Sunday, August 26, 2007


Yesterday was quite a busy day, as I have been so tired lately I try not to go out in the car too much as it wears me out but yesterday I drove more in an afternoon than I have done in a week AND used up half of my usual weekly petrol. I am definitely going to have to start offsetting more than just my holidays.
*Beauty went to visit friends for an hour(they couldn't cope with more!) in St Mellons which was a drive there and back twice.
*Ariel returned from army cadet camp and so I had to pick her up from Maindy Barracks.
*I had to pick Running Man up from the club
*Drop SnoWhite's art work down to her flat
*Last but not least, I took Ariel out to her friends 18th birthday in USK AND go back at 11:30pm complete with Beauty to pick her up. It is not so much a hardship for Beauty as she loves going out in the dark.

Grey squirrel

I have a serious question-What the heck is going on with the local wildlife?
They have become positively suicidal in the last few days. As I have said before, I live right on the edge of the city and so we are surrounded by fields and woods which means wildlife!
On Thursday I went to Aldi and came past the local doctors and as I did a squirrel ran out, I made an emergency stop and the squirrel just sat there staring at the me before running off. Then on Friday I made the same journey and a bloody squirrel ran out in almost exactly the same place, this time my tyre squealing emergency stop attracted the attention of many locals which made me feel a bit of a wally. AND last night I drove to Ariel's friends house through the lanes to USK and we passed a rabbit and a hedgehog who had not safely maneuvered the lanes.
We also saw a hedgehog deciding whether or not to thrust itself headlong in front of my car as well as having to make an emergency stop for a squirrel and a bird in the USK lane version of Sleepy Hollow.I have been through those lanes many times in the last 10 years since Ariel has known her friend who lives in USK and those lanes never cease to scare the poop out of me. They really are like Sleepy Hollow and they are scariest in the snow and fog, the lanes are so narrow that Ariel's friend has been snowed in a few times. I don't know if they have had to use them but Ariel's friend's dad makes roads and has a few of his vehicles stored in a barn in the field next to the house so I suppose they could always use a digger to get out if they had too.

Rhigos Bank by Mike Davies

Ariel's friend's family are so sweet and the mum and dad are lovely, one day Ariel's friend's dad came home from work with a tiny Shetland pony that he bought for the back of his van. Her dad is a sweetheart. Beauty loves that little pony, she got so excited when she first met him.

The stolen miniature Shetland pony with her mother (picture from Kent Police)

Back to crazy animals, anyone who knows where I live knows that the estate is full of crazy animals and children waiting for you to run them over. I literally emergency stopped with no room to spare(he was touching the bonnet of my car) when a child ran out.........his screaming mother ran past him a few seconds later.Dimitri has also had a child bounce off his car in the same place and I had a cat run into my car! The cat literally ran into the side of the car, bounced off the side of the car and started bouncing up the street as if he were on a pogo stick. Perhaps there is something in the water locally that affects the animals and the children(and the adults!)!
The funniest thing was the day of my husbands funeral, on the corner(where myself and Dimitri nearly hit a child) a couple were having a stand-up fight in the road and when the funeral cars came around the corner and it took a few seconds for them to realise we were waiting for them to stop their fight.The colour drained from the face of the woman as she could see us coming but the man who had his back to us took a few seconds to realise what was happening.It lightened the day immensely.


Steve said...

I think some animals do experience a suicidal urge. I've seen plenty of birds in my hometown deliberately walk out into the road and just stand there waiting for a car to hit them. Even when you shoo them away they just walk right back again. I suspect that some animals know when they're ill or when they're time is up and just make the decision to get it over with quickly. Sounds really mawkish but I just can't shake the suspicion.


One New Year's Eve I went to pick SnoWhite up from a local pub where her friends brother had been playing in a band and just before O got to the pub there was a small wood.I screeched to a stop when I realised a hedgehog was crossing the road,I patiently sat and waited whilst he crossed the road and sat praying that nobody would come along and see what I was doing and think me a complete nit wit.I definitely attract the local wildlife!




An Irish Blessing

(A Blessing from St. Patrick)
May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

May the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.