Saturday, October 28, 2006


Long before Blunkett's Glorious Fall I did not like him, this was when it would have been seen as sacrilege to have a go at a blind guy . I read an article about how he had said in an interview that he wore his wedding ring after his divorce so that women didn't come on to him and I thought at the time ,'you arrogant little man'(actually I thought a lot worse but this is a family show remember!). What?....from what has happened over the past few years I'd say that the wedding ring was all for show.
I loved this 'Urban Legend' story on the BBC website- it is one of those stories that makes me laugh and makes my day. What a nit wit!
According to the BBC this is the type of threat that was passed on to Blunkett who dutifully was worried enough to pass it on the Tony Blair.
"My friend's Aunt Sally was in a queue and this Middle Eastern-looking bloke in front of her dropped his wallet. When she gave it back to him, he told her to avoid central London on Saturday because something big might happen. Tell as many people as you can."
The 11 was Armistice Day and so he told Tony Blair about his worries and the 'obvious' threat to security but they decided that all that could be done had been done and Mr Blunkett was relieved when the day passed peacefully.
What a wally!
Can the press stop releasing this kind of story please, it makes me like Blunkett because he comes across as such a wally and we can't have that.
Urban legend as the article goes on to show is not new, I remember as a child hearing the one about the young couple in the car that breaks down and the man goes to get petrol and the women waits. She hears a noise on the roof of the car and it turns out to be the head of her boyfriend, her boyfriend had been attacked and his head cut off by an escaped 'nutter'(I am repeating the story, I know he was a person with mental health problems) from (sorry but it was in the story) Hensol Castle.
In the middle 80's an American officers wife from Greenham Common told me that the women in the petrol station who was told to get out of her car by the forecourt attendant to pay because there was some knife wielding maniac hiding in the back of her car was her aunt and the story was true and not a legend.
I am going through another generation of teenagers and again having to explain that the story of people being 'stuck' with a needle carrying AIDS in nightclubs is not true but an Urban Legend. We have also had a variation on the 'Aunt Sally' story and it is so hard to convince teenagers that they are just a story. At that age they are just coming to the realisation that the world can be a mad place and an Urban Legend story doesn't help AND because I am old person I couldn't possibly KNOW it was only an Urban Legend.
Hey I'm not too old to be TERRIFIED by a teenager saying CANDY MAN 5 times in a BHS lift , teenage girls can be pretty cruel! Names not included to protect the guilty but I know who you are and revenge is best served up cold!
I feel that I have a little grey sprite from the Sprite advert on my right shoulder, the terrible ripping pain in my neck seems to be being held at bay BUT it also feels that there is something heavy on my shoulder just waiting to grab and twist and rip and bring back the pain. So I am walking as if I have a hunched back and it is not the most attractive of looks.
At 7am Runningman started his painting, at 12md I couldn't take it anymore so Beauty and I went out. We went to Mothercare to look at cookers but they didn't have any but Beauty spent 15 minutes looking at the toys and she had a very enjoyable time. Then we went to Cafe Junior in Cathays and Beauty played there for an hour , she liked the wooden Noah's ark with the wooden animals and people but she wasn't too keen on sharing! Now that is a good idea for a Christmas present, doesn't IKEA sell a wooden set? The place was filled with the yummy-mummy set and some of the children were thoroughly obnoxious but we will be going back as Beauty had so much fun.
Then we went to Fairoak Park( the bowling green park between Penylan Park and Roath Park) we walked all the way around with out the pixie buggy(fantastic news), Beauty threw lots of leaves into the stream from the bridge . I took loads of photographs and will post them when blogger stops messing with me. Then we came home to find a mountain of mess, WHY I don't know because nothing needed to be put into the kitchen as the middle room is empty. So I lost it and told him to go home , he had done about a metre square of painting between 7am and 2:30pm and completely covered the floor tiles with paint, something I told him NOT TO DO. He said it didn't matter as it would only take 5 minutes to clean , he has been in there an hour cleaning! I moved everything into the middle room and moved the furniture in the dining room to make things easier to paint.Enough is enough, Fiona and I are going to finish the room.

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An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.