Monday, April 02, 2007


Today I did the unthinkable...........I phoned the Doctor's surgery to make an emergency appointment for this morning for Beauty. Beauty has always chewed her hands and due to her lack of understanding her hands have never been scrupulously clean. You know the sort of thing, scratches her body and messes with her nose............a bit like many men you see in the street! Is that a gross generalisation? Well it's gross anyway.
Anyway, back to Beauty, she had small holes in her skin from where she had been biting her hands and these have now developed into large infected holes on her hands and the wounds look disgusting and smell. Remember my lack of sense of smell? Well I can smell the wounds so I would say we have an urgent situation here. I looked up my Doctor's surgery on the web and the website said that to make an appointment for this morning I had to phone to make an appointment and the appointment line opened at 8am. I phoned at exactly at 8am and the phone line was engaged, it took me almost 30 minutes to get through and I was able to get one of the last appointments at 12 mid-day!

Talking about wounds...............last night I watched How Young Can I get?

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A new BBC 3 documentary - How Young Can I Get? - on April 1, explores the beauty industry in our age-obsessed society as Nicky Taylor undergoes a variety of treatments from skin care regimes to a tummy tuck

Documentary-maker Nicky Taylor explores the often extreme world of anti-ageing for six weeks by using herself as a human guinea pig to be subjected to a vast array of treatments, from skin creams to tummy-tuck surgery.The documentary titled How Young Can I get? follows her through her ordeal, which explores the ways in which women in an age-obsessed society achieve their younger looks.In just six weeks, the 41 year old mum of three puts every product on the market to the test. From the latest creams and potions, to shock temperature treatments, botox, fillers and tummy tucks, Nicky does whatever it takes to return her face and body to a time before it was characterised by wrinkles, sags and bulges. But do they work, or are they just gimmicks in our youth-obsessed times? The results are surprising.

I was all for Nicky Taylor having the tummy-tuck until we met the the lady whose tummy tuck went wrong, the wound became infected and left her horribly scarred. As I have said before, I have been in theatre and seen the most invasive of surgery but let me see it on TV or in photographs and I am a quivering mess. Well last night after seeing the photographs of the surgery that went wrong I was a QUIVERING MESS! Would I have cosmetic surgery after seeing that documentary, not a chance! I have always felt that after having lots of children my stomach was a problem but my stomach was not as large as Nicky's(sorry Nicky) and I am now ecstatically pleased with my stomach. I will never be able to wear hipster jeans but I never liked them anyway. I will stick to M&S high waist jeans with longer shirts.
BUT after all the work that Nicky had done she did look brilliant but I didn't think she looked old before. We tried to guess Nicky's age(at the start of the show) and put her at middle to late 30's when in fact she is 41. After the surgery I didn't think Nicky looked any younger than our first estimate but she did look good for her age. That is what I have always said, I don't necessarily want to look younger for my age, just good for my age, and I think after a lifetime of not smoking, not drinking alcohol, using very little makeup and eating healthily I look OK for my age.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully it'll heal up easily.

We have some prescription antibiotic cream from when the little one dug his chicken pox. Feels like they will never heal and go away but they do.

Harder on Mom I think more than the child.





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