Friday, January 12, 2007

AM I SHALLOW................HELL YES!


Take David Beckham for instance, he has always wanted to end his football career in the 'relative soccer backwaters' of the USA and that is where it appears his playing career will end.Is he going with his tail between his legs? Hell no!
I am impressed at the business acumen of the guy and if that's what he wants and it makes him and his family happy then I am pleased for them. I believe there is nothing shallow about earning as much as you can before your retirement to provide for your family later. Good luck to them.

The 275 million dollar man

"Golden Balls" - as he has been nicknamed by the tabloids - may not have a golden share but he will make money from LA Galaxy, possibly as much as $10m (£5.14m) a year in profits.
BBC sports editor
By Mihir Bose

The above resulted in the following family discussion..........what would we do for approximately half a million a week. I was very surprised at what my family would be prepared to advertise or do for the above named figure!I was very impressed at the matter-of-fact way they viewed money though. We did not however discuss the 'oldest profession' as I feel quite strongly about the difficulties that people find themselves in and what they are prepared to do to get out of it. Plus Snowhite was in the house and she has an even more dogmatic opinion on the subject(well any subject really!) than I do.
With everything that has happened in Suffolk recently regarding the murders of the 5 prostitutes I would like to see extra funding for nurses and guidance counsellors to help these young people who feel they have no alternatives in their lives to receive better care and move on in their lives. Will it happen? Probably not but I would love to be proved wrong.

Back to my favourite relaxation activity at the moment...............TV!
I cried last night when I watched the new program with Colin and Justin, it is about how they are trying to help transform a council housing estate in Glasgow. The situation is dire and nobody should have to live like that- the flats were squalid and nobody should have to live like that. Colin and Justin visited a flat occupied by a young mother and her 2 children, she had lived on the estate for 26 years, due to damp her flat was appalling yet when Colin and Justin visited she had prepared tea and sandwiches. Which just goes to prove that because we live on a council or housing association estate does not mean we do not have good manners and we shouldn't have to put up with sh*t (literally). Luckily the estate that I live on is going through serious regeneration work but I was shocked to see the flat that Colin and Justin were offered to decorate into a show flat to attract new tenants..............the balcony was a foot deep in bird sh*t! And no these flats do not come for free, you work-you pay the rent. Let us hope that politicians responsible for housing watched this program and were suitably ashamed. Something tells me though it would be like water off a ducks back.

The Baby Borrowers never ceases to shock and amaze!I am shocked at how badly behaved and selfish some of the teenagers are but on the other hand some are an absolute delight and their parents should be very proud. If nothing else I hope this program serves to show the powers that be that being a teenager, with a baby, living alone or with a partner is no bed of roses.
I would have no qualms having them look after my 6 year old, though even the wonderfully capable Lauren or Alex would be on the edge of a nervous breakdown after 3 days with Beauty.

Beauty's language skills are increasing daily, her teacher today told me that when Beauty wants people to leave her alone she says, 'I told you to lie down and go to sleep!' and thankfully the teacher thought it was very funny. In the two weeks up to Christmas and over Christmas Beauty was unwell with a viral infection so I moved the furniture around so there would be a sofa in her bedroom and at night I would sleep with her to make sure she was ok. When I took Beauty to bed I would lie down to sleep on the sofa with her on her bed and get up when she fell asleep. Each time she sat up I say to her,'I told you to lie down and go to sleep'. Thankfully I try very, very hard to use correct language in front of Beauty though unfortunately SnoWhite and Fiona have very little control when they fight. Fortunately there have been no reports home of bad language!
Her favourite TV programs include Charlie and Lola and when I take Beauty to bed she says,'GoodnightCharlie, Goodnight Lola' every night. Charlie and Lola are also he favourite games and stories on the CBEEBIES website and one story about the grandparents makes Beauty giggle and giggle and giggle.

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chrisd said...

Hi there! I didn't realize you lived in Wales-cool!!!!!

I thought that bureaucracy was an American thing. And yes, you were right, if people are mannered, they are mannered, no matter how much $ they have.

Have a great weekend!




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