Saturday, January 06, 2007

So Donnie Tourette the singer from THE TOWERS OF LONDON has climbed the walls of the Big Brother house and legged it because he doesn't want to be a servant for Jade Goody and her family!
Though personally I think that is a load of rubbish! On entering the house Donnie was quite worse for fact I think that Nissed as a Pewt would describe him better. My personal opinion on why the ROCKER WITH A REPUTATION TO KEEP left is quite simple. HE SOBERED UP, and with his newly acquired clarity he thought, 'Why am I doing this?', 'I don't need to do this','Who are these people?'.
Remember, in Donnie's youthful naivety any one over 25 is redundant and has nothing useful to contribute to his Brave New World! I love Donnie! I agree with the consensus of opinion amongst his fellow house mates and that is that he really is just a pussycat. I also think he probably misses his Mum! I honestly believe that the only appliance in the kitchen he is capable of working is the Chicken DING machine(microwave!) He will be missed and Celeb BB '06 will be way less entertaining without him. Will this be the CAMERON(boring) year of Celeb BB?
As a nurse I was really worried about Ken Russell, he was perspiring profusely and so exhausted he was unable to put his clothes away and Shilpa and Jermaine had to help him. I also noticed Jack Tweedy worriedly looking over.What was BB thinking? The man is 79 and on the third day he is unable to cope. Ken said that at home he usually goes to bed at 9pm! I think they need to keep an eye on him.

School for Beauty resumes Monday and Beauty and I have missed it! I think that Beauty enjoys the daily routine of changing activities as she does bore easily at home(when not on the computer!). Her boredom at the moment is exhibited by taking toy boxes out of her toy shelves and just emptying them out onto the floor and Beauty shouting, 'No, you stop it'. AND the fact that again she has broken the DVD tray so she is only able to watch videos. OH DEAR that means no more Barney! How will we cope?..........wonderfully!


Running Post said...

Wont be the same without old Donnie!!.

Steve said...

I think I'd be sweating profusely if I suddenly found myself sharing bedroom facilities with not only Jade Goody but also her ma! Share your disappointment regarding Donny's departure though... at least he had a personality!




An Irish Blessing

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