Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I really need to know when this program is on so that I can make sure that I do not see any of it accidently. I really cannot see what 'wider public interest' will be served by showing the photographs.

C4 rebuffs Diana photographs plea
Princess Diana
The princes' secretary said they felt compelled to speak out
Channel 4 will broadcast photos of the crash that killed Princess Diana despite a plea from her sons.

Prince William and Prince Harry's private secretary wrote to the channel saying they felt it would be a "gross disrespect" to their mother's memory.

Channel 4 said it decided to run the images in the documentary on Wednesday after considering the princes' concerns against wider public interest.

The pictures by French photographers are of the August 1997 crash in Paris.

Diana, 36, Dodi Al Fayed, 42, and driver Henri Paul were killed when their Mercedes crashed in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris as they drove away from paparazzi after leaving the Ritz Hotel.

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Steve said...

I think even if the Princes hadn't voiced their concerns C4 would be on highly dodgy moral ground to consider broadcasting the show... but to continue doing so even after the Princes have made their feelings known is unbelievably offensive. I can't think what C4 are doing. If they can treat Royalty with contempt the rest of us have no chance.




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