Wednesday, March 07, 2007


SnoWhite is not in Uni today so whilst she has been doing her art preparation work she has been watching TV(multi-tasker extraordinaire). I''m not much of a day time TV watcher but I did catch a few minutes of Loose Women a brilliantly funny chat show with a group of presenters. Today they were talking about Size 0 at one point and Carol McGiffin commented about how nice it feels when you have been ill for about a week and unable to eat and your clothes fit you so well and I thought 'hey, that is how I feel now'. But then Coleen Nolan from the Nolans said she had never been so unwell that she couldn't eat and I felt quite guilty because I know that I have control over my eating if I want to but some people don't. I also caught a glimpse of the Breakfast program on BBC this morning and was seriously shocked to watch an interview with a morbidly obese woman who was bed ridden due to her obesity. From the little I watched of the interview I got the impression that the woman felt that she had to eat or she had panic attacks. I really felt that the TV Doctor wanted to tell her that she wasn't having panic attacks just temper tantrums when she didn't get the food she wanted. I really did feel sorry for the women's husband because he seemed to be being blamed for the obesity problem as he brings the wife the food. Remember though, the wife must have been able to feed herself until she was so big that she took to her bed. If she gets upset that she is not being fed then the husband is being blackmailed into over-feeding her. This also made me feel guilty because I have seriously thought that if I had the money then I would have a tummy-tuck to get rid of my 'mother's apron'. I am now a UK size 14(US size 10) and my stomach seems to be disappearing daily, no I will never be perfect but the tummy tuck is definitely out. Already I am having problems with jeans, one size too size too big, I am looking forward to buying smaller new clothes. Anyway, at 46 I think I would like to be a size 12(8), nothing more, nothing less. What would I do with being a size 0 anyway?Lets get real.
I think one of the biggest problems that society has is the Celebrity Lifestyle that we are all being sold as normal. Not only are we being sold size 0 but the lifestyle that goes with it and we are made to feel a failure if we do not achieve it. So many people get into debt trying to live the lifestyle, the Jimmy Choo's , the Chloe bag and the D&G dress. One piece of research showed that many youngsters wanted to be famous, they didn't know how, they just wanted the celebrity lifestyle. Me personally, I would want the money but I wouldn't want to be a celebrity or anyone to know me.


LAA and Family said...

Weight loss. What a sore subject with me right now! I went on the Lenten weight loss plan starting Ash Wednesday, meaning that I was going to try and give up sweets and soda. It hasn't worked and, in fact, I think I have gained weight! It's hard to tell though because of the time of the month...I have craved sweets more than ever. I am using bits of candy as incentives when I work with my son and I just can't resist sampling!

chrisd said...

I have never heard of this show but from what I hear I wouldn't either. Ridiculous behavior. Can only pray that my kids don't get dragged into that mentality.

The $$ would be nice, if only for braces or extra education. Like you, I wouldn't want the attention.

ps. If you're in a US size 8, you are doing great!




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