Wednesday, June 14, 2006

AM I BOTHERED?........HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As from tonight, when I go to bed, the computer is locked.
Why? well other people have Brownies that inhabit and clean their houses at night, me.....I have computer fairies that use the computer all night. Computer fairy number1 is not too bad, however computer fairy number 2 has a'let's pound the computer until it dies' problem. I was waking all through the night to furious tapping. Who needs to be on the computer through the night?Maybe ambulance control, police control, fire service control, Samaritans, Pizza delivery-none of the above?Then go to your beds.
Beauty just awoke, toddling out of her bedroom she came to have a peek at the computer to see if she could find the CBEEBIES already up on the screen, sorry Beauty, just my boring blog. I asked her what she would like for breakfast, toast or an 'East is East' breakfast of biscuits-the little sweet heart belched in my face-I know, a mark of appreciation of food-yes, if you lived in the times of Henty VIII. Beauty is not alone in her need to show her appreciation in this way, Anastasia and Belle however are the only lady- like children in the family who are not quite so obvious with their need to show appreciation. Sno white however would make a good nurse, whenever her marks of appreciation are criticized she makes the fair comment that it smells much better coming from her mouth and of course less painful for her(nurses are a very well grounded breed of people)-such sweet children.
Beauty has decided that Wotsits are to be her breakfast of choice whilst watching Bill and Ben the flower pot men. I remember watching Bill and Ben when I was Beauty's age(different cartoons of course) but Beauty also sometimes watches Scooby Doo and they are the cartoons from when I was her age, that would make them approximately 40 years old. Still the same story line, Ghost tries to scare people to get them to leave and the ghost is really the baddie dressed up as a ghost and Scooby Doo and Shaggy who are very afraid, save the day.....again, and again and again. The Teletubbies are just a new take on that theme - you know- again, again, again-repeat, repeat, repeat. Less work for the program makers and the children love it- a win-win situation.
Sad showbiz gossip Anastasia-Big Brother's Helen and Paul have split-they seemed so sweet together, well I hope everything goes well for them and they will be happy in the future.
Forgot to tell you Anastasia, Pavaas has finished his garage/loft extention and it looks pretty good, he has also cleaned out his pond and the fountain is up and working again. The house three doors down from Pavaas is also almost finished-renovations look almost
complete , it looks like a new house. You can tell it is summer, all the building firms and gardening firms are out with a vengence on Cyncoed road, the 'study' house extention is also coming along well, it is an extention like the one Pavaas has but is is the size of Pavaas' house-massive! The water tower conversion looks brilliant but still not finished and the retirement flats on the SCOPE land are huge and making an awful mess of the road. One of the new flats next to the synagogue is up for re-sale, the first I think. Watched Tracey Beaker this afternoon and played recognise all the places, one of the scenes was on the cliff tops at Barry. You know when you park in Porthkerry Car Park well you walk to the front and on the left is the Golden Staircase, well you walk up the steps and up the top is Barry, it is a huge field with houses on the left and the cliff top on the right and the path carries on into Barry. I'm sure you and your mate from Barry went up their many times Vienna as it is near her house.
Beauty went to Margam park to day with her school, she seems to have had a nice time , I went with Ty Gwyn years ago when I was doing nurse training. I washed her very dirty beige trilby especially. Good news(or is it bad?)- trilby came back-Bad news-hat dirty again(Wotsit stains I think!). Beauty also came back with a t-shirt, her name on the front and the school name and phone number on the back- must have worked because Beauty is safely home watching CBEEBIES.
Beauty was given a gift of a bag of soldiers today from Running man, she loves them.They are now lined up on the window sill, they are the small green soldiers from Toy Story. Beauty's uncle used to play with them all the time when he was small then he grew up to join the army cadets and he is still there as an officer-perhaps Beauty will be a general one day!
Looks like rain so for the first time for ages I am tumble drying, sorry earth.
Must be a decrease in the prozac in the drinking water as Fiona is less than happy today, probably lack of sleep(reason enough to lock computer at night). Ariel is usually the one that suffers from sleep deprivation but she is in work though I am sure it will still be service with a smile.
It seems that Running man's sister had a pulmonary embolism-my thoughts are with her family and loved ones.
Mother of Many x

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An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.