Thursday, January 25, 2007


Another applicant to the Wales 60 is Allyson Westwood-Howell, a mother of six girls from Pentwyn in Cardiff - and one of them, Niamh, has autism.
She told us it was important to her to exercise her right to vote, something her father, a former county councillor, had taught her.
"So often politicans, I feel, are more interested in what they feel will get them votes, they don't necessarily listen to what everyone has to say.
"Everyone has an opinion and I think that the only way you will be heard is if you speak out and say what you feel - it's not enough just to say this is not fair or this is not right."

The only way you will be heard is if you speak out and say what you feel
Allyson Westwood-Howell

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If you go into this page on WALES TODAY
and press on Watch the latest edition of Wales Today
you will see our nano-seconds of fame. Our bit starts at22.51 when played through Real Player.

Now I have to wait and see if I will actually be on the WALES 60 Panel so I can make my feelings known about Special Educational Needs funding and other aspects of Special Needs.

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Steve said...

Good for you! The very best of luck! Hope you make it onto the Wales 60 panel... you'd be an asset.




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