Sunday, March 25, 2007


For someone who has never considered themselves to 'suffer' from Seasonal Affective Disorder I certainly seem to whitter on enough about how I can't wait for the clocks to go forward an hour in March. And here we are ...........and I am ashamed to say I missed it. Silly moo!
At 6:30 this morning Ariel got up to go to work, she told me her bus was at 7:50 and I gently reminded her of the time. She looked at me pityingly and told me in a manner I have witnessed too many time in Care of the Elderly establishments (sorry probably not a very pc description but one most people use) that the clocks had changed. A few years ago, when the clocks all changed in the spring I altered all the clocks BUT forgot my watch and ended up in work an hour early for a night shift! It wouldn't have been so bad but that ward was staffed with a few very unpleasant members of staff and that night I was working with a particularly unhelpful member of senior staff. One hour extra can seem like an eternity in those circumstances.
As a result of working on that ward I left the NHS, I was newly qualified and a newly widowed mother of 5 children trying to keep it all together and I asked a senior member of staff for help with a certain procedure and she said , 'F-ck off, I'm not doing your work for you'. Considering I was allegedly meant to be mentored because I was so newly qualified, the mentoring was non-existent.I left the NHS and went to work in the private sector doing agency work which was as-and-when work and therefore better suited to a single parent. I loved working with older patients and I would never return to work on a ward in the NHS because of my fear of MRSA.
I am currently studying for a Masters in Special Needs Education(Autism) so when I return to work my career will take a very different path, it will probably be something in the community with individuals with Special Needs.
Thankfully no night terrors last night and no Sporticus this morning, Beauty seems to be happy dancing with Boogie Beebies.I seem to be losing touch with TV at the moment, due to Beauty's unpredictable sleeping I don't think that I have watched any TV in days which proves that I am not totally addicted! Even in the summer when I watch the likes of Big Brother I only catch the highlights and the eviction show(well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!).A while ago I bought the the first series of Life on Mars on DVD and as yet I haven't got around to watching it.
I actually really enjoy watching TV and it is something that I do for an hour or so at the end of the day to wind down, I usually watch TV between 9 amd 10pm and maybe more if something interesting is on.

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Oops I have just remembered I did watch some TV last night! I saw the CAULIFLOWER episode of Two Pints of Lager............ even though they are repeats, Two Pints is one of my favourite shows on TV at the moment.


Steve said...

Must admit to rather guiltily adjusting evry clock in the house last night except my boys just to guarantee a "lie-in" this morning! A brighter evening tonight and a decent night's sleep - life can't be bad!

Anonymous said...

We switched earlier with the American's. I admit... I like it, I like it being dark later into the evening. When it gets dark around 5pm, I already think of the time the boys come home from school as the start of evening.

I'd also like to go back to work. Was going to take some evening courses, just something to teach me the in's and out's of all the extra's with MS but I don't see the program I wanted. Might still take MS Word just b/c some employer is going to ask even though we prefer Wordperfect (Corel)... they'll think I can't use the other although they are nearly the same. Corel is better.

Q is... do I wish to take another diploma or degree or just do it to keep myself amused???

Then I wonder.... what am I going to do with the boys for the summer???




I know what you mean about taking courses, the only courses that I can cope with are the ones with no exams at the end of.




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