Thursday, January 04, 2007


I'm sorry I do find it entertaining, I probably watch less than 50% of the shows however at times it can be highly amusing and compelling .MP George Galloway pretending to be a cat, licking milk from the cupped hands of actress Rula Lenska however was not amusing, just vomit inducing.

I love Dirk Benedict from the A TEAM, also on the show are Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine, model and former Miss GB Danielle Lloyd.Also on the show film director Ken Russell, singer Leo Sayer, Bollywood actress ShilpaShetty, S Club 7 singer Jo O'Meara, Steps star Ian "H" Watkins, Kenny Everett Show actress Cleo Rocos, and newspaper columnist Carole Malone.
When considering the psychotic behaviour of the majority of the contestants , I have always wondered how Big Brother could find so many people for their normal Big Brother shows who did not take medication,vitamins or any supplements of any kind as I have never seen the contestants take anything apart from special medication for the likes of headaches etc. They may have but I have just never seen it.Well this morning Fiona had the TV on when I got up and within a few seconds two of the celebs took what appeared to be supplements of some kind.I take all sorts of supplements, vitamins, name it, I swear I must rattle but if it makes my life healthier then it can't be bad(and stops any desires of a psychotic nature that would induce me to want to be on something like Big Brother!).

I received the following update in my email...........
Danielle burst in and interrupted with a news-flash: "Listen to this...Ken just got changed...I was facing the room and he took his underpants off and bent over..." Cringing, she finished: "...meat and two veg between his legs and I've seen it!"
Oh save us please, John McCririck was bad enough, seeing Michael Barrymore and George Galloway in their red Lycra flashing their 'lunch boxes' was way,way too far but do we really need to see a 79 year old in all his glory? Before I watch Celebrity Big Brother again I shall make sure that I eat VERY early!

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Remember this one Anastasia? It lives on, still going strong after 10 years! I found it at the bottom of the clothes cupboard in the back kitchen when I was looking for something to wear whilst I was exercising.

Thank you Belle an Beau for the Christmas present, as you can see it is being used. Beauty loves it!
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Steve said...

Totally agree with your verdict on the George Galloway milk slurping incident... I just hope they don't try and do something similar this year. The thought of Ken Russell preening himself and cleaning his own ears with his "paws" fair turns my stomach!




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