Thursday, March 01, 2007


Today it has been 1 month exactly since I first came down with flu-like symptoms and I have been sick ever since though I think I have had 3 different types of bugs. This morning I decided to look on the internet to check-out reduced immune symptoms and to see what I could do to increase my immune system.I have always been really good at exams but dreadful at writing essays! AND within a week of taking the exam I have forgotten a high percentage of what I learned for the exam anyway(which is not much good!). After trying to get a grasp on what the many thousands of articles on reduced immune systems were trying to say, I have decided that I would need a Phd to understand what all the articles were trying to say and a Phd I just don't have. My capacity to forget excelled itself this morning and within seconds of reading each article I couldn't remember much of what I had read. The ANSWER...............go to Asda(with my reading glasses) and check-out all the supplements and see which ones are being sold to boost the immune system. Perhaps my brain is more addled than usual due to constant illness! Perhaps not.
The thought of going back through the articles to pick out the lifestyle changes also needed to improve your immune system just tires me out so perhaps I will get Fiona or SnoWhite to do it for me. The one thing I do remember from the article that seemed to stand out was the fact that stress can contribute to a reduced immune system, perhaps I can convince the girls that if they were to help with the housework them my stress levels would be reduced! Nice thought.
The thought of a week in in bed with endless supplies of cold cure and OJ and the children doing the housework sounds good to me(see........I have such a wonderful imagination that I could write a book!).


Steve said...

Don't write a book unless you want more stress! ;-)

Sorry to hear you're still being laid low with bugs and viruses. You need to rest... and it sounds like that's fairly impossible at the moment!

LAA and Family said...

I hope you're feeling better! My four children have been either fighting off or suffering from some kind of nasty cold bug for about a week now.

Take care!

chrisd said...

Hey there-sorry to hear you're sick. Did you come over to my house? We've been sick one right after the other since November. It stinks, I tell ya!

I had fluid in my ear for 2 months. I get this stuff called B&T Natural Relief (Boericke & Tafel). And I candled my ears (long story).

Either one or the other or both worked.

Now Sam is sick with the sniffles and ear. Fun fun fun




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
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May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.