Thursday, April 12, 2007


Talk about a weird moment! This morning whilst looking through Beauty's basket of clean clothes for something for her to wear I suddenly feel that I am no longer looking for something for Beauty to wear but for SnoWhite to wear, something for a toddler SnoWhite to wear! She hasn't been a toddler for 18 years and boy was it a weird sensation. Not a time travel moment, or a flashback moment, nothing changed around me and nothing looked different moment, just I need to get more sleep moment!

Last night on TV I watched 2 episodes of Bones, the first time I have watched this show. I have previously read a book from the series and was looking forward to seeing the show but now I am not so sure about it. Having read all the Kathy Reich books which this series is based on, and they are really well written and interesting books, I have to say that the series is rubbish in comparison to the books.Sorry!
However, David Boreanaz makes it highly watchable and the forensic aspect and investigatory work is also interesting but Emily Deshanel is badly cast(Wow! didn't that sound polite). I think my issue is probably based on the fact that I read all the books first.
Will I watch it again? If it isn't on the same time as Supernatural, then probably.

A few moments ago I heard Beauty say,'footballs' but it sounded too far away to be coming from the computer and I was right. No longer at the computer I found her raiding the fridge again but this time she was lining tomatoes up on the kitchen table and calling them ,'footballs'. I told her they were tomatoes and she said ,'Tomatoes, these are tomatoes'. In the last 2 days Beauty's language skills seem to have made another giant leap, she is now naming everything she sees and recognises. 'This is a dog' or 'This is a fish' or 'This is a pencil', her ability to speak is getting really good just no real conversational skills apart from , ' No, don't and stop it'' but then they are really just commands rather than part of a conversation. I have found that with Beauty you can try and teach her anything but she will only do it when she wants to , when she is good and ready. School has noticed this too! Prior to her doing something for herself I think her brain says , ' Don't bother, it will happen anyway' but when she realises herself that things will happen quicker if she does it herself then she does it herself. Beauty has been totally resistant to PECS at home , in school they have limited success, because she communicates what she wants without it. I believe that Beauty has learned best by doing everything at her own pace and she has made huge advancements. Don't get me wrong, Beauty goes to a brilliant autism specific unit in a special needs school, and she has the best of teaching and all the best therapies but the school will admit that she is a stubborn little moo(thank you girls, I hear you all saying ' like her mother!') and they will admit that they have to follow her lead. I believe that she takes in everything and uses what she learns when she is good and ready. It is difficult to know for sure but I really feel that Beauty has already taught herself to read, I think a lot of this is to do with the educational way comics are produced today and the way stories have words highlighted when they are spoken on the computer.
The school uses a combination of therapies including ABA- Applied Behaviour Analysis,however only a limited amount of ABA is used . I actively researched ABA and went to conferences and I really thought it was a fantastic program BUT not for Beauty. I bought the manual and I do implement aspects of what I have learned but it wasn't for us as a whole time program . We have come a long way from the little girl who used to sit in her cot rocking and banging her head and doing nothing else, I remember thinking,'Is this it?'.
Our present goals are
* Toilet training- which is going really well
* Learning Personal Dressing Skills-which is also going well
* Walking Further-Beauty has Loose Joint Syndrome
She was very late walking and now can't walk far and has a wheel chair called Peggy, because she can't communicate well we still do not know if she is in pain when she walks.

And as for couldn't ask for a sweeter more delightful child. In that way she is very much like Belle as a baby, Belle woke up with a smile on her face and went to sleep with a smile on her face.

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Anonymous said...

It was my tutor for the eldest that said something that I won't forget "they are still growing and changing... they'll learn.. maybe not as fast... but they'll learn" She's right too.

Toiletting.. nasty word.. sigh.. #1 on the list for the summer. I see underwear and big messes in my future :)

I sometimes think they need the time to sort through all the info we feed them and then they use it. So although it appears they aren't learning.. they are. The eldest has always been all or nothing, there never appears to be a learning curve. The little one.. there's sometimes a little more curve but not much.





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