Sunday, June 03, 2007


This time I was pegging out the washing and as I pegged something up a 'spider' fell onto my face down my neck into my top and I went completely crazy, screaming ,slapping and jumping trying to get the 'spider' out.I managed to 'kill' the 'spider' which turned out to be a piece of felt from my sewing work! This has so got so stop. In the house it is OK to go crazy, in the garden not such a good idea but now I am even checking the bananas before I buy them. Can you imagine an episode in ASDA? To awful to even think about.
Yesterday I went to an organic shop that I have found, it is on Red Square in Canton/Pontcanna, it is opposite the Learning Tree and across from Charlotte Churches mother's shop, it is called Pulses. Not a brilliant selection of fresh vegetables but a great supply of dry stuff and everything else. The girls love shopping in Red Square as they have some really cool gift shops.
I really like the houses in that area as they are old, large terraced houses and would be perfect for us all but they come with a serious price tag that I could never afford. Oh well,I can but dream!
Yesterday was seriously busy day as it was the first day in ages that it hasn't rained and I managed to wash all the throws on the chairs and sofas(Further discussed on ME AND MY WORLD). Beauty is not the cleanest of children hence the covers for the furniture, if she isn't smearing her clothes then it is the furniture, usually with chocolate and yoghurt. Thankfully she is no longer eating mud, just flowers!
We took her out today for a walk to the Riverside market,Beauty loves things like that. I bought some organic potatoes and cauliflower but there really wasn't much of a selection on the vegetables. We also went over to Bessemer Road Car boot sale, Beauty really loves looking at everything. We bought quite a few pieces of vintage fabric things,not sure what I'll do with them yet but very cool.
For Beauty the worst part of the car boot sale was the ice cream van leaving before she could get her ice cream, YES she was very upset. A tragedy of epic proportions..........until she got back to the car and started on the Pringles! All's well that ends well.


Steve said...

Ouch. Watching a rogue ice cream van disappear into the sunset is a horrifically disappointing experience for anyone let alone a child! The ice cream salesman has betrayed his calling in my opinion and should be held to account! A disgrace to the profession!

Hmm. Sounds like you're being haunted by fake spiders. I wonder why? We have loads of real ones in our house... we could easily lend you some. I caught one on Friday trying to spin a web from my bedside table to my pillow! The little blighter was turfed outside. I never used to like picking them up but can do so now quite calmly. Having been surrounded by them for 2 years (we just can't get rid of them) I've become totally aclimatized to their presence. But not to the point where I want to share bed space with them...

Anonymous said...

Had a HUGE spider (2" long) in the bathroom on Sat night. Never seen one that big. Took a pic before the dh got rid of it - I can kill my own... but not that - will post it as soon as I get it downloaded.




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