Friday, July 14, 2006


I refuse to be provoked into a kharma related incident which will later come back to bite me in the butt. It is 3.28am and the video is being looped by Beauty(I almost typed Belle, now that would have been wierd), she is looping the start of the Fun Song Factory, same music, same words, over and over and over. Remember Barney(8 May 2006), well never again, I love the Fun Song Factory. Definition of the phrase,' Terrorist Action'- Five year old of the autistic kind inflicting sleep deprivation upon parent. Not only is sleep deprivation kicking in but I woke up yesterday with a swollen
eye , some kind of infection. I am way too old for this. This must be kharma for my boring blogs of late. Well is it wrong to want world peace and to save the earth? What about greater gun control and harsher punishments for parole violators?(well it was funny when Sandra Bullock said it!) Ok I promise to stop.
I can't find my camera, of course eveyone blames the fairies! In a week it will probably turn up on the stairs and no one will know how it got there. I wouldn't be surprised one day to find the remains of Jimmy Hoffa somewhere in my house and the kids will shout,'well it wasn't me, I found it on the stairs' and I will reply that I knew it couldn't have been them because A) the house wasn't built when Jimmy Hoffa disappeared and B) None of them have enough energy to get off their butts and fill a dishwasher let alone be responsible for the disappearence of an American Labour Leader with Mafia connections.( Now does that sound like one p-ssed off Mama? GOOD). No wonder politicians say such stupid things, they claim they work so hard and get very little sleep, well I know how they feel. Perhaps this is my chance to say all the things I was too afraid to say before and put it down to sleep deprivation, wow I would make a good politician.
Lets see..............
Tom Cruise..........I don't give a sh-t about your kid....Who does?
Tony Blair............You're false and play to the camera!
Britney Spears.....For goodness sake wash and there is no way you are OCD
(oh and get rid of that useless husband of yours)
George Bush........ I pray your God exists so on judgement day you can be found wanting and be punished with eternal hell (like having to live on welfare or a low wage).
Trent from Pink Is The New Blog..........To be the next president of the US.
Time is officially dragging, I thought it was 6.15am so I have put Beauty's fish fingers and mash on to cook for her to take to school for her lunch and turned around to find the clock said.............5.15am! It will be another 45 minutes before CBEEBIES starts BUT Beauty does like the CBEEBIES program preview loop that starts at 5.30am and lasts until the 6am CBEEBIES start. It will be a nice change.We now have,'I Can Sing A Rainbow' on loop, I can not believe that people actually wore orange canvas jeans in 1995 when this video was made. The most popular colour for trousers or jeans around here in 2006 is white! White! White! I can't keep blue jeans or patterned clothes clean with Beauty and my washing machine is running constantly.
I hear a new video going into the player............Ariel-The little Mermaid, well the Fun Song Factory kept Beauty entertained for 2 hours, now that's not bad, just 3 hours 15 minutes to go until I take her to school. I love school, I think all teachers should be made saints.
Thrilling fingers and mash are cooked!
My painkillers must be kicking in as I am having strange thoughts, I am having an overwhelming desire to clean out my fridge........back you evil spirits go terrorise someone who needs you like Britney.
Yesterday Beauty came home with very sore toes, her feet are sore under her toes and along the top ridge of her foot. I thought it was something to do with her shoes so we took her to the shoe shop and bought her a lovely pair of well fitting OSH KOSH sandals, however I now think the problem is the fact that she is too big for the buggy and she uses her feet on the floor and the wheels to stop the buggy. I will have to tell the occupational therapist so they can hopefully hurry up her new buggy.

St Catherine of Alexandria, patron saint of teachers.

I thought I was safe, it was 7am and we were watching The Bear With Very Little Brain when all of a sudden, just when I wasn't looking,what should pop up but The Fun Song Factory. I love The Fun Song Factory. One day when Beauty is older and watching some random fluffy chick flick or coming-of-age film, each made and acted by airheads I shall look back and see The Fun Song Fsctory as deeply philosophical and entertaining in comparison. But for now I pray for the patience of Job and the hastening of time.

It is 9.08am and ALL IS WELL IN ZION.
I took Beauty to school and I got her out of the car, put her in the buggy and the first thing she did was pillow her head on her hands and say'Goodnight, Goodnight'.
I don't care how long she naps in school, she needs it and so do I.
Mother of Many x

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An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.