Monday, March 26, 2007


Did you read this today?

Cabinet minister Ruth Kelly has lost her complaint against the Daily Mirror, over its coverage of her decision to educate her son privately.The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) rejected her complaint that the story had breached her son's privacy.The former education secretary decided to send him to a private school because of his learning difficulties.The PCC said the Mirror had correctly balanced the public's right to know with the child's right to privacy.In its ruling, the PCC said the issues raised in the article were "a matter of considerable public interest"."The fact that a Cabinet minister - who had previously been Secretary of State for Education and Skills - had elected to remove her child from the state system to be enrolled in a private school raised important issues for public debate," it said."Even if government policy included an acceptance of private schooling for those with special needs, the fact that the complainant did not feel that the current state system could meet her child's requirements raised questions about the nature of publicly-funded schooling and its ability to cater for children with special needs - including those whose families would not be able to pay for private schooling."

The article goes on to say

Mirror editor Richard Walla

Mirror editor Richard Wallace argued that it was "right and proper" to identify her, as her actions "were clearly at odds with government policy".

When a government minister tries to hide behind their child to get what they want then the truth need to be told. The headmaster of this child said that the child had minor dyslexia and the LEA were confident that they could deal with the situation but Ms Kelly was not so confident of the education system she had helped to shape .
Yes her actions were clearly at odds with government policy and had to be shown as such.
What about the government that wants parents to take more responsibility for their children but their leaders son was found drunk and incapable in a gutter. Nice!

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Steve said...

Too right, when even the politicians think that parenting is at odds with Government policy something has to be very wrong with this country!




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