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How many times in your life do you think you think you will witness an aggressive racist attack on the street? Most people would say that they would expect to not even see it once and having been brought up in Rhoose in the Vale of Glamorgan which, if my memory serves me well had less than a handful of families who were black or mixed race, I would not even expect to have seen it once. During the time I was growing up, I have no memory of my parents ever making a racist comment and I believe that I was influenced by them in how I feel about people whatever their race, colour or religion. When my children were small we lived in Greenham(in a house!)in Newbury next to the airbase and Belle's and SnoWhite's best friends whilst we lived there were the children of black American servicemen. If my children had ever made a racist comment or joke when they were growing up(even now!) I would have slapped them around the back of the head, thankfully I never had to. On SnoWhites mobile, if she uses predicted text then when she puts in her name it comes out as P*A*K*I, what shocks me most is that predicted text has that word stored in it's dictionary.It seems to be a word that I have heard a lot in Cardiff and what angers me most about it's use is that people do not seem embarrassed to use it. I was recently in a class where we had a gentleman from one of the wealthiest areas of Cardiff, he lives about 2 miles from where I live in a road where houses average £750k and in all other ways he seemed the perfect gentleman but one day he described a group of people he knew as P*A*K*I*S! I was shocked.
When I was 21 and I lived on Newport Road, Anastasia was a small baby and I used to walk her over to Albany Road to the shops. One day, coming back from the shops and pushing Anastasia in a pram, I witnessed a very aggressive verbal attack on two young Asian-looking lads by a group of men about my age outside quite a rough pub. I did nothing and I felt awful for doing nothing. The boys were ok and nothing happened to them but I felt awful that I did not say anything and I then made a promise to myself that if I witnessed something like that again then
I would definitely say something. Within a few years I was standing outside a supermarket in Splott (brilliant name) and I witnessed another attack. A group of little 'gob-shites', I am sorry but this phrase is the only one that aptly describes them, were racially abusing two young Asian girls. When I started shouting at the little 'gob-shites' the girls ran away but the more I told the boys off for their behaviour the more they were aggressive, rude and argumentative and could not accept that what they had done was wrong. In the end the little gob-shites ran off, they were aged between 9 and 12! Where could they have learned that behaviour like that was ok.
When Jade exited the Big Brother house she immediately had enough moral fibre to apologise for her behaviour and say she was sorry But did Jo O'Meara when she was evicted from the Big Brother house last night? No.........she was unrepentant. She justified her behaviour by saying that she had family of mixed-race so she couldn't be racist! How so?
Newt Gingrich the former speaker of the US House of Representatives would not agree, he believes that' homosexuals are sinners'but his sister is a lesbian! I love my 15 year old but it doesn't mean that I love all 15 year olds because I have one in my family.
Perhaps a few days in the big wide world might make Jo reevaluate her view of the situation!
According to the news, it seems that police are getting involved. It's not looking good.

Police contact Big Brother's Jade

Police investigating alleged racism on Celebrity Big Brother have made contact with former contestant Jade Goody. Hertfordshire Police have approached Goody and her mother Jackiey Budden with a view to interviewing the pair. Goody, who was evicted last week, was accused of leading racist bullying against Indian actress Shilpa Shetty while on the Channel 4 reality show. Goody has denied being racist but told the News of the World she admitted making racist comments. A police spokeswoman said: "An investigation into allegations of racist behaviour inside the Celebrity Big Brother house is continuing

It's not looking good for the Celebrity Big Brother contestants and 4 and Endemol are probably rubbing their grubby little hands in glee. Remember 4 and Endemol allowed this situation to carry on, even knowing what they were doing to the lives of the individuals involved. The program makers need to take full responsibility for what they have done.

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