Friday, July 13, 2007


Why couldn't the Queen be normal like the rest of us(well like me anyway!) and have a hissy fit.
The BBC has apologised for creating the impression – in a promotional trailer shown at yesterday's BBC One autumn season launch – that the Queen stormed out of a photography session with Annie Leibovitz.
The BBC and RDF Television, the producers of the BBC One series A Year With The Queen, would like to clarify that the clips shown in a promotional trailer on 11 July were not intended to provide a full picture of what actually happened or of what will be shown in the final programme.This was an important photo-shoot prior to the Queen's visit to the United States. In this trailer there is a sequence that implies that the Queen left a sitting prematurely. This was not the case and the actual sequence of events was mis-represented.
The BBC would like to apologise to both the Queen and Annie Leibovitz for any upset this may have caused.
BBC Press Office

I thought it was so funny. Here was the Queen having a strop like the rest of us AND then the BBC says Sorry She Was Mis-Represented.

Why can't she be real? Why can't she get stressy?

Hands up- I admit it- I had a hissy fit yesterday.

A hissy fit of all hissy fits and I am sure I scared the builder/repairman who ever he was-GOOD!

I went to pick Beauty up from school and when I got back someone was parked on my hard standing which is part of my house. At first I thought -OK I WONT SAY ANYTHING and I didn't because there was enough room for me to park without blocking my other neighbour. However, the van owner who was parked outside of my house came out as as I was taking Beauty in AND he had a hissy fit because he couldn't open his rear doors but there was plenty of room for him to get out and park 1 second away in the communal parking opposite. Now his getting pissy at me set me off.
I told him not to get upset with me as he shouldn't be there any way and anyway how was I meant to get my disabled daughter into the house.
To which he produced a string of abuse and of course that was like a red rag to a bull and in a very unladylike way I said Don't talk to me like that you little Sh*t head
He then flounced off like a 6 year old-he must have been about 20.
I shouted at him Are you going to move it then?
To which he replied NOW-IN A MINUTE!
Anyone not living in Wales will probably need a translation of NOW-IN A MINUTE
Some English speakers in Wales use some very unusual phrases
for instance BY YUR or B YUR (by here)
or BY THERE or B THERE (by there)
How can something be BY HERE or BY THERE, it is either here or there?
My girls have a favourite WHOSE COAT IS THAT JACKET HANGING THERE ON THE FLOOR? (heard at a church dance) So NOW - IN A MINUTE doesn't mean NOW but IN A MINUTE- why?I don't know, I have asked why this is said but when I have the person I have asked looked at me as if I were speaking a foreign language!
Anyway-all ended well as he moved his van NOW-IN 5 MINUTES!
However, just to be sure I got SnoWhite to go out and take his registration number just in case he decided to get up close and personal with my car.

Due to the rain there was no school sports yesterday but it wasn't Beauty that got upset but Fiona who wanted to watch and take photos, oh well perhaps the sun will shine again soon.Well it seems that Belle in Florida will be having nice weather as it is forecast to be 34 degrees today and for Anastasia in Vienna it is forecast to be 26 degrees but by Tuesday it is meant to be 39 degrees- at least some of the family are having nice weather! No wonder I like to go to the Canaries in the winter, it is the only summer I seem to get.

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Steve said...

All trailers these days show clips deliberately out of sequence to give the viewer a fake but hyper impression of the show - I've got so used to it that if I see two people apparently arguing or fighting in a trailer I know that in the actual film / programme the argument and fight is actually happening with another character entirely. The BBC were just following this trend - probably unthinkingly - and it did exactly what it was supposed to do: create publicity for the show!




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