Thursday, June 15, 2006


Don't you just love Beauty? She eats what she likes and is happy. Oh for the halcyon days of our youth, may they shine long and eternal.. Beauty eating Wotsits in Turkey
Beauty eating ice cream in Roath Park
Beauty eating Daisies
However the halcyon days of youth are getting shorter and shorter.You end up being told you have to be something and for me it is the cult of the yummy-mummy - may the cult of the yummy-mummy soon meet it's natural conclusion because trying to be slim and the perfect mother and homemaker is way too tiring.

Whilst I was doing nurses training I met a community nurse who told me about people who had certain eating problems that probably came from their social/cultural situation and she called it famine and feast. Usually(though nothing is hard and fast in life), children from less well off parts of the community grew up not having enough to eat because there wasn't enough money to buy food or enough education in the family to provide a well balanced diet-though I'm sure the reasons are a lot more in-depth than that. However, when these children grew older they learned that if they were hungry they could just get food themselves and as adults just buy it for themselves. These children went from under-nourished, under-fed children to under-nourished, over-fed adults and so their weight gained as they grew older. As an adult I have thought that perhaps my weight gain has been linked to this, perhaps it has but now I'm not so completely sure. I grew up in a family with very little money for the basics such as food-sometimes lack of food would bother me but most of the time I was fine and my lack of appetite was not a problem for me. I'm sure that when I was growing up that people thought I was anorexic but I can swear I never was. I remember wearing size 8 clothes and not appreciating it(I only wish that were now!). After doing nurses training and being more aware of my personal health I think a lot of my health problems have been linked to Hypothyroidism.
As an adult, because of varying symptoms, I have had bloods taken and tested and a number of times the reults have come back that I have a significant thyroid hormone deficiency.
Thyroid deficicency can cause fatigue, weakness, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, coarse dry hair, cold intolerance, muscle cramps and muscle aches, constipation, depression, irritability, memory loss, carpal tunnel syndrome, heavy periods, poor appetite - to name but a few but significant problems that I have. I am one of those rare few who can say that their weight problems are caused by a hormone problem-does that make it any better? Like hell it does, it makes it 100 times worse.
I think that what makes my problem more difficult is that sometimes my thyroid levels are ok and sometimes they are not. I have had courses of treatment but never constant tretment and I think that might be the problem. I can actually feel my appetite decrease and then increase again after approximately 2 weeks. I find having a decrease in appetite can actually make you put on weight, I don't feel hungry during the day so I eat less and then all of a sudden my sugar levels plummet and I need to eat quickly to make myself feel better, result-weight gain.
I eat a good, healthy diet but I know there are times that I eat too much of the healthy food.
I want there to be a day, an hour, a moment when I don't think about every mouthful that I eat.
Do skinny models help? not a problem for me-I just look at them and think,'you silly friesians'. Now what does get me is the 'yummy mummy' image, the media needs to just stop it. I bet they think about big bums, saggy boobs and their weight-admit it, they are real too. When I was 18 the definition for eating disorders only included young people, now it's everywhere-from pre 10 year olds to people 80+.
Should I be bothered about my roly-poly tummy fat? Beauty loves it-she likes to prod my tummy rolls but then this is the kid who likes to sniff feet-ugh!
I think Beauty thinks that I am a yummy mummy.
How about a national holiday to 'celebrate me day'?
How about 'Love your tummy roll day'?
Or 'Quality Cellulite Day'?
Or 'I have some weight on my face so I don't look ill day'?
'Forget the scales day'
'Food has no calories day'
Or 'watch the tv for a day without asking''am I as fat as that'' day'
'Cover the mirrors in the house day'
'Ban celeb gossip magazines from the house day'
'Eat potatoes and bread day'
'Eat like Beauty day-whatever you like'
'What diet? day'
'Put a diet book in the recycling day'
'I never ever wanted to wear a bikini anyway day'-honest I never did.
All is quiet on the western front-neighbours of the not-so-quiet-kind (they usually scream and fight until at least 3am)appear to have gone on holiday, they usually go caravaning for a week. Neighbours of the-not-so-quiet-kinds #1 son is singing cheerily and appears to be spring cleaning or building something in the kitchen. These neighbours are very vocal and like to fight and shout constantly, their arguments are on a need-to-know basis(which means I don't want to know & I don't need to know). The problem for me is that if they are not shouting then the dogs are barking or even worse there is fighting and barking. Thankfully I sleep on the opposite side of the house and the neighbours-of-the-spotless- kind are usually quiet.
Fiona started her first mornings work at Piano man's house and she did very well, we cleaned the lounge, the hall, the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom. We also swept the front garden and took bags of recycling to the council local receiving centre for rubbish and recycling. I also helped Piano man realise that his study could be cleaned before he had sorted out his paperwork. We cleaned and dusted every surface in his study and we filled a black bag with rubbish and a black bag with recycling, we took the curtains down and washed them and Fiona took the Dyson to the carpet. I am way impressed, I shall take photos. Tomorrow Piano man and his mother go to the hospital for physio so we will have the house to ourselves-to clean(or dump!) at will.
Beauty is happily playing with her soldiers, they are all methodically placed along the window sill- it may not be the memorising of phone numbers but it is better than foot sniffing.
We call them her strippling warriors-her soldiers of God(yes I admit it, we are truly mad).
They are even stored in a tub like the ones on toy story.
I almost forgot to mention, Beauty had her bloods done in school today and the minute that I got there she stared me straight in the eye and kept my gaze and I knew she was trying to communicate with me even though she couldn't say the words. I asked her what was wrong and she put her arm around my neck and wouldn't let me go. Her teacher then told me about the bloods. I wonder if she understands that they are not doing it to hurt her? Beauty does not forget quickly and it will be along time before they get her into the nurses room again-the other day when the doctor came to visit Beauty was not too keen on coming into the nurses room and I think it was because she remembered the last time that bloods were taken. But for now she is home and happily playing with her soldiers.
For Running man's birthday I have bought him 2 polo shirts from Peacocks- they were £4 each and perfect for running-each with ITALIA on them of course and a running backpack that is really a water pouch. And for fathers day-a polo shirt from Asda(Coryton) with guess what? ITALIA on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well I figured that not all the Welsh like England that much so I didn't want him upsetting anyone so I thought he might like the ITALIA shirts-he may be a cockney but his dad was born in Italy and he does have an italian surname. Anyway what do you buy the man who has everything? He is like me, if I really want something I will buy it myself.
I don't know if it is the heat on the road today but I have seen a number of accidents, the last one was a motorbike on the roundabout outside Pengam Green Tesco.
Our house is lovely and cool but outside is very hot- we have to have the lounge window open so everyone is keeping an extra eye on Beauty so she doen't try to leg it throught the window-again. I hope the weather in with you Anastasia is better.
Yesterday I forgot to mention that one of the blocks of flats has been finished-the top floors are cream and the bottom is pebbledash-it looks so much better.
Keep me posted princesses on what is happening in thw world.
Mother of Many x

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