In a consumerist world I have very little but in comparison to the Third World I am wealthy. AND I see the lack of others and I feel guilty or sorry for these people and want to do what I can even though it is very little, helping makes me feel better and them, so I am not truly altruistic either. Incentive is not such a bad thing. Diverging slightly, I remember reading once (some one's individual opinion) that God created sexual desire because if he hadn't nobody would procreate as sex was such a ridiculous thing. See , 'God' has a sense of humour.
I don't want anyone who reads this to get the wrong idea about me and church, I went 'religiously' from the time I was 14 until approximately 2001 and it was my whole life BUT I went WANTING to believe, not because I did believe. However, it changed my life for the better and that can't be bad. One of my main issues at the moment is the church I attended is putting all it's members at risk, and that is because it refuses to implement and pay for police checks on all it's members. Any adult who is alone with a child for any period of time puts them self at risk from malicious accusation, my suggestion is to all members of the church is do not be alone in any situation with children as an accusation however untrue will ruin your life, I say this as a trained teacher and from what I have seen in the teaching profession . I know 2 children who were sexually abused by an adult male member of the church who already had a police record but the church did not police check him, he is now in prison. I believe that all members over the age of 18 should have regular police checks, other churches in the UK do it . I know that a lot of churches believe THEY ARE THE ONE TRUE CHURCH and they believe they are special but hiding your head in the sand and believing because you are THE ONE TRUE CHURCH God will not protect you is not enough. The Children's Act is there for a reason so why does the law allow churches to ignore it? I have read a case where a male teacher was accused by 2 girls of sexually abusing them, he was unable to work for a year and at the time of his trial the judge said that the 2 girls had lied completely and the male teacher was found not guilty. BUT what about the year he was under suspicion, the affect on himself and his parents and family. What would Social Services have done if he had children ? Could they have taken his children away? He will always have a record that will show up with the police. DON 'T WORK WITH CHILDREN WITHOUT A POLICE CHECK.
Last year there was a case in North Wales of a qualified nurse in a Nursing home who was accused of ill treating patients by nursing auxiliaries she worked with , the nurse was found not guilty. I have met a very small minority of nursing auxiliaries who have been in jobs in nursing homes and they have a very cushy number that they resent anybody intruding upon. I loved working nights and many of these nursing auxiliaries I worked with did nothing all night, they would rather change urine soaked beds at 6am than check the patients regularly through the night. So how do they get rid of somebody who rocks their boat ? Accuse the nurse of ill-treating patients, the case may not take long to come to a court of law but the RCN can take years before they hear the case and the nurse is able to work again, and all that time their reputation is tarnished. Document everything is the answer, if you have problems with other members of staff ........document it, you have your own career to think of.
I feel that the church that I attended and the people I knew in it made me a better person and for that I will always be grateful and I love all those people I grew up with, they are my extended family. As members of my extended family I only want to protect them. However, remember I only heard it on the grapevine, the church has seen the importance of police checks and all those who work with children are to be police checked in the near future. Let us hope that this is true so children and the adults can be protected and kept safe.

I found this whilst checking out You Tube.
This is one of my favourite songs, I am ashamed to say that I have a cupboard full of Moody Blues albums and I have never listened to them. The albums belonged to husband number 2, the one who was a chemist(metals etc) but thought he had the knowledge of a pharmacist(medications). He went drinking with his mates, whilst on prescription medications,anaphylaxis happened and the inevitable-death by suffocation. Stupid boy-what a waste. The answer.........don't drink, alcohol only messes you up.

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An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.