Monday, July 16, 2007


Pianoman man has had quiet a nasty heart attack but he is in Coronary Care in the Heath and seems to be doing really well. He is sat in his bed smiling blithely, for once he appears to be pain free and he is enjoying the feeling due to the REALLY STRONG drugs he has been given.
Fiona made the comment, he has had cancer, he has had a stroke and now a heart attack...........what more could happen? The only thing that I could think of was be run over by a car whilst you are running and break your neck-oops! Runningman's done that!
Perhaps now Pianoman's mother will get the help that she needs whilst he is in hospital and Pianoman will listen to someone else about not eating crap.

Due to all the excitement(!) I forgot to tell you about the Oops incident. On Friday night Beauty accidentally pulled down a door curtain and she dragged the curtain to SnoWhite and handed her it and said Oops!. Well I was thrilled,by saying Oops she knew it was an accident and it could be fixed, it also seemed like she was saying' I didn't mean this to happen, please don't be angry with me and please fix it'. Now that is definite improvement.

Beauty's teacher is back after her operation, looking good(thank goodness) and Beauty's little tormentor has finally been moved from her class after biting her a third time. Bite 3 looked quite nasty- whilst I understand the situation, I really do not believe it should have come to bite 3, if I had put her in the same situation 3 times and allowed her to be bitten 3 times by the same individual them social services would have been pretty p*ssed. Why is it different with school?


Anonymous said...

Why is it different with school?? Is a question I'd like answered too.

They started my little one with an "oops" pec last year to help with transitions that were different from normal. I've used the word at home when he's dropped something etc... works well to calm things quick. Amazing what they pick up and then use. I'm pushing yes/no instead of repeating but I have to verbally say "yes/no, do you want??" to get the yes/no answer or I get an echo of the item if he wants it.


Unknown said...


Good for her!


I would be fuming about an incident like that-BECAUSE it happened 3 times.




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
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May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.