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My blog yesterday was written after a very sleepless night! That is meant to explain the viciousness of the attack against Mr Blair and his government and his policies, I still believe all those things but usually I am not quite as vocal(well not on the internet anyway). I apologise to my keyboard and the way that I pounded out yesterday's entry but yesterday's news report was quickly followed by a date from the school for Beauty's Annual Review which I now feel should be renamed A MEETING TO SEE HOW MUCH MONEY I CAN SCREW OUT OF THE COUNCIL TO GIVE TO THE SCHOOL FOR BEAUTY'S EDUCATION or if it were the council naming the meeting it should be titled A MEETING TO STOP YOU AND YOUR KID GETTING A SINGLE PENNY FROM US BECAUSE YOUR KID DOESN'T DESERVE A PENNY. And this is how I feel after sleeping!
According to a report in the Daily Mail
regarding Ruth Kelly
"Her claim that her son has "substantial learning difficulties" was contradicted by local authority sources quoted in The Sun who claimed he had only "mild dyslexia".
What did Ruth Kelly really think that the LEA would do for her child? I have been saying that my 21 year old has had problems since she was 2 but did THE lea do any thing .........NO! she was diagnosed with dyslexia in University.

Kelly goes private despite 'excellent' local record
By Oonagh Blackman, Political Editor

RUTH Kelly rejected six state schools that help children with dyslexia to send her son to a £15,000-a-year prep school.The former Education Secretary's local authority has an outstanding record for supporting youngsters with learning difficulties. Of 20 specialist primary schools, six are rated as "excellent" by Ofsted and 14 are "good".A spokesman for Tower Hamlets, East London, said: "We have a strong track record in helping children with a wide range of learning needs."Ms Kelly defended her decision, saying: "Like any parent, my first thought was for my child."

So does this mean that the former Education secretary visited 6 schools in Tower Hamlets and thought that their provision for Dyslexia(mild dyslexia) was not good enough?
Does this mean that the children in these schools are receiving an inadequate provision for their dyslexia?

Cartoons to aid autistic children By Jane Hughes BBC News, health correspondent

Whilst reading this article on the BBC website all I could think about were the other autistic children that I knew and their obsession with Thomas The Tank Engine and when going to pick Beauty up from school I always see at least one Thomas backpack or toy. Yes this sounds like a good idea.
Professor Simon Baron-Cohen is director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University.He said: "We've got to somehow find a way to get autistic children to overcome their fear of looking at people's faces so that they can start learning about how expressions arise.
"This is a way to ease them into reading faces."

When Beauty looks at me directly in the eyes I worry as this is a very rare occurrence. Once on holiday when Beauty was about 2 we were sat at the dining room table in the hotel and for the first time ever Beauty looked me full in the eyes and I was so pleased UNTIL she lunged for my face and grabbed both of my cheeks with her hands. Her nails were small but razor-like and my face started to pour blood-it was like the bit in the OMEN films where Damien's parents try to take him into a church. The restaurant came to a shocked standstill whilst we tried to get her off my face.

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An Irish Blessing

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