Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I love the little piggies but they are still such timid creatures. Their new hutch is in the back of the kitchen opposite the computers and so they have company a lot of the day but every time some one moves they move faster than Linford Christie and are back in their cwtch.I feel a bit like Dolly Parton in the film Nine to Five, I do the best I can with the piggies-I feed them, clean then, water them, give them treats, cuddle them and put them out in the run to play and still they go into panic mode when I move the slightest. I just don't understand why they don't seem to like me-oh well perhaps time will make them less shy and nervous.

No piggies to be seen,still hiding.

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Lilly Rose eating hers and Betty Sue's treat.

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Last night when the piggies were in the run in the lounge playing whilst I watched TV Beauty came in and started to play with the piggies. I was so impressed! Since the piggies came home she has not really paid them much attention but she came in, sat beside the piggies and put her hands into the run and the piggies came up and softly rubbed against her fingers. It was as if the piggies realised that Beauty was really just a little one like them really. We had a similar situation when Beauty was still small. When Fiona and Ariel came up to her and held her or played with her she reacted differently to when SnoWhite, Belle and Anastasia came up to her,even though Ariel and Fiona were the size of adults it was if she sensed they weren't really and she seemed to instantly trust her older sisters more.

What do you think of the cup cakes that Fiona made?

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I took some to school for Beauty's teachers.

Did any body see the US version of Wife Swap that was on TV last night?

The first couple were white and lived in upstate New York and in their manual stated they used the F word and the N word a lot! How someone could admit to using the N word on national TV is beyond understanding. The mother stayed in bed until mid-day and then went to work as a phone operator in a taxi company and at midnight went to the casinos and got home to bed at about 6am. She spent very little time with her children and her husband did all the house work(and she was not exactly slim-this is significant!) and there was no discipline at all in the house.
The second family were black and the father is an ex-marine. The mother kept the house spotless and also did child minding whilst the sons did lots of sports and helped with the house work. The father also white glove checked the boys room for dust and the mother often phoned the boys to find out where they were but she did admit at the start that this was obsessive. But all in all they were a nice family.
Well I 'm sorry but at the table at the end of the swap the first thing the upstate New York wife did was to ridicule the other wife and call her fat(pot-kettle-black).........the other wife then called the New York wife white trash and tried to slap the other wife. If it had been me I would have given the upstate New York wife a Glaswegian handshake(or Kiss) and I would have been so fast across the table( bad back or not), nobody would have been able to stop me.
I don't know about any one else but if I had 2 teenage boys who were black, and these seemed especially well behaved and nice boys ,I would worry about them all the time. We have had a number of cases in the UK where really nice boys ,well behaved and NEVER in trouble have been killed by other youths. It is almost as if because they are good they are picked on. I once worked with another nurse whose daughter and grandson came to visit them from London, the son wanted to buy his grandmother a present and so asked his mum for some money and ran to the shops to buy some. On the way back , he was running so as not to miss the train, he was stopped by police,who assumed because he was running with the chocolates and he was black that he must have stolen the chocolates. The police said they had heard about children stealing in the area and the lad fitted the description-what that he was black? I have heard that excuse before, we were stopped by police once going to the train station to catch the first train to London for a job interview. The person giving me a lift was driving a typical lad though he was in his 40's and definitely not a lad and the police were very obviously embarrassed when they realsised their mistake. Their excuse ' Oh the car matched a description we had'- I felt like asking'What description, the one of a white car with four wheels?

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Anastasia said...

The Cakes look yummy, what is the topping? Icing or butter cream or frosting? Do you think she could send me a few over ;-)




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