Monday, March 05, 2007


After a week of half term and a week of illness, Beauty is back to school today. I know that she will be thrilled and delighted as she loves school, for her school is not an option..........she loves it!
Beauty is a sweetheart of a little girl and when she isn't on the computer or watching TV then she is reading her books, playing with her toys or making up stories. However, when she is home from school the once thing I do miss is the opportunity to have nap breaks between doing housework. Beauty, like many autistic children(many normally developing children for that matter) has no awareness of danger and has twice escaped from the house.Thankfully the last escape attempt was over 3 years ago and since that time we have battoned down the hatches and doors are meant(!) to be locked at all times and Beauty has to be watched 24/7. Therefore,when she spends time home from school she has to be watched constantly and this can and does increase tiredness.
SnoWhite also had an escape attempt when she was little and she has an amazing memory and is able to tell us what happened and how she felt. In a way it is like looking into Beauty's mind, an autistic mind, listening to what she has to say. SnoWhites memory of the event includes no empathy about how she might worry her family by walking off, just about how she wanted to see the way a certain path went and then a desire to see her friend. I recently read an article about how researchers felt that in autism there was a lack of communication between areas of the brain. When SnoWhite had her escape attempt as a small child I know that she had no idea she was being 'naughty', her brain failed to process that by walking away from her family she would cause upset. When Snowhite was diagnosed recently in university, the psychologist said that her main problem was a processing problem, not her mild dyslexia and I think this is so true. Even now I have to get her to phone home every 2 days to let me know she is not 'dead in a ditch' because if left to her own devices I might not hear from her for 2 weeks!
Fiona is different to SnoWhite and Beauty though, she would look at her home and think,'Why should I leave what I have? I am way to comfortable' that too is autism. Yes I can look at other children in the street and recognise the fact that they are autistic but as I can also accept that all individuals with autism are the same and yet all different!
Whilst virus Dante continues unabated and I spent most of yesterday in bed, I did manage to watch one TV show.................Supernatural of course. I have such an exciting life, I spent the morning, afternoon and early evening in bed, watch an hour of TV and then go back to bed!
And talking about all things supernatural, just before I went to bed last night I was sitting at the computer and Fiona came and asked who was in the downstairs bathroom. I said no one but she insisted that someone had to be because she saw someone walk past in a white jumper. I told her that SnoWhite had just walked into the living room but she said no, she was adamant that someone had walked towards the bathroom in a white jumper(and Fiona would not make up something like that..............she couldn't be bothered!). Well SnoWhite was sat in the living room, her friend who is 'a boy but not her boyfriend' was asleep on the settee, Beauty was in her bed and that left me sat at the computer. I have a partial view of the hall from where I was sitting and I did not see Sam, Dean or any of their supernatural friends and if I had you sure as heck would have heard about it because I would have been screaming like a banshee. I may have had a number of unexplained incidents in my life which some may say were of the supernatural kind but I am too afraid of the dark to embrace something like that. Look at Mia Dolan on ITV's Haunted Homes, I'm sorry but you would not catch me walking around peoples houses in the dark. In the last episode of Haunted Homes a Buddha went flying through the air and the camera footage could find no evidence of someone throwing it. I would have been a basket case after something like that. SnoWhite and I love the show because we are such skeptics and love watching the reactions of the punters taking part in the show. SnoWhite and I are all the way with Professor Chris French the resident skeptic, whilst we believe everything that Mia and the punters on the show say, we go with Chris French every time(apart from the flying that was scary).


Steve said...

I have to confess to being a Most Haunted junkie. I'm a complete sceptic but just love to see Yvette's hysterical reactions and the rest of the crew regularly collapsing after being shoved by unseen "astrals".

LAA and Family said...

Wandering off is something I haven't had to deal with too much yet. After we first moved in this house Samuel walked round to the front of the house and down to the road, a fence was put up within a week. So far we can trust him to stay in the fenced area to play. Recently however, he has started putting his shoes on and saying "I'm leaving" when he gets angry. I'm sure we'll have issues with wandering off at some point.

Maybe you'll start recovering a bit now that you have more resting time!




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
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May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.