Tuesday, April 03, 2007


A sleepless night due to worry, Beauty however slept quite well for a change. I am really worried about Beauty's infected hand. I am off to Boots the Chemist today to buy gloves , hand wash, paper towels,wound sprays and dressings etc to do as much as I can to help the situation. She has started chewing on her other hand now! I might have to bandage that one up as well to stop anything happening.Strapping Beauty's hands will be prevention ........no matter how silly she looks(like a boxer) with 2 bandaged hands!
Fiona suggested a muzzle!

You name it ,I bought it!
I also went to Asda Chemist and bought stuff for dressing her hand. I asked the pharmacist's assistant for swabs and steristrips and the assistant found me a packet of OPENED swabs and asked me how many I wanted. I told the assistant that I couldn't use those as the packet was opened and she proceeded to touch the swabs with her bare hands. The hands that she did not sterilise after going to the toilet, the hands she did not sterilise after touching coins that she put into the till, the hands that could have been anywhere or touched anything? I told the assistant that she could not sell an opened pack and she looked at me as if I were stupid. She queried with the pharmacist(M's sister Anastasia) and the pharmacist said they were OK but what could you possibly use swabs from an opened pack from? I told the pharmacist that I was a nurse and I knew a little about the management of infection. The assistant came back with 3 sealed packets of swabs!
I bought sterilising fluid for Beauty's dishes and cutlery, paper hand towels. a top and tail bowl and lots of other stuff and the checkout operator asked us if we were running a nursery.More like a children's home!


Anonymous said...


The Dr gave us Fucidin Ointment - Sodium Fusidate 2% (I've got the tube beside me) for the little one's infected chicken pox spots. Don't know if that helps.

I also know all about holding them still to deal with appts and bandaging. Ironically, I think it bothers those that don't deal with it more than it does us that do. Yet, they keep asking us if we're "ok". All I want is for them to hurry up so the child sees that everything is done and they are "safe" once more.

I'm with you on the CLEAN, unopened pkg... especially when you already are dealing with an infection.

I hope she (and her Mom :) ) are feeling better soon.



At the moment we are using a broad spectrum antibiotic but hopefully if the results are back on Thursday we will be able to use something more specific because the Doctor informs me MRSA and C Dif and the results of smearing need different antibiotics.
Yesterday we rolled Beauty in a blanket to give her her medicine but today she was more obliging and took it with her arms and chin being held. We have to be careful with the way that we hold her as she has this whole loose joint thing going on.

Steve said...

That's Asda price... not.

LAA and Family said...

Good luck taking care of this! It doesn't sound like much fun to deal with. Beauty is fortunate to have your help, with your nursing background and all.


The Doctor said that on Thursday we had to go back if there were no difference in the wounds. Well tomorrow we will definitely be going back.As far as I can see there is no change in Beauty's hand.
Last night we as a family had a CHAT! on how to deal with Beauty and the infection and hand washing etc. and nearly everyone understood(name with held to protect the nit wit)one person couldn't quite get the idea so I smeared my hands with red bubble bath and started touching everything, the visual display did the trick!


Definitely a 'not' on the ASDA front Steve, ASDA be a pain in the butt more like!




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