Friday, July 20, 2007


We were awake this morning at stupid o'clock, I was awoken to the music coming from the Beauty and the Beast video-well I suppose it could have been worse!
Last night I watched a TV program Nazi Pop Twins-it was a documentary about Prussian Blue who are a nationalist folk duo in the USA. There is no way that I agree with the ideologies promoted by the family but I was more concerned with the psychological damage all this propaganda appears to be having on the girls. They just do not appear to believe the things their mother believes and their mother was just not able to accept this. There was also one point when the mother called one of the twins a C_NT, I was just stunned that the mother would use this word on camera. School boys, drunk men and Brit Flicks are the only time I have EVER heard this word used and as a nurse I have not led a sheltered life but hearing this word used by a mother in the context of family life was shocking.


Dirty lounge



I have a some photographs of a certain bedroom that Kim and Aggie might like to see!

I also watched Kim and Aggie last night, Fiona and I LOVE watching How Clean is your House and of course Anthea's Perfect Housewife but I wonder sometimes why we bother because we watch half of the show behind our hands it is so bad. Kim and Aggie appear to concentrate on really filthy houses and Anthea on very cluttered and untidy houses and I definitely agree with the analysis on Wikipedia
The show is light-hearted and often camp, falling more into the entertainment category than the factual genre. Much of the appeal comes from the almost voyeuruistic pleasure of seeing how untidy some people let their houses become (many have not been cleaned for years), though the cleaning tips add some practical value to the show.

Every time I watch the program I have a huge impulse to hire a skip to sort out my garage( and SnoWhites bedroom). From the 1 August all of SnoWhites possessions will have' left the building' and I will have plenty of space to allow me to store my art supplies in the back bedroom whilst I sort out the front bedroom as an art studio, I cannot wait(for the art studio of course!).

Yesterday I walked up the Wash Powder and cleaning aisle in ASDA(WALMART) and I nearly choked at the fumes that were coming from the products, surely it cannot be safe for the shop employees to work with these fumes or for them to be used in homes?
Here is something I found on the BBC website
I use the Ecover, soda crystals plus borax.
Clean Home, Clear Conscience
Clean Home, Clear Conscience

Ecover Cream Cleaner

Soda crystals

Liquid Soda crystals

E-cloth Cleaning System

Simple Green All Purpose

Yesterday when I went to pick Beauty up from school I sat and waited as usual in the hall for her and suddenly she came squealing HERE I AM into the hall being pushed by JOHN the teacher's aide at 50 miles per hour in her wheel chair! WHAT A STAR!


Anonymous said...

My fav counter cleaner... is vinegar and water.. unless I have meat or something nasty spilt that requires a bleaching.

In one of the Harrowsmith Country Life (I'll let you google it) magazines during the winter is a whole list of "friendly" homemade cleansers. My goal this winter is to go through all the mags, photocopy the recipes and other articles that interest me and put them into binders so I can find them easily.



White vinegar is really good,I use it in my dishwasher as a rinse aid.However the whingey 16 year old complains that the house smells of Fish & Chips when I use the vinegar!
I use the ECOVER washing up liquid for cleaning most things and when I get a new bottle I dilute it into 4 bottles ( the girls are very enthusiastic with washing up liquid)and I also use it in the soap dispensers.I also use soda crystals, borax and a little ecober washing up liquid in the washing machine and it even works well on a low-temp eco wash. Most of the 'recipes' for cleaning I got from surfing the web and were on sites for saving money but they are pretty good for the environment too.

Steve said...

As you know I am a Kim and Aggie regular though I do wonder at the type of person who would willingly allow a film crew into their house if it had become a flytip with windows. Last night's featured house was one of the worst I'd see in a long time. All those flies!! Outrage. Made my skin crawl all night.


The reason for the house cleaning was so the guy could start a new relationship......I don't think there was much chance of that!Now he needs a total makeover. Instead of a trip to ask what women like to see in a man they should have taken him to the dentist and swabbed his mouth to show all the germs that were there as the top of his mouth only appeared to have 1 tooth which looked rotten!
I don't know how the house cleaners could work without wearing the protective suits that Kim and Aggie were wearing.The transformation though was impressive.

Steve said...

It was very impressive and Karen and I totally agree about the necessity of a trip to the dentist! Poor bloke. I we did feel sorry for him - he had an affable charm. And he was much improved for not having a cloud of flies hovering over his head. He reminded me of Pigpen from the Charlie Brown cartoons!




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.