Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Oh I so love school. I love Beauty too but I have to say that having the day free again to take things slowly , to get a bit of R&R, is wonderful. I stopped by the local shop on the way home from dropping Beauty off at school to get a bowl of fruit for breakfast. Just to do simple things like that again is something I have missed. Taking Beauty anywhere is a major expedition and I have to put her in her buggy to move her around because if she says NO and refuses to move somewhere then I am stuck. Pulling her along a wooden floor in the house by her foot is one thing but trying that in a supermarket is a whole different ball game. Once her sisters had to carry her from the back to the front of a huge supermarket by her arms and legs as she refused to be carried in any other way.
I have my dishwasher, tumble dryer and washing machine humming away nicely so now I have time for a guilt free nap. Time to dream about unobtainable luxuries such as a housekeeper!
Speak to you later!

I have had one of those days where you feel that someone needs to pay for your bad day but you don't know who. As I said earlier, today was going to be a slow day...........a little work..........a little rest.........a little work..........just to catch up. But it was not to be! Each time I lay down to have a little rest and I could feel myself drifting into a comfortable nap........then someone or something woke me up! My bank took the biscuit, they phoned to try and sell me some policy or other and were suitably chagrined when I told them that no it wasn't a suitable time to talk as I had been awake all night!
Oh well, better luck tomorrow!

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Beauty is back home having enjoyed her day at school, contentedly catching bubbles on a CBeebies game. Yesterday I sat with Beauty whilst she was playing on the computer,she was mostly reading stories but she could definitely read every word on the computer. I don't know if she has just learnt certain words from reading the same stories over and over but she can definitely read them. I need to give her the opportunity to read other stories and see if she recognises the words in those stories. I have heard before of children on the autistic spectrum who have a spontaneous acquisition of reading skills, with Beauty though I think it could be linked to her really good memory. She loves songs and can remember and sing dozens and dozens. Beauty only needs to see or hear something once to remember it.........I wish my memory were that good! I worry about Beauty's understanding because of her lack of communication skills , I am never completely sure what is going on inside her head. I think that most of all, especially because of the autism,I want to know that she is happy.
I hope one day she will be able to tell me.

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Picking Beauty up from school I was pleased to see that the local cherry trees were starting to blossom, at last signs of spring.
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Living on the edge of the city we are lucky enough to have quite a lot of wooded areas around where we live, the only problem however is that the majority of trees are deciduous so the countryside during the winter is quite barren and the trees are very skeletal looking.

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Thankfully I still have the ' I am too sick to do much else ' excuse and last night I watched some of the film ME , MYSELF AND IRENE. Whilst the acting of Jim Carrey was brilliant and he always makes me laugh, I think the 3 actors who play his sons Jammal, Lee Harvey and Shonte are stunning.

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Those boys are so funny, they make the film. I love the way they make the microlite using the sewing machine engine!. My children however find the chicken equation funnier! What can I say?


Steve said...

The "price check at aisle 5" was what tickled me the most!


As we watched the 'price check' we were watching through our fingers squealing, 'oh my G-d no'.Way funny.

Maddy said...

I know that feeling of being out 'alone.' No prompting, guidance, watchfulness - that kind of freedom may be infrequent, but it's very seductive [see how the rest of the world lives]
Best wishes

LAA and Family said...

The cherry blossom tree is gorgeous, I'm so surprised you're into springtime there! We still have a few weeks of winter to go here, no Gulf Stream to warm up our weather and I think our elevation is probably higher too. I used to live a few hours south of here and I remember spring arriving in early March!

Anonymous said...

They do memorize words but the comprehension must be taught separately. My 7yr old has nearly caught up... my 5yr old reads well for his age.. but has a long ways to go.





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