Thursday, April 05, 2007


I hear I have a possible new group of readers.............the ex-in laws. When told by one of my daughters my only thought was OK, as I have said before I think a blog is better than a diary because diaries get too personal for my liking but I have never said anything on my blog I wouldn't want anyone to read. However, I am still selective about who I tell about my blog because going to the school playground and having someone start to discuss something I had written would be too weird. I remember Dooce saying something about a relative reading something she had written(no not her Mum and the face cream episode) and being surprised that they read her blog.
As for the whole diary thing, any parent who could possibly read a child's diary has to be a braver person than me. In the 6th form Belle was an avid diary writer and once on an expedition to find dirty laundry in her room I found her diary, when I realised what it was I dropped it like a hot potato! I have read pieces of paper that started life as a journal when I have been cleaning my girls bedrooms and I always feel real sad when I read them because I feel that I have failed my children when they talk about things they have wanted or never had and I can't go back and change the past. I have one such sheet of paper that even made me cry and I have it in a safe place. That is one of my secrets. I have become addicted to reading Postsecret, am I the only one who on the whole finds Postsecret sad? I want to wrap these people up in my arms and take away their sadness.........go on, call me a daft cow. It must be the mother in me.
And back to who is reading my blog..............
I know members of my family read, friends from a long ago religious life, friends from my current journey to find spiritual truth, autism friends, TV lovers(like myself), ex in laws, politics friends, computer class friends and a whole lot of others because all those mentioned do not add up to over a hundred views a day! I know that people like Dooce get thousands of views a day but who are these people who could possibly be interested in what I have to say? Whoever you are ..........thank you for being interested.

Well today is the day when I have to phone the Doctor's surgery back as there is no real change in Beauty's hand. The wound actually seems bigger but when I changed the dressings yesterday the bleeding seemed to have stopped. The time before when I did the dressing the wound seemed to pump blood. Hopefully the results will also be back on the infection. I have very sensitive skin and the scrupulous hand washing seems to be taking it's toll on my hands, I am using a lot of Sudocrem, my magic cream!

Yesterday I went with Runningman to his hospital appointment with an ENT specialist because of his tinnitus and deafness. Runningman ALWAYS has infections in his ears and nothing seems to get rid of the infection and I explained this to the nurse and said that she might want to wear gloves as the infections were so virulent. But she didn't want to and messed with his infected ears with bare hands, didn't wash her hands and then proceeded to touch equipment, her clothes, her pen, Runningman's notes. The food hygiene advert off TV came into my mind where someone is preparing meat and doesn't wash their hands properly and every thing they then touch turns blue to show how cross infection happens.
After 2 minutes watching the Doctor extract ear wax without wearing gloves I couldn't look anymore. It was where the ear wax extractor was being constantly placed that got me, it was being placed directly onto the patients reclining chair. The extractor also touched equipment and the Doctor's clothes. I really believe my GP was grateful when I insisted on taking Beauty's dressing's off and putting new dressings on. I really did not want my GP to have to touch Beauty's yucky hands and someone else come into contact with the infection.

Does anyone remember this from last year?
Image of tie
Superbugs can be carried on ties, the BMA says
Medics should ditch ties in a bid to combat hospital superbugs such as MRSA, doctors' leaders say.
The British Medical Association has urged its members to shun the neckwear as they are rarely cleaned and could be a source of infections.It said the most important measure that could be taken was for patients, staff and visitors to clean their hands regularly.Hospital infections are linked to the deaths of up to 5,000 people in the UK every year, and cost the NHS up to £1bn annually.In England, the report said, 300,000 patients acquire infections in hospitals every year and at any given time some 9% of hospital patients are infected.A 15% reduction in the incidence of hospital infections would free up around £150m a year for other NHS resources, the BMA said.

Dr Vivienne Nathanson, the BMA's head of ethics and science, said: "It is unlikely that any health service will ever be completely free of hospital infections but there is a lot more that doctors, nurses, cleaners, patients and their visitors could be doing to reduce infections spreading - the fact is around 15% to 30% are preventable.
"A lot of the solutions like hand-washing may sound simple. While strict guidelines are in place about how health professionals need to wash their hands, there are barriers to compliance.
"One of the major barriers to doctors following these guidelines is time and the pressure to treat patients and meet targets.
"Another can be the layout of clinical areas and access to washing facilities."
Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: "The level of healthcare associated infections is unacceptably high and the government have failed to curb the rising number of cases.
"Patient confidence in the NHS needs to be restored. But this can only happen if there are clear and workable guidelines for staff."
But Health Minister Jane Kennedy said reducing MRSA was one of the key priority for hospitals.
She highlighted the measures already taken to improve hospital cleanliness and the Health Bill going through Parliament, which includes plans for a hygiene code and tougher inspections to tackle infections.

Don't get me wrong, in every other way this Doctor was really good but

"One of the major barriers to doctors following these guidelines is time and the pressure to treat patients and meet targets."
"Another can be the layout of clinical areas and access to washing facilities."

was not an issue.
And why didn't I say anything. Because the Doctor was professional in every other way and can you imagine having to go back to see that Doctor after questioning his ability?
I think it is probably best if Runningman goes to the next appointment alone.


Steve said...

I'm absolutely amazed that people - medical professionals especially - don't understand simple hygiene rules!

chrisd said...

That made me sick. Gross...

Did you get a chance to watch Oprah? What did you think?


Oprah is a day time show here and appears to be on right at the time when I have finished(is it ever finished?)my housework and I am having a nap just before Beauty comes home. I have checked Oprah's website , do you mean the autism story? I have also checked out the ITV2 website where Oprah shows and it doesn't appear to be on at the moment. We always get everything a while after the US so it probably hasn't shown here yet. That means if I keep an eye on the ITV2 website I will be able to watch that episode when it airs.




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.