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Do children ever really grow up and stop being children?
Tonight(after previously asking and being told that everything was in hand) I asked SnoWhite who is 21 , if all her paperwork was in hand for her appointment with the Passport office for tomorrow. She said yes, so we quickly went through her list of what she needed to take with her. All in order apart from the identification signatures of a professional! And why didn't she have them? Because she thought they were only needed for children! This is the politically aware one, philosophically aware one and religiously aware one. The one who wants to put an end to all wars, promote peace and educate and feed the world. She is totally aware of the world situation and KNOWS all about the security and all the risks that are out there but this one just went floating over her head. When I explained the situation she said,'oh yes, of course'.
Imagine the following for one second SnoWhite...............
A person from Humpty Dumpty land, wears a dress and puts a brunette wig on and uses an illegally acquired copy of SnoWhite's birth certificate to get a passport to go to Far,Far Away and destroy the Gingerbread man's house. I know it sounds a bit far fetched(well the bit about the wearing of the dress other than at a prom or whilst holidaying in Lanzarote) but reality is so much stranger than fiction!
Thank you to my friend of thirty odd years who let us into her house at 8:40pm on NEW YEARS DAY! to sign the passport form, you can always rely on a nurse.

Remember the 'what a coincidence'?
Well I have another one. I am not a soap or TV fan but I whole heartedly agree with peoples right to live this one life and enjoy pleasures that do not hurt anyone else. So many times I have heard pseudo-intellectuals proudly saying they have never watched a soap or certain TV program because it is a waste of time or that only people with no intelligence watch it. Well bully for them.
In my life I have watched a lot of soaps, hundreds(thousands probably!) of hours of TV and for the most part enjoyed it (apart from the Design Development of the Bollard-an OU program I watched years ago on a Sunday morning when the variety in TV programs was severely limited!)but now I tend to be so busy in the evening that I only get to watch TV quite late, just before bed.
However, myself and my children seem to have an aversion to watching Emmerdale

(though Marlon is a brilliant actor-we love him), Coronation St, Eastenders , Heartbeat, Where the Heart is and The Royal(but we are up on all the story lines and gossip-hey what more do you need?).They may be entertaining programs but they just don't interest us enough to sit down and watch them, however they are Runningman's favourite programs(though he tends to watch Sunday night TV at his own flat as TV in my house can be unpredictable-usually a choice between The Tweenies or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer at the moment). So we let him watch them on New Year's Eve as it was a special occasion (and Beauty was diverted with her toys!) and I sat and watched Heartbeat and YES I did enjoy the time spent relaxing which is a rare thing. I named Try And Catch The Wind as my personal song of 2006 and it was the song that Heartbeat played their final episode of the year out to. It was particularly poignant in the program as it linked the problems and losses of the characters.

by Donovan

In the chilly hours and minutes,
Of uncertainty, I want to be,
In the warm hold of your loving mind.

To feel you all around me,
And to take your hand, along the sand,
Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind.

When sundown pales the sky,
I wanna hide a while, behind your smile,
And everywhere I'd look, your eyes I'd find.

For me to love you now,
Would be the sweetest thing, 'twould make me sing,
Ah, but I may as well, try and catch the wind.

When rain has hung the leaves with tears,
I want you near, to kill my fears
To help me to leave all my blues behind.

For standin' in your heart,
Is where I want to be, and I long to be,
Ah, but I may as well, try and catch the wind.

Chords:- C,F,G

To many these may be sad lyrics but to me they make me think of a book that I read years ago by Richard Bach called THERE'S NO SUCH PLACE AS FAR AWAY

The book explores the following
Can miles separate us from friends?
If we want to be with someone we love are we not already there?

My parents, my sister, my husband, my son and some friends may be dead but I no longer feel sorrow for not being with them because I feel close to them in my heart(though accepting their passing was not overnight and in some cases took many years). I do feel sorrow sometimes for them though, for what should have been and for their lives being cut short.

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An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.