Thursday, April 19, 2007


We have a problem with the computer..........through Beauty's love of BBC2 idents she has discovered other videos on YouTube where the idents are stored. This has previously not been a problem as before we have put her on to the Lady Heartily site and she loves to watch the music videos this girl has created. They are videos she has made putting clips of animated films together with music, a lot of power ballads and pop music. Beauty has discovered a rather risque type of video where they use children's cartoon characters and put the pictures to rap, rock and pop music. Actually if it were just the music I would probably let her watch them because they are quite good but it is actually the images that are a problems. I do not know if it is actually an episode of South Park or photo shopped in some way but a Telly Tubby has his head explode in an episode. This is probably the tamest of what she has been watching.
I can see how adults and teenage boys might find this kind of humour funny but it is definitely not suitable for six year olds. Well I suppose it is better than the time we found somebody on-line offering her cyber French!
After the Telly Tubby head exploding situation I now think I was overly harsh to the BBC2 idents!

I can certainly see the evidence of getting older.
When I was younger (which seems far, far away in some other life time) my body seemed to naturally take care of itself and healing and repairing seemed quick and easy but as time has gone on it seems to take a lot more effort to keep fit and healthy. Without going in to gruesome details too early in the morning, take my feet. When I was younger they were fine and I never really thought about them but in the last few years they have got dryer and dyer and my heels have previously split which was really painful. Now I am constantly working on the heels and if I were to leave it off for a week then they would get bad again. I LOVE looking on the internet for ways to take care of myself. I found a suggestion on line which I have found works a treat on my feet. After pumicing my feet last thing at night I smother my feet in vaseline and put on a pair of socks and in the morning my feet are so soft. Since Christmas I have also been wearing Crocs and they really are wonderful on my feet, they have a really good arch support and I wear them everywhere.
As I have said before, I really dislike going to the doctors as I always feel like a time waster. What I usually do is when I go to the Doctors for medication updates , I discuss any problems that I might have had since the last visits and how I have dealt with it and the doctor has always said that was fine. Obviously if it were anything serious I would go to the doctor as quickly as possible(!) but as yet everything has been fine.
My children find our doctors mode of diagnosing conditions extremely funny, I actually have no issue with it because I have always said that doctors are 'best guessers'. SnoWhite has vitiligo
and the vitiligo patches are pretty obvious. When she went to the doctor about it initially he used an on line diagnostic tool to diagnose the condition. Remember...........SnoWhite was a lot younger when she was first diagnosed, her reaction was 'I could have done that'.
I then explained the training doctors had to go through and how I wouldn't do it in a million life times and she was a lot more impressed. I personally have a lot of friends who are doctors from my nurses training days and as a family with also have a lot of friends who are doctors and I honestly do not know how they cope. I trained at the same time as one family friend, his eldest is the same age as Fiona and they are also friends so we have seen the father who is Children's Specialist Consultant throughout his working career and I don't know how he copes.
How can you possibly go home and turn off after the kind of day he must have had.
I only worked with adults in the NHS so I do not know what the funding is like with children but I certainly hope that the services are provided a lot faster than they are for adults.

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Steve said...

Exploding Telly Tubbies? That IS a bit harsh. I wouldn't wish that on anybody. Even Tinky Winky!




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.