Thursday, April 26, 2007


Today SnoWhite and I are being interviewed on FIVE LIVE by Simon Mayo.
We will be discussing the Welsh Assembly Elections and what we think about the Welsh Assembly and what they have done. Perhaps I should calm SnoWhite down with sedatives now! We will be interviewed in the Millenium Centre.
As a mother of six I get the impression that The Wales 6o group think that I may be interested only in things such as benefits but I am more interested in special needs education funding, health provision and green issues. Perhaps I will get my chance to speak today about special needs education.
When I spoke to the Five Live researcher in London she asked me if I was standing for election as a local councillor and I laughed and said ,'Not a chance'.I think the researcher was a bit surprised at my reaction so I explained that my father had been a local councillor and it completely takes over your life. I am so exhausted some mornings that getting up is a herculean task, I just would not have the energy to commit that much time to helping people. I really feel that a local councillor's job should transcend politics but I can't see that happening.
I will update later after our 15 seconds of fame!


Anonymous said...

My dh is a councillor and it takes a lot of time. Even with only meeting 2x's/mth. There's committees, calls, budget meetings etc. Lots going on.

Hopefully you get to give the message you wish to during your "15 sec of fame". I pedal my message whenever I get a chance.


mysamiam said...

Wishing you the best. I hope it goes well. Wow, now I know someone famous!!!




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