Sunday, March 04, 2007


Virus Dante appears to be descending into a chest infection! I shall maintain my stance of forgetting the 'deep and meaningful' and discuss TV. Yesterday was spent either sleeping, playing with Photoshop or watching TV(sounds a good weekend to me).
Whilst SnoWhite was 'flicking' last night, yes she had the remote, we managed to see Roland Rivron sing Stand by your Man on Comic Relief does Fame Academy. I was way impressed, the man knew he had no singing talent but he had the bo**ocks to stand up and sing and make a complete idiot of himself for charity. I thought he was brilliant. I once watched Roland Rivron on a holiday show and guess where he went on holiday? Tobermory........we spent Christmas there, 2 years ago and apart from the cold it was brilliant. I think all the other visitors at the time were also Balamory fans, I still wear the fisherman's socks I bought whilst we were there.
We also managed to watch some of the film, 'About a Boy', I know people say that Hugh Grant plays the same character all the time in all his films but I don't think this is the case with,' About a Boy'. I think he plays the 'shallow but not bad son of a songwriter whose royalties he lives off' really well. His performance is a bit like that of Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, remember when they are sitting at the dinner table and each person has to say why they deserve the last piece of dessert? Julia Roberts actually makes you feel empathy for the rich A-lister who apparently has everything! Though I dislike intensely Hugh Grant's role in 'Bridget Jones', when an actor make you hate them in a role it proves how good an actor they are. Whether or not Hugh Grant is a good actor many people would question but I think he is good because he is entertaining and he makes me laugh. Not every one can act the same as Marlon Brando or Lawrence Olivier.
Whilst Brando and Olivier were brilliant actors, wouldn't life be boring if that was all there was?
I am afraid I love my comedy and sci-fi and Brit Flicks too much to confine myself to just watching the classics. Though I do love watching Shakespeare and every summer I watch a live performance in St Fagans.
When Beauty was younger a social worker came to the house to discuss childminders and respite care and from the second she came into the house I knew that I had seen her somewhere before. Being a nurse this is not difficult because I have met many people through my work but this was different, it took me a week to realise where I had seen her before. She had played Prospero in The Tempest the previous summer in St Fagans.
Last night SnoWhite and I also attempted to watch the program The world's most Extreme Tv
but with little success. Why Russian TV makers think it is entertaining to show police finding de-composing dead bodies on TV is beyond me and they show it in Russia at 6pm! They also show interviews with the murderers at the scenes of their crimes and they re-tell the crimes they have committed. Whilst they may be helping the police to solve crimes, I also feel they are creating warped children who witness these terrible things on TV at prime time.It doesn't bode well for their future. They also showed clips from Dirty Sanchez and the panel on the show thought this was the worst show they had seen. I couldn't comment as I have never seen it but SnoWhite assures me that the Dirty Sanchez boys are from Cardiff and totally mad.
Wikipedia says
Dirty Sanchez is a TV series (and film series) featuring three Welsh men, Pritchard, Dainton, "Pancho" and Londoner Joyce, all who have a total disregard for their own health and engage in extremely self-harmful acts. It is known as Team Sanchez in the U.S.

I shall take SnoWhite's word on them being mad!
Such was my entertaining TV Viewing last night!

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Steve said...

I actually think highly of Hugh Grant as an actor and like you though the suave but irritatingly smug character he played in Bridget Jones was excellently handled. About A Boy remains one of my favourite films - the realationships are real and warm and difficult: as they should be. All the cast are brilliant.

Unknown said...

Not only are those Dirty Sanchez boys mad but disgusting aswell......really really disgusting.




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