Wednesday, April 11, 2007


5am wake up call! Beauty is happily flitting between watching BBC 2 clips and Balamory whilst I attempt to stay awake.

I watched the last episode of Life on Mars last night and it was a good ending , better than I expected. I shall definitely miss the series , it was brilliant acting.
Later on I heard somebody on TV saying that Life on Mars had ended and that Sam had killed himself to go back to 1973 but that's not what I thought had happened. In the end in 1973 Sam is sat in the car and he hears on the radio that he is too deep in the coma and they couldn't get him out. So does that mean he never really came back to the 21st century and that he was just imagining coming back and that was not real?
Way too deep for me.
But the good news is.....................there is a sequel set in the 1980's with Gene Hunt. Brilliant.
The only other programs that I watch every week now are Supernatural and Dr Who, though of course I still sometime watch the re-runs of 2 Pints of Lager and I always find those funny.
SnoWhite spent the night at her own flat, I had forgotten just how quiet the house is without her(no offense!). Fiona spent the evening in her room watching a new DVD so that made the house quieter and Ariel spent the evening working in her most favourite place IKEA.

Yesterday I managed to finish washing all of Ariel's extensive collection of hoodies, Beauty's small toys and Fiona's duvet and cover. Today it is on to Beauty's larger toys, any other duvets and covers and anything else that isn't nailed down!
Over the last few days I have spent many hours in the garden, pegging out or bringing in washing and sitting down whilst Beauty plays in her sand pit, I had forgotten how much that insignificant little area plays in my life when the weather is good. I put out blankets and throws and cushions on to the bench and the gravel and we all generally spend more time outside together. It will be brilliant when the builders come back and change the front window into a door and a window so we can access the play area that has been built out the front garden.
We have a 6 foot fence and a safety play surface but no safe way to access it. Let's hope it is finished before the end of the summer!
As you can tell from the above I have such an exciting life, the highlight of yesterday was going to ASDA to buy a watering can!

One of the main advantages of the better weather is that Beauty can play outside more and when she does this I sit with her and read and I have a lot of new books that I have bought and never read. At the moment I am reading John Connolly's Book of Lost Things, I love John Connolly's books but as I started to read this new book I kept thinking, 'I have read something like this before'. Then it hit me, it reminded me of the childhood of C S Lewis in his book Surprised by Joy, not everything of course but it reminded me of it. Did anyone else who read Book of Lost things think the same? Book of Lost things is so different from John Connolly's other books but I am enjoying it, I wish I could be such a good writer.

This story is so sad.
A woman left infertile after cancer therapy has lost her fight to use embryos fertilised by an ex-partner.Natallie Evans, from Trowbridge, Wilts, and Howard Johnston began IVF treatment in 2001 but he withdrew consent for the embryos to be used after they split up.She turned to the European courts after exhausting the UK legal process.Ms Evans, 35, said she was "distraught" after the Grand Chamber of the European Court ruling, but Mr Johnston said "common sense had prevailed".

I feel so sorry for Natalllie Evans, I just do not understand why eggs were not stored at the same time as the embryos and this situation would never have happened. Having never been involved in this kind of situation I obviously do not know the ins and outs of what happens but perhaps in future the storage of both eggs and embryos will stop these terrible tragedies happening again. I know I could not make the decision in this type of situation to say I wanted the embryos destroyed and I certainly could not destroy the embryo physically myself.

Sorry yesterdays blog entry was somewhat brief but I have a really bad pain in the neck and I am not referring to any of the girls! I have quite a few lumps(Dercum's Disease) in my neck and my back and the ones in my neck occasionally swell up and become really painful. Well the neck pain is agony at the moment and the only things that help are distraction(hence the constant cleaning )or lying down with a support under my neck and the lying down is not usually an option with Beauty. Leave Beauty for a second and she is raiding the fridge.


Steve said...

We thought Life On Mars was brilliant too. Maybe the 1973 world was more alive to Sam because the police work was based on gut instinct and feelings rather than dry debates about ethics? There are so many strands and questions that the show has raised - a sure sign of its brilliance in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Weather hasn't been nice enough to go outside here. I'd love a fence but nobody would put it up for me. The eldest can go out on his own to the swings... the little one can't. Which is frustrating and one of the reason's he goes to a respite worker and will go this summer a couple of days/wk.

Have a good day.



My garden is so tiny it is smaller that one of my bedrooms but I really am grateful for it. We live on a housing estate that used to belong to the council but about 60% of the houses are now privately owned . The houses were built in 1976 and council houses built in that era had really small gardens but previous council houses had huge gardens.I bought the house when I was a poor student and it was cheap and had 4 bedrooms. I really feel sorry for the young families that live in the flats behind my house as they have no gardens. The flats still belong to the council and eventually the families move out and go and live in houses but it must be really difficult to have small children without a play area.I say that but my daughter lives in an apartment in Vienna and apartment living seems to be the norm in European cities.




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.