Wednesday, July 04, 2007


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Yesterday we went to the Pet shop to gets some fresh hay and bedding for the weekie boys, Beauty absolutely loved the visit as she got to see all the pets for sale. She was so good and she was able to name a lot of the animals, she named the chinchillas as squirrels!
The chipmunks were also really friendly and lovable. They also had a number of cages of guinea pigs and gerbils from re-homing centres which I thought was a brilliant idea.
Beauty also loves looking at the fish but today there were no clown fish but she didn't seem disappointed.
Talking of the weekie boys..........SnoWhite sleeps the oddest hours and was awake this morning about 3:30am and came down stairs and used the computer. When I got up SnoWhite was very put out and said that the weekies wouldn't shut up(they live opposite the computer) and that they had been squeaking constantly since she had got up.DUH!
I asked if she had fed them and she said NO because they had plenty of food in their cages(dry food), I had to explain that even a slice of cucumber would have shut them up. When I get up in the morning they expect their breakfast, usually carrots,tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage and a little of anything else that I may have in the house. Imagine Snowhite without any food? Bear with a sore head comes to mind.
And as we are on the subject of SnoWhite, she and I are going to fall out when it comes to tissues. Not only do I find used tissues everywhere(yuk) but they always seem to end up in the washing machine(bigger yuk). Yesterday I had to hot wash her attractive works trousers on a very hot wash as they stank of fries and Swedish meatballs, well working in a restaurant will do that to you. And when I took them out of the wash her navy blue trousers were covered in tissue!AGAIN. So they had to be eco-washed just to get rid of the tissue,not very eco-friendly.
SnoWhite's idea of being eco-friendly and saving energy..........go to sleep and let everyone else clean up after you,well she isn't exerting any energy is she?
She had a conversation with a punter in work yesterday on her philosophy on life.
FOR COOKING-Open a packet of food from the fridge or freezer and put it on gas mark5 and leave it to cook until it is golden brown(for everything!)
CLEANING THE HOUSE - pay a cleaner to do all the housework
As for the cleaner she says there is nothing wrong with cleaners as they need to work and earn as well.
What can I say?
How can you argue with a philosophy like that.

This is a cartoon done of Snow White lounging at home done by a brilliant cartoonist Bryan Ballinger he discusses his inspiration
I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking here other than I was sort of wondering what it would be like if Snow White was lounging around at home. You know, watching TV, snacking on her new box of mail order apples, not being able to stop…
Hey Bryan, you are fantastic, you have caught my SnoWhite exactly without meeting her!

Check his stunning website out-www.breadwig com

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Steve said...

There is nothing worse than tissues in the washing machine... I have experienced the full horror of tipping out a full load to find it peppered with soggy clumps of wet dandruff... big yuck!




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