Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Sleep in heavenly peace
I seem to have spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday in a tired haze and any writings for those days should be regarded with suspicion. I seem to have spent Saturday and Sunday asleep with brief attempts at wakefulness, each waking episode spent asking,'How is Beauty?'and the rest of the time spent filling and emptying dishwashers, washing machines and the tumble dryer.........the sign of a true Mother! I was lucky enough to have Fiona in the house to take care of Beauty and of course the child minder took Beauty out for three hours on Sunday afternoon and if I remember correctly I slept the whole time she was out. The tiredness is probably just life catching up on me.
Beauty quite happily bounced off to school today leaving me free to tidy my house, last night I watched an episode of Wife Swap(when I wasn't nodding off!) and I promise I would NEVER participate in that program and why? Because my house is too much of a hovel! However as SnoWhite pointed out, if I were to do something like that I would clean the house from top to bottom AND get in industrial cleaners. How people allow strangers into their house when it is so filthy is beyond me.
Once again to my shallower side!
I also watched The Baby Borrowers and I an convinced that Sam and Fisnik are RINGERS, there is absolutely no way that two individuals can behave so badly. I believe they are older than they make out and really graduates from acting college! I'm sorry Sam you gave it away when you performed over the poor child being sick, no real person behaves like that!
And as for Ceeleb BB are they being racist? I couldn't say because I do not know what they were thinking when they made the comments they made(but the comments did seem more than just unkind) and when they impersonated Shilpa's accent but in the last few days I have found myself trying(not very well!) to impersonate Danielle's accent just because I love it so much. Am I being racist? Danielle is English and I am Welsh and Wales and England have quite an historically volatile relationship and even now wearing a English rugby shirts at the wrong time in the wrong place can be seen as rather unwise.
However I do believe that Jade, Jo and Danielle are just being typical girls who when they get together can become very catty and very spiteful and I do believe their behaviour is inspired by jealousy and does border on bullying but when they get out of the Big Brother house they will be appalled at their behaviour and regret a lot of what has happened. I really feel that BB needs a house meeting to discuss the situation before BB and the Celebs get themselves into anymore sh*t.
Celeb BB update
Not having watched BB properly for a number of days I have updated myself on what has been going on by accessing BB videos on YouTube and reading written extracts and I can say that my opinion of what has been going on has changed. Before I wasn't sure but now I am, the behaviour regarding Shilpa is unacceptable and should not be allowed to go on. This evening I watched Jermaine comforting Shilpa about the situation and he believed they were doing what they were doing because of the colour of Shilpas skin. It seems that Act against Bullying has taken pictures of Jade Goodie off their website, they said it was because she had not been acting properly. I no longer think it is bordering on bullying, it is bullying.

I know it seems as if I only ever watch TV but I only seem to manage to watch TV after 9pm and even then I am exercising or feeding the machines(dishwashers, washing machines etc!). As I have explained before I have quite wakeful nights with the adorable but active autistic 6 year old who wakes a few times in the night and then when she goes to school I catch up on my sleep.
Whilst I nap I have the washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryer running and then I am awake in the evenings and that is when I do a lot of my house work(well I try!). So in theory I work nights but I do not get any nights off. Even when I was a night nurse in a nursing home I only worked 4 nights a week, apart from the week when Belle got married and 1 night when I attended a church camp(don't ask!) I have been with Beauty constantly since she was born and since we knew about her autism it has been really difficult to leave her with anybody who doesn't understand her.
I am sure that there are other mothers on their own at Beauty's school but I have just never seen them , I seriously wonder how they all seem to cope with relationships. Where do they find the time and the energy?
Talking about rubbish!
This morning I drove SnoWhite to university to do a presentation and to get there we had to go along the dual carriageway and the traffic was nose-to-tail because there were council workers on the verges picking litter and so for their safety one lane was coned off. Most of the dual carriageway has deciduous trees along it so as well as litter there are also a lot of leaves, now I understand the leaves but who in their right mind throws rubbish from a moving car because apart from being thrown off the bridges there seems to be no other explanation for where the litter comes from. I know my children would never drop litter and they also feel strongly about people dropping litter so what kind of person does this? Years ago when I was 15 I remember walking home from church with two other girls and one of them threw a large piece of rubbish on the road and we insisted that she pick it up and bin it, we were both shocked that she had no idea that what she was doing was unacceptable.
The song of 2007?
Since I found a CD of Daniel Bedingfield in my car(it belongs to one of the girls.......I think!) I have been playing it constantly and I know when I have become obsessive about a piece of music because Beauty knows all the words when she hears it being played.
My favorite track is If your not the one and this morning it was playing as I parked up in Beauty's school and as the car stopped I turned the CD off and Beauty kept on singing! Not as embarrassing as one of the other boys in Beauty's school, his Dad likes show tunes and they appear to be played a lot in their home as the boy is word perfect. I just can't help thinking about the song,'I'm just a girl who can't say no'.

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Steve said...

I agree - definitely racist behaviour in the BB house and most unquestionably it IS bullying. It's appalling but happens every year - at least BB is highlighting this human failing I suppose. Apparently scientists who work at the poles for months on end experience the same kind of thing. Every season one of them is picked out subconsciously as the "scapegoat" for that period and gets all the crap... next season someone else gets it. Maybe humans just need to have a common enemy/target to vent their frustrations on? Either way it's damn ugly.




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