Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Has anyone else seen this?

Buffy star's joy at Torchwood job
James Marsters will be playing another dark character
Former Buffy star James Marsters and ex-Neighbours actor Alan Dale have spoken of their excitement at starring in the BBC TV series Torchwood.

Marsters, who played Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, said he was "a big fan" of the Doctor Who spin-off.

And Dale, who used to play Jim Robinson in Neighbours and has recently been in The OC and Ugly Betty in the US, said he was "thrilled" to be in the show.

Filming for the new Torchwood series is currently under way in Cardiff.

The alien-chasing series, starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles, is expected to be shown in 2008 and Marsters is set to guest star in the first episode.

I have strict instructions to let SnoWhite know if I hear of (or see any filming) as they are filming the next series of Torchwood at the moment! The final of Doctor Who was filmed in SnoWhites friend's street in Roath, the scene where Martha is caught by The Master. I did see some filming at the Royal Infirmary but that was a while back now.

I have a Doctor Who question. If The Doctor and the Master were able to 'store' their 'essence' in a watch, could a ring do the same thing? Remember The Masters ring that a woman picked up from The Master's funeral pyre?

Sorry .....Enough Doctor Who/Torchwood.

WEATHER REPORT-The rainy season continues, I am almost tempted to go on holiday to escape the bad weather but I know there is no way that I could cope with the high temperatures elsewhere in the world at this time of year, unless of course I went North. Even now Helsinki is a pleasant 21 degrees and Oslo is 18 degrees- I have always fancied visiting Norway.

PIGGY UPDATE-The piggies are growing daily and are very sweet and very happy. Whenever I enter the room they go weeking crazy and demand to be fed and they really seem to enjoy cuddles. Mouth the larger piggy is such a baby really, when I sit him on my lap and give him a cuddle he slowly creeps up to my neck and snuggles in and starts to purr- I think I forget that they are still only a few weeks separated from their mother. I have no really knowledge of animal psychology but can guinea pigs miss their mothers?

Beauty appears to be a walking advert for Hello Kitty at the moment, her sisters who love her very much keep buying her Hello Kitty things that they see in town. Her latest present is a Hello Kitty water bottle from H&M, H&M seem to be doing all things Hello Kitty at the moment which is keeping Fiona happy. And talking of Fiona, yesterday evening Fiona went for an interview at IKEA- if she gets a job then that will be daughter number 4 to work for the company!

PIANOMAN UPDATE-Still enjoying the pain relief! Still not happy with the no mobile phone rule. Today or tomorrow he should be moved from Coronary Care to a ward. From today he is able to have non-family visitors-Let The Fun Begin! 'A' the Branch P visited Sunday, he still only looks 19! Let's hope I miss the visit from the friendly neighbourhood GP. I will keep you all informed-thanks for the phone calls, it was good to hear from you.

Time to get Beauty out of bed for school! She doesn't fall asleep until midnight but if I put her to be earlier she will be up at stupid o'clock- she is like a University student with her love of bed EXCEPT she does get up a little before Hollyoaks comes on TV in the evening!

More news later from the less than exciting life of a middle aged woman in Wales!


Anonymous said...

Someday you'll have to explain who pianoman and runningman are... the girls I've more or less figured out or just lump them together.

I'll take a little of that rain from you. Dry here still. Had a drizzle this morning.

Kid and babysitter are in the bathroom with the nintendo...


Steve said...

I for one am very much looking forward to the return of Torchwood - but only if it's Catherine Tate free!


I hear Catherine Tate free but Martha is meant to be in some episodes.

Jerry Grasso said...

A few years ago I was on a business trip in Korea, and one of the stops was a retail store at a local mall to see how Koreans buy, what they buy, and how they interact with their mobile devices.

That said, I could only concentrate so much...because next to the retail store was the biggest Saniro (Hello Kitty) store I had ever seen.

One of the gentlemen I was with had a daughter about the same age as mine, so he translated and helped me shop for her (sizing, etc...). So here is this big, white guy, standing in the checkout line, surrounded by moms and daughters and teenage girls....and I'm buying a Hello Kitty skirt and some Hello Kitty underwear. I figure they think I'm either an anglo pervert or...an out of town Dad. I like to think they recognize the latter.

Huge 30 foot posters hanging from the ceiling of Angelina Jolie with a Hello Kitty bag, Cameron Diaz, etc....unreal.

Of course, big hit with Maya when I got back from the trip....gr

Old Cheeser said...

Regrettably the next season of DW is going to be Catherine Tate-packed. I am VERY bothered.

Nice pic of Jack and James...I heard they have some, erm...naughty action! I hope so.

How many daughters do you have?


I have 6 girls, daughter number 3 is a huge Doctor Who/Torchwood fan and would rather Ianto and Jack be an item!


A few years ago Fiona did a Press Packer for the BBC Newsround and we went to the London release of a Harry Potter film and whilst we were in London we went to Harrods and visited their Hello Kitty section! Whilst it was not huge I had to drag Fiona,Ariel and SnoWhite away ,we were in the Hello kitty section for over an hour and they spent all their money there!Whilst Fiona is the Hello Kitty fan(in a non-emo way she insists!)the four younger girls all love Hello kitty.

Old Cheeser said...

Wow, that's amazing! Good on you! I can see where the title of your blog comes from now. I have a lot of admiration for any parent, let alone one that brings up so many children.

And I approve of daughter number 3's idea!




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