Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Text from a Facebook web page
Facebook and the university have condemned the cyber bullying
A university student has been telling how a social networking website was used to set up a group which aimed to target him with bullying and hate.

Graham Mallaghan, 36, who also works as a library assistant at the University of Kent, said the Facebook group had existed for weeks before he knew of it.

It was called "for those who hate the little fat library man".

More than 350 people joined, some of whom have sent personal apologies to Mr Mallaghan now the group has been shut.

One of them read: "My behaviour was everything but mature and responsible."

It appears that cyber bullying is alive and kicking!
I am not too keen on commenting on other peoples blogs because I have witnessed a lot of cyber bullying and I do not want to get involved. The worst cases that I have witnessed usually involve very educated people or very religious people and the purpose of their blogging appears to be a vehicle to show how clever they are or to compel you to believe what they believe.
I once commented on a TV show and the person who the show was about wrote to me and said she was mis-represented on the show and I put what she said on my blog and said I was sorry about the way that the show portrayed her. I did comment on her behaviour which was portrayed as very childlike but I would never bully someone on-line as I was bullied a lot growing up(even if I hadn't been bullied,bullying is still wrong.)
One blog I read which is written by a very intelligent person used an example to prove a point in an argument and I so wanted to say But this example can just as easily be used to prove the other persons point of view but I didn't because it would have left me open . If I were to have explained the situation to the individual I honestly believe they would have been shocked to see how the situation could have been perceived. The writer of the blog involved has a bee in their bonnet about a certain subject and regularly tries to prove their point of view is the RIGHT one but because the subject matter involved cannot be conclusively proved one way or the other, I as a not-so-clever person believe that we should accept the possibility of either conclusion for now.
Remember what I wrote about the WWI and men who were shot for cowardice but it is obvious that the men were obviously suffering from mental health problems? When the jury is out I think it is better to accept all possibilities because I am tired of hearing 10 or 20 years down the line AH BUT WE WERE MAKING DECISIONS ON THE KNOWLEDGE WE HAD THEN.
There were doctors in WWI who were convinced that the men who were being shot were suffering from mental health problems but because they couldn't convince the powers that be , an out-dated medical opinion was used to legitimise the killing of these men.
The clever people out their could probably rip this argument to shreds but just because they are better than me at debating doesn't mean to say that they are right and I am wrong.

Definitely too deep for a Tuesday morning!
We have some sunshine at last, however Beauty and I went puddle jumping yesterday on the way to the shop so whatever the weather she is having fun. Thankfully we have had no flooding here just the relentless rain.
The prediction for Belle in Florida is 34 degrees with a little rain and Anastasia in Austria is 26 degrees with a little rain. I am sure that a little rain with them will be a nice respite.

The piggy boys are such funny little things. They have a 2 tier hutch to give them extra space to run around but until recently only Mouth has been going upstairs. Now however they are both going upstairs because I have put their food up on the top floor. Previously when Mouth went upstairs Chunk would start wheeking constantly and not shut up until Mouth came down, Chunk maybe the smaller piggy but he definitely seems in charge-a bit like Beauty I guess! Mouth seems to HIDE a lot upstairs in the little cwtch area, I don't blame him-I guess he just wants a quiet life.

At the moment the volume on the smaller computer is not working ( I think it is a speaker problem)but this does not seem to bother Beauty, when she plays games and watches videos she knows EVERY word and is constantly singing and chatting along. I see a career for her as a TV presenter, you know the type of sports or commentator on royal or big events who talks non-stop about anything and everything involved with what they are watching. I have 6 weeks of this........ as my girls will confirm I prefer a quiet life and never watch daytime TV or listen to the radio or CDs( and dislike TV music video channels intensely). I feel for Beauty every school morning when I take her into the school hall and we are hit by a cacophony of noise-she sticks her fingers in her ears(do you think they would mind if I did too?).


Anonymous said...

I've met a few of those trolls as they are called. There is a few on the bb I play on.... same crap spewed on different topics... Every so often I wade in... carefully.... :) Like this morning.

I have only a few ASD blogs I go to... I've decided to not wander so far into it again... got annoyed back in June... knew better... but I went visiting.

But a blog is your forum... your "house" as it is. The way you see it. And in the land of "freedom of speech" you should be able to post your POV on a topic. So I don't know why others think they can come to your blog and dictate what you post. If you don't like it, don't come back... it's that simple. They should go make their own blog... if you truly have something you wish to say. But instead they think they should dictate others thoughts... yet theirs are given full "freedom of speech"... should be "freedom of speech for all".

Yes... it's a hot button topic of mine.


Steve said...

Any kind of bullying is reprehensible but on-line cyber bullying is particularly nasty because it is the ultimate in cowardice - always done behind someone's back and always premeditated. It's totally inexcusable.

I agree with the comment above too. Your own blog is the ultimate in free speech and should be celebrated... but, as somone who writes, I also acknoweldge that anything that is composes and posted need to be done so with a fairly sober weight of responsibility behind it. I like to think that I accept full responsibility for all that I write and can stand by it at all times.

Maddy said...

I'm right there with you dearie. [getting low on ear plugs myself!]


I love writing on my blog especially to keep my girls updated on what is going on at home but I think that because I talk about such mundane things and my grammar is so appalling that the academics steer clear of me.The only time I now come into contact with them is when I go onto their blogs to read what is being said and I feel such a chicken at times when I don't interrupt and say HEY THAT'S NOT NICE.Thankfully I am a minnow they don't know exists.

Anonymous said...

When I wade in - which isn't often - I don't pick a fight. I state my case, give my examples and walk away. I'm not rude, ignorant etc. I don't come back again and try to counter their reply.

You can't win against them... but sometimes just politely showing another view... is enough to make you feel like you contributed to the discussion.

Sometimes it's just better to walk away. Snubbing works well too.

I'm here... every day.... to see what's new.



To Farmwifetwo

sounds like the best way.




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