Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Beauty's sleeping habits seem to be all over the place at the moment and the only thing that seems to get her to go to sleep at the moment is if I lie down with her until she falls asleep. Late to bed and late to rise makes Beauty a grumpy girl and come to think of it it doesn't suit me that much either. I find difficulty being in Beauty's bed as my hips have completely gone and are too painful to lie on so the only option is to lie on my back which doesn't leave much room for the 2 of us. Beauty loves to give lots of hugs and kisses so that makes up for the discomfort, however she also likes me to make up Dora the Explorer stories for her and that can be very tiring on the brain and I almost fall asleep before Beauty.

This is my new, wonderful vegetable peeler. How can I have lived 46 years and not seen one before. As a vegetarian it is a wonderful thing as food can be prepared in a fraction of the time.

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There is a major drawback though........ I have a genetic problem with my hands.In the normal course of events people do not notice that both of my little fingers are permanently bent, it isn't painful but it has caused difficulty in learning to type, play the piano and playing the flute and recorder. Due to my fingers being permanently bent they are getting in the way when I peel the vegetables and due to the peeler being so BRILLIANT, I now have a left hand covered in plasters because my fingers as well as the vegetables are getting peeled! The simple answer to the situation is , to peel vegetables my hand has to be completely wrapped in a tea towel to prevent further injury. Why is life never simple(apart from me of course!)?

Due to the late night I am now going to have to have a nap to catch up on energy. I read a book a few years ago about a nun whose Mother superior told her that the only people who sleep in the day are people who are trying to escape from something. Does knowing that make me feel guilty? Not a chance. The last job I had was in a Nursing Home working nights as the Nurse in Charge and I loved it as I got to sleep all day, I even used to sleep in the garden in the summer.
I sort out the washing and dishes and put them on first thing in the morning and then have a nap for about an hour and it sorts me out for the rest of the day.


Steve said...

People who drink during the day are trying to escape from something. People who sleep during the day are trying to catch up!

Anonymous said...

My little one's fingers are curved and the Dr told us it was herediatary... I'm still not convinced that the constant hand wringing hasn't added to it.

Neither family knows of anyone with curved fingers.


Melissa said...

I hope you are able to get some rest. I loved the bit about the Dora stories; I couldn't make up one if I tried. hehe


I can cope with making up Dora and Charlie and Lola stories but I definitely draw the line at Barney and Elmo.




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