Thursday, March 08, 2007

ASDA................ARE YOU LISTENING?

I know I am obsessed with the whole size zero issue. I have 6 girls so I am sure you can appreciate why........image seems to be everything in today's world. I watched the TV program last night The Truth About Size Zero which featured Louise Redknapp, a program where Louise crash diets to get to size4( 0) to prove how unhealthy and unnecessary it is.
I have decided what should be done, Asda(Walmart) has just started selling size4(0) in their George clothing range and I feel that we as parents should make a stand. Every time you shop in Asda, go to the adult clothes section and pick up all the size UK size 4(US 0) and take them to the children's section and leave them there, that's where they belong! As a further sign, print of an A4 sheet which says SIZE 4- FOR CHILDREN.............NOT ADULTS! and attach it to the hanger, take a photo of what you have done and send it to your local paper to mark your protest. Asda selling size 4(0) is like the McDonalds selling policy Catch Them When They Are Young. My children have grown up shopping in Asda, they see it as an every day experience. What are our children going to think when they visit their supermarket and clothes are on sale for adults which are a size 4(0)? They are going to get a message which says that this is OK, it is acceptable but it isn't.
My message to ASDA is, sell your petite range for naturally small women but not size 4(0), that is a child age 8 size. Let children have a normal childhood and let them grow up to have a normal adulthood too.


Steve said...

Too right. It surely must be plainly obvious to everyone that size zero = illness, eating disorders and self-image problems. The trouble is, to those in the fashion industry, size zero = lucrative marketing strategy and big bucks and they care very little about the detrimental effect this has on the populace.

Maddy said...

Excellent posting and great strategies - I'll stick to Tesco/Sainsbury on my next visit.




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