Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Recently the 2 minibuses at my daughter's school, a wild garden at a local primary school and numerous cars have been vandalised in the area where I live. As the police did not witness who committed the crimes it is really difficult to do anything about the situation. Gangs of golf club wielding youths between the ages of 10 and 16 have been seen wandering the area all hours of the day and night but unless you witness them doing something ................nothing can be done.
I was recently asked to write a short piece for the BBC Wales website on what I thought the Welsh Assembly and assembly members could do for young people. The reason that I had agreed to take part in the Wales 60 group was because I wanted to voice my opinions about Special Needs Education and provision. As yet I haven't managed to say anything on that subject.
I was so upset with the mindless vandalism that has damaged the two mini-buses at the Beauty's Special Needs School and the other vandalism mentioned that I used my recent piece on the website to discuss lack of parental control.
The question I was given for the recent piece was

What should candidates for the Welsh assembly elections on 3 May offer the young?

Other panel members talked about provision of affordable housing for young couples, another member talked about changes in secondary education and again affordable housing, another talked about set curriculum stifling teachers and families being better off working than finding it easier to be on benefits, another the worries of providing an education for your children, and another talked about young people feeling disengaged from politics in general.
I wrote the following

I am concerned with parental responsibility.

Two of my daughters are university graduates, one is in university and one is going in September and whilst they were growing up they had plenty of places to go and things to do in the area in which we live - Pentwyn, Cardiff.

They attended dance classes, youth club, went swimming and went to Guides and Brownies and when not attending activities they did homework, watched TV, used the computer or read books.

All these activities still happen in Pentwyn, as well as computer classes for children at the local community education centre. A skate park has been built at the leisure centre, where there are many activities for children and young people.

There is also a park and an all-weather pitch has been built which is within walking distance.

So why, then, do we have gangs of children of all ages wandering the streets, all hours of the day and night committing acts of vandalism and instilling fear into local residents?

Maybe they will not ask me to write again as they might think I am too stroppy!

And before I even got to voice my opinions on Special Needs issues, not much of a voice for the cause am I ?


Anonymous said...

B/c there's nobody home. Or nobody home that cares what they do with themselves.

And if there's nobody home they are lonely and bored. And.... without supervision.. tend to find something to do and get into trouble.

Also... society says we must spoil not discipline our children and teach them rules....

But that's a whole other discussion.


Maddy said...

I suspect that by discussing 'mainstream' subjects that are in the public eye, this will put you in a favourable light as 'Mrs. Reasonable' on the street. Then later, when you have people's ears [eyes] you can then reveal yourself as Special Needs Mum.
Stroppy = good

LAA and Family said...

Thanks for the "stroppy" translation! Lack of "Parental Responsibility" is at the root of SO MANY problems! Don't worry about not discussing special needs, this is important too!




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