Thursday, April 05, 2007


Having read Patricia Hewitts plans for giving more women the option of having a home birth I would like to say that having given birth 7 times and seeing all the possible problems that could happen and from the problems that I encountered, there is not a chance in hell that I would ever have a home birth. If a problem did happen by the time you were transferred to hospital , you or your child or both of you could be dead.
The midwives may have been busy each time I gave birth but the care that they gave was second to none. SnoWhite who insists that she is never going to have children said IF SHE DID HAVE A CHILD (figure that one out!) it would definitely be a hospital birth, with access to everything(especially an epidural) in an emergency.

The NHS Blog Doctor says

A “right” to a home delivery is as safe and as sensible as giving parents the “right” to insist that their children have their tonsils out at home on the kitchen table. That is the natural way to do it. That is what doctors used to do a hundred years ago, so why not now?
The independent madwives are ecstatic.
There is not a single insurance company in the country that is prepared to cover independent madwives to do home deliveries. So what do the madwives do?
They work without insurance.

Private midwives have been working without indemnity insurance since 2002, when the last company willing to provide cover pulled out. Despite this, their numbers have grown from about 40 in 2002 to 200 at present, with up to 4,000 babies a year delivered privately. (The Times)

The madwives thus show the same disregard to safety as people who drive cars without insurance. Car drivers can go to jail for driving without insurance. Soon, the madwives may follow.

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Anonymous said...

I had a midwife for both boys. Both were born in hospital with complications.

Midwifery is legal... about 10yrs now or so... no longer. You may give birth at home if you meet the criteria. The biggest being you must be within a 5 to 10 min ambulance ride of a major medical centre that can do c-sections have a NICU etc. Not all hospitals that even do births have these facilities.

IMO... I'm with you - NEVER!!!!. It wasn't an option with either, high bp and too far from the hospital (an hour)... but they were born in the big hospital by c-section. My girlfriend should have had c-sections but she went to the smaller hospital... I was moving a lot faster than she was afterwards.





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