Saturday, June 10, 2006

THE ANTS GO MARCHING...................

Evidence that I do not have the capabilities to be a Buddhist - came downstairs this morning to find an infestation of ants around the back door so I googled,'How to kill ants'. Sorry Z!
Please do not tell Beauty because her brain is like a magic box(what's it called-oh yes A COMPUTER) one day, someday in the future she will be watching the film Ants and she will turn to me and say,'you killed Z'. Like Fiona tells Piano man,'you ate Thumper'.
Beauty likes to eat daisies and I am afraid if she comes close enough to an ant she may add that to her list of wierd things that she likes to eat. So far she hasn't put a button up her nose Belle. When I was in primary school one of the girls in my glass put a pencil in her ear, one of the ones with a little pink eraser on the end-that's right, you've guessed-the eraser came off and she had to go to casualty to have it removed. The first entry in my hospital records is of a visit to casualty when I was a pre-schooler- after having a fork in my eye! As my oldest sibling will confirm-it was not an accident!
Last night my sleep appears to have been dream free, I hear you saying,' brilliant-we do not have to listen to anymore stupid dreams'. However, not that easy I'm afraid-I didn't dream because I didn't sleep. My right hip, knee and ankle were killing me. I don't like to take meds at night because I think it will stop me sleeping-well duh..........I didn't sleep because of pain. Surely lying awake in bed with a slight pain killer buzz is better than lying awake in agony. Pain is usually not a problem at night and bad night pain only happens very taking pain killers at night only rarely shouldn't be a problem. I am fully aware of what painkillers I can take in a 24 hour period so as long as I stick to that I should be ok. I have taken my early morning meds so very soon I should be all singing, all dancing(I Wish!)
This afternoon whilst the England v Paraguay game was on I had the most brilliant idea - lets go shopping. The roads were clear, the parks were almost empty and the shops.......................almost punter free, it was a delight. I made an effort today to use my IKEA bags instead of carriers, I put everything straight back into the trolley and receipt very visable in my hand I was out of the shop in half the time. I packed the food into 2 blue IKEA bags and the 4 packs of pepsi max were carried by their own handles. Not only did I not pollute the environment with more carrier bags but it was so much easy to carry 2 well packed large bags than lots of little ones.
I now use the biodegradable food bags for nappies so I have no need for carrier bags at all.
I also went to City Road to by quilt wadding for a quilt that I am making for Beauty's school summer fayre raffle. So little traffic and so easy to park, an unheard luxury on City Road on a saturday afternoon. I shall be anticipating the next England match when I can again hit the shops-I love football!
Fiona is still in her bed - I have to admit though she did get up earlier this morning - to present me with an armful of washing and then she went straight back to bed! Don't you just love teenagers?????????????????????????
It is hot, hot, hot here , late this afternoon it has been quite cloudy but it is still quite muggy.
I'm off to watch the dyslexic CSI
Mother of many X

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An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
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May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.