Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The way that this is going there will soon be no point in going to bed! Wake-Up time is getting earlier and earlier and Beauty's voice is getting louder and louder on waking. Fiona has alarm clocks in her bedroom(!) but I have not had the need to use an alarm clock in years.
Such is the difference between Beauty who is profoundly autistic and Fiona and SnoWhite who are somewhere else on the spectrum. Whereas when Beauty awakes she sees no point in staying in bed (so much to do, so little time), Fiona and SnoWhite on the other hand do not see the point of going to bed at night but sleeping through the day and getting up when the fridge starts to call them or when Hollyoaks is on! Sounds like your average student to me!

Last night SnoWhite went to see a Westlife concert in the CIA in town, she took Ariel's friend as she is also a huge Westlife fan. I am so glad that SnoWhite found someone else to go to the concert with her because last time I had to go. Don't get me wrong, I really like Westlife's music but 2 hours in a concert seat is more that my old arthritic hips can cope with. The concerts are all seated so it is a bit pointless me being there as I cannot see anything, I have to sit down because of pain but everyone else stands up in their seat spaces. And last time I went I had one of my painful neck episodes so I probably would have had more fun watching YouTube..........sorry SnoWhite but hey, at least this time you got to go with somebody who was as equally mad about Westlife as you so it can't be bad!
When I was doing Nurses training I worked part-time in the CIA and got to see many concerts for free, in comparison to some of the shows I have seen, i.e Blur, Oasis, Gary Glitter(save me God)...........I have to say that Westlife's stage show is up there with the best. Tom Jones' one man show, no warm- up act , was equally as brilliant.
Sorry, am I waffling? Lack of sleep can do that to you!
Oh no, Sporticus is back, bouncing around in my kitchen! Now I know that I am truly awake.

I read the following on the BBC website

Councillor sold partner for sex
A councillor who advertised his girlfriend for sex over the internet has been given a suspended sentence.Alan Burkitt, 48, of West Bromwich, West Midlands, admitted four counts of causing prostitution between November 2005 and February 2006.The court heard more than 20 men paid £50 for her services while Burkitt, an Independent member for Sandwell Council, sat in the room next door.A council spokesman said the council found the matter "abhorrent".Prosecuting, Stuart Clarkson told Wolverhampton Crown Court the woman had an IQ of 52 and mild learning disabilities."She is easily led and was not able to give informed consent to sexual activity in return for money.

It seems that in his defense the Councillor said

In mitigation, Andrew Fisher said she had consented to the work and that it was to help them out of financial difficulties."He thought both of them could put themselves forward to earn money on the site, but to nobody's surprise there was little interest in him."He said the woman made the accusation after she mistakenly believed he was seeing another woman.

What a git!
And he was given a suspended sentence! The courts are mad. This elected councillor sold his learning disabled girlfriend for sex and the courts are OK that this person is allowed back out onto the streets with just a suspended sentence. What a warped vision of reality the courts have.

And what would they have done if he had been violent to her?
Given him community service somewhere sweeping floors?

we are still jailing 6,000 people a year for non-payment of fines.

Yet this little git sells a learning disabled women into prostitution, puts her at risk of sexually transmitted diseases and violence and profits financially for the situation and the bloody judge thinks that a suspended sentence is an adequate punishment. It doesn't look like any punishment to me.

I saw this new story and thought ,'Oh really!'

Dance 'could keep young healthy'
Dance classes could be a good way to tackle childhood obesity, say ministers.Public health minister Caroline Flint and culture minister David Lammy touted the idea on a visit to the Laban dance centre in London.They highlighted research by Laban which found children who dance enjoy physical and psychological benefits.The researchers said creative dance should be considered as an alternative to sport for children.They said it might encourage girls who have no interest in sport, or other physical activities, to stay healthy.A separate study by the University of Bristol found that a small amount of moderate exercise a day could have far-reaching benefits for children.

I am so glad that government money did not fund this research being touted around by government minister Caroline flint.
Could we the public not have figured this one out ourselves?

Research seems to be telling us many weird and wonderful things, for instance
The Prison Service has said it will not fund further research into prison food even though a recent study found that changing inmates' diets cut violent behaviour by 35%

New research carried out at Unilever's Beverages Global Technology Centre could help us understand why taking time out for a cup of tea is beneficial and makes such a difference.

Elephants visiting "graveyards" of long-dead relatives may be a myth, but new research suggests that they may, like humans, be able to recognise their own kind among the dead.

A new study by Oxford researchers has produced the strongest evidence yet to suggest that female badgers can conceive during pregnancy.

A groundbreaking study from Brunel University has revealed that the combined effects of a cocktail of chemicals are affecting UK waterways to a far greater extent than previously thought. This groundbreaking research unearths evidence that mixtures of chemicals are acting together to affect reproductive processes of fish.

Ice cream can help a woman conceive, new research has shown.
A study found that eating high-fat dairy foods reduced the risk of ovulation failure.

SHEEP experience complex human emotions like love, scientists have discovered.Ewes fall in love with rams, sheep have best friends and they feel sad when members of the flock die or are slaughtered, studies have found.

I am sure that one day research will be able to prove anything, whether it is true or not!
But then of course we have what Mark Twain said LIES, DAMNED LIES AND STATISTICS.


Anonymous said...

Can you tuck her in with toys and let her stay in bed and play while you doze and catch a little more sleep??

When my little one wakes he plays for a little while if it's near dawn.

Middle of the night he comes and sees me, we change the goodnight (pull-up/diaper), get a juice and go back to bed. He may play a couple of hours after that but I go back to sleep. Luckily this now happens only about once/mth.



I'm afraid not,Beauty is an escapologist extraordinaire and has 'left the building' twice.She also climbs, touches things she shouldn't name it, she does it.Beauty has to be watched 24/7. That's probably why I don't feel as if I have slept properly in six years.Isn't there a saying something like life's too short to sleep so spend the time partying. Yep,Beauty sure is partying hard.

chrisd said...

My oldest starts getting up very early especially in the summer. I think room darkening curtains may help. I don't know. He's an early riser too.

I loved all the little news items you gave. Unfortunately, if I read those, I would be up all night perservorating about them.

If you give me a million dollars, can I give you my research that opening up windows in the spring clears out the germs? (they did a study here in the US and lo and behold, that's what they found...)

Hope you get a good night's tonight!




An Irish Blessing

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May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.